Le Cirque [10,] Las Vegas NV


Le Cirque

dsc05597 dsc05598

Le Framboise

dsc05611 dsc05607 dsc05612

Nasturtium Flower – Caviar, Salmon Mousse, Herbs and Leaves

dsc05600 dsc05602 dsc05604

Baguette, Pretzel, Bacon Cheddar, Rosemary, Coffee White Chocolate Breads with Salted and Unsalted Butter

dsc05615 dsc05620 dsc05617

Hamachi at the Beach – Japanese Yellowtail, Avocado, Heart of Palm, Radishes, Tangerine, Tapioca, Yuzu-Mirin Vinaigrette

dsc05625 dsc05623 dsc05626

Le Crabe – Dungeness Crab, Russian Osetra Caviar, Apple, Ocean Water Smoke

dsc05628 dsc05630 dsc05633

Forest Veloute – Savoyarde Sunchoke Soup, Wild Forest Mushrooms, Green Tea Sable, Cocoa Truffle ‘dirt,’ Fromage de Raclette

dsc05635 dsc05636 dsc05645 dsc05647 dsc05646 dsc05649

White Truffle Risotto – Parmesan, Carnarolli Rice, Shave it Yourself

dsc05653 dsc05652 dsc05651

Potato Crusted Mediterranean Sea Bass – Braised Leeks, Pinot Noir Verjus

dsc05669 dsc05670

2009 Chateau du Moulin-a-Vent

dsc05663 dsc05664 dsc05668

Le Caille – Gold Crusted Quail, Farci Au Foie Gras, Yukon Potato Mousse

dsc05661 dsc05660

2013 Petite Ruche Crozes Hermitage

dsc05671 dsc05672 dsc05674 dsc05675 dsc05678 dsc05681 dsc05682 dsc05684 dsc05686

La Joue de Veau –Braised Veal Cheeks, Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Cauliflower Puree, Perigueux Sauce, White Truffles

dsc05688 dsc05687

Poire Explosion – Pear Vodka, Lychee, Cinnamon Cacao Butter

dsc05689 dsc05690 dsc05693

Edible Art – Beet Red Velvet Cake, Mascarpone Cheese, Raspberries


Double Espresso with Ice

dsc05700 dsc05701 dsc05699

Dark Chocolate Souffle – Vanilla Ice Cream


Continuing to reinvent a restaurant that many in-the-know diners already consider to be Las Vegas’ very best, Le Cirque’s Autumn 2016 menu sees now-30-year-old Chef Wilfried Bergerhausen evolving a personal style that pushes the boundaries of luxury by way of classic technique infused with innovation, several new service vessels elevating modern-classics previously tasted while new dishes show signs of talent in a continuous state of exploration and refinement.

Catching brief glimpses of the process by way of Social Media, both the Chef and 18-year Bellagio veteran Ivo Angelov occasionally sharing their vision online along with well-deserved accolades from various publications, it was again with Carte Blanche given to the kitchen that a party of two sat down in the circus-themed space overlooking the Bellagio Fountains, the service a parade of jovial formality where first-time visitors are seemingly seen just as valuable as old friends.


Truly the best time of year to visit Le Cirque, early season White Truffles ready to perfume the jewel-box space, dinner began with the sparkling Raspberry Cocktail that almost seems requisite at this point, a canapé of Nasturtium Flower presented on a pedestal beside it with Salmon Mousse and Caviar plus a trio of edible Fall Leaves.

Impossible to resist the Bread Service, all five warm selections as good as ever with the stamped Butter from overseas, course two brought serviceware from Griona to Las Vegas as a means to present a curl of Yellowtail Salad by the Seaside, Le Crabe to follow still Las Vegas’ most captivating dish and now upgraded by a black rock from El Celler de Can Roca, the individual Roe now painstakingly Gold-Dipped and eye-popping amidst the cold steam.


As masterful with Soups as he is with Sauces, dish four would see the young Chef go back to his rural French upbringing in the form of an elaborate terrarium referencing the forest floor, each warm bite a textural exploration of earthy flavors occasionally punctuated by acid or salinity, the follow-up a far more classic offering in which a nugget of Tuber magnatum was left tableside with a shaver and two orbs of Parmesan Risotto – the instructions to garnish as desired.

Taking a pause to look back at the restaurant’s heritage, Chef Daniel Boulud’s Potato Crusted Sea Bass one of a handful of Le Cirque Classics currently highlighting the prix-fixe or a la carte menus, suffice it to saw Wilfried does justice to both the fish and its decadent Pinot Noir reduction, though one might equally say that the rich sauce accompanying Le Caille is equally worthy of such elevated status.


Tasting a few splashes of wine with the meal’s final savories, presentation once more saw an upgrade with the arrival of “La Joue de Veau,” a long silver box displaying what seems to be Black and White Truffles soon revealed to be two juicy Veal Cheeks coated in Black Trumpet Mushrooms, a bed of White Truffles laid down first and subsequently flooded with aromatic Sauce Perigueux.

Taking the Cocktail palate cleanser to Autumn by way of a boozy Pear Bon-Bon kissed with Cinnamon it was with Coffee served that the evening concluded in a classic Dark Chocolate Soufflé plus Chef Bergerhausen’ retooled Red Velvet Cheesecake that was unquestionably delicious while simultaneously proposing the question of if and when food becomes art.


FIVE STARS: On par with any Michelin Two Star experienced in 2016 and in some instances surpassing the food of Restaurants “worth a Special Journey,” Le Cirque continues to raise the stakes for Las Vegas upper echelon of dining, a trend seen since its young Chef took over and one that shows no signs of slowing.

RECOMMENDED: Le Crabe, La Joue de Veau, Le Caille, Savoyarde Sunchoke Soup, Red Velvet Cheesecake.

AVOID: That Bread Service…if you can.

dsc05659 dsc05658 dsc05657 dsc05656 dsc05655 dsc05654

TIP: The White Truffle Menu was launched 10/13 and will continue from White to Black through Winter, the current Alba Whites available at three courses for $195 and topping out at eight for $520 per person.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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D’Pinoy Joint Restaurant, Las Vegas NV


D’Pinoy Joint Restaurant

dsc05521 dsc05524 dsc05525

Lumpaing Shanghai – Ground Pork and Peas wrapped in Eggroll Wrapper and Deep Fried with Sweet & Sour Sauce

dsc05526 dsc05527 dsc05528

Fish Balls – Deep Fried Fish Balls with Sweet & Sour Sauce

dsc05532 dsc05534 dsc05533

Tortang Talong – Eggplant Omelet

dsc05542 dsc05543 dsc05545

Mongo Guisado – Mung Bean Cooked in Bittermelon and Bokchoy with fried Pork Belly and Shrimp

dsc05538 dsc05536 dsc05537

Binagoongan Crispy Pata with Eggplant – Deep Fried Pork Trotters and Knuckles with fried Eggplant, Jalapenos, Shrimp Paste, Lechon Brown Sauce, Soy

dsc05546 dsc05552dsc05547

Sizzling Pork Sisig – Grilled Pork Cheek and Deep Fried Pork Belly Sauteed in Onion, Bell Peppers, Jalapeno

dsc05551 dsc05549 dsc05548

Sizzling Bistek – Thinly Sliced Beef Chuck Roll cooked in Soy Sauce and Lemon Juice topped with Fried Onion on a Sizzling Plate

dsc05539 dsc05541 dsc05540

Oxtail Kare-Kare – Beef Oxtail and Tripe cooked in Creamy Peanut Sauce with Veggies and Shrimp Paste

dsc05531 dsc05529 dsc05554

Garlic Rice, Rice, Lechon Sauce

dsc05564 dsc05565 dsc05562

Halo Halo – Sweet Potato, Banana, Sweet Beans, Jackfruit, Ube Halaya, Red and Green Gulaman, Leche Flan, Ube Ice Cream, Cream, Pinipig

dsc05559 dsc05560 dsc05566

Mais Con Yelo – Creamy Style Corn, Corn and Mais Queso Ice Cream

dsc05567 dsc05570 dsc05569

Puto Bumbong – Ube Steamed Glutinous Rice topped with Coconut Flakes, Sugar, Sesame Seeds


Surprisingly unknown to two Filipino friends and one Chef who fancies the cuisine, while another alternatively touted the restaurant at 6820 West Flamingo Road as one of the best in town, it was with five friends and their children that a long table was filled in D’Pinoy Joint at noon on Saturday, the experience both hit and miss as relates to everything from the environment to service and food.


Owned by immigrants to a city known for one of the most rapidly growing Filipino populations in the United States, their goal to serve authentic tastes of native cuisine to those familiar and first-timers alike, D’Pinoy Joint features a sizable menu chock-a-block filled with Pork and other meaty options, most portions appropriate for sharing with a banquet space offered for those hosting parties up to sixty or more next door.


Oddly decorated to say the least, half of the restaurant featuring scenes of daily life or traditional dance in the Philippines while the rest is a mish-mash of aquarium fish, motivational posters and spiritual things, it was several minutes after seating that service was eventually flagged down for ordering, a total of twelve menu items selected and delivered with what must have been at least six cups of rice.


Certainly not fine dining, plates dropped off without descriptions and water glasses more frequently empty than not, lunch began with a duo of appetizers appropriately delivered before several larger options, the crispy Lumpaing and spongy Fish Balls each served scalding hot from the fryer with sidecars of Sweet & Sour Sauce, both readily sharable amongst the group though neither were anything different from what might be found at any local Dim Sum spot.


Making the mistake of adding un-fried $5.99 Garlic Rice to the complimentary mounds of white stuff, the only difference a shake of dehydrated powder and a teaspoon of toasted Cloves, larger plates began to arrive fast and furious just as appetizers were finished, the Tortang Talong far more flaccid than one might expect with a substantial coat of oil while the Eggplant served beneath a hunk of deep fried Pork Hock was substantially more delicious amidst thinly sliced Jalapenos and a thick smear of funky Shrimp Paste.


A bit surprised at how flavorless the Mongo Guisado was, particularly as the smell was particularly off-putting to more than one at the table, far better bites were found in the Sizzling Pork Sisig and plate of thinly sliced Beef Chuck, each emitting an aromatic plume of steam on arrival while the Kare-Kare was easily the best plate on the table with bone-in bits of Oxtail juxtaposing soft Beef Stomach in a Creamy Peanut Sauce.


Ready to drop a bill without suggesting dessert, the wait staff seemingly ready to be rid of patrons at 1:30pm even though the room was less than 1/6 full, it was with Ube Halaya “sold out,” or not yet delivered, that three alternatives were selected, the Halo-Halo a typically bizarre mash-up of crushed Ice, Fruit and starches while the Mais Con Yelo and Puto Bumbong were far more attention-grabbing, the former essentially a Cream Corn Sundae served as a Shake while the latter was something like Taffy in its texture beneath the sweet/savory juxtaposition of Coconut, Granulated Sugar and toasted Sesame Seeds.


THREE STARS: Overlooking the somewhat-expected service issues and décor that seems oddly out-of-place, D’Pinoy Joint offers a good look at Filipino cooking in an environment built for sharing, the majority of the food quite good and said by respected sources to be relatively authentic to the Island’s traditional cuisine.

RECOMMENDED: Oxtail Kare Kare, Sizzling Bistek, Binagoongan Crispy Pata with Eggplant, Mais Con Yellow.

AVOID: Garlic Rice, Tortang Talong, Mongo Guisado.

TIP: Open 10a-10p daily, with lunch specials offered for $7.99 11a-4p Monday through Friday, a second location apparently upcoming somewhere “@Las Vegas Blvd Outlet Mall” per the website.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Panera Bread at Boca Park, Las Vegas NV


Panera Bread at Boca Park

dsc05503 dsc05504 dsc05507

Wild Blueberry Scone

dsc05497 dsc05498 dsc05509

Caramel Apple Thumbprint Scone

dsc05499 dsc05501 dsc05510

Cinnamon Crunch Scone

dsc05486 dsc05489 dsc05490

Cinnamon Snickerdoodle

dsc05493 dsc05495 dsc05511

Gluten Conscious Triple Chocolate Cookie with Walnuts

dsc05487 dsc05491 dsc05492

Gluten Conscious Monster Cookie

dsc05579 dsc05580 dsc05583


dsc05589 dsc05590 dsc05591

Pumpkin Muffie

dsc05584 dsc05585 dsc05588

Apple Crunch Muffin


Once a dining staple, a quiet location in Northwest Ohio providing bottomless Coffee one of the primary drivers of a caffeine addiction unlikely to ever wane, Panera Bread has remained a place to relax and browse the internet as I’ve moved West through Phoenix and onto Las Vegas, a lackluster recent visit to Kneaders making me wonder just how the current baked goods at the Quick-causal mainstay compare.


Having at this point not eaten a bite at the restaurant in nearly nine years, but none-the-less memorizing their greetings and selections by way of the friendly clerks and longtime General Manager at the Bakery-Café just down the street, it was for an abbreviated Saturday Breakfast that parking was located during the Seasonal Art Walk and briefly perusing a selection of crafts that made me long for days back in the Midwest it was with far more deliberation that the freshly stocked shelves of Panera were investigated, a total of nine items ringing in at just over $20 and consumed, in parts, over the course of six hours traveling around town.


Laid out in a more open format than other Panera Bread stores in town, the high ceilings and divided sections plus an outdoor patio helpful for relocating in case of loud children, over-aggressive Air Conditioning or the Red Hat crowd, it was with items both boxed and plated that seating was found at a small banquet with one of the sparsely located electrical outlets, a soundtrack ranging from ChVrches to Tame Impala and TV on the Radio as the internet creeped along, Boca Park inexplicably having not yet upgraded to industry standard WiFi Speeds as of yet.


Focusing recently on “going clean,” an amusing phrase considering both my job and hobbies, a look at Panera’s recent lineup includes several Autumnal Flavors looking to capitalize on “Limited Time Only” and “Back by Popular Demand” shenanigans, first bites of a ‘Cinnamon Crunch’ Snickerdoodle showing the soft Cookie to be no different than any other recipe, though the homogeneity from edge-to-edge made it generally underwhelming, the “Gluten Conscious” Monster and Triple Chocolate versions far more interesting as the first was punched up with everything from Nuts and Fruit to Chocolate with the latter particularly impressive by way of its chewiness and textural variance.


Knowing better than to take a chance on laminated options, the ‘dough’ pre-frozen and from a bag as witnessed at locations with a more open kitchen, Scones at Panera eat much more like the American dessert pastry than their crumbly British counterparts, the experience made even more ‘Merica by the addition of over-the-top sweet toppings, the Wild Blueberry version eating much like a Blueberry Muffin elsewhere while others might as well be served as Cake slices, though the seasonal Caramel Apple Thumbprint really is quite delicious comforting when warmed up and eaten in the proper context.


Completely underwhelmed by the “Cobblestone,” a lumpy sort of Brioche Muffin that seems to play on concepts of Monkey Bread and Fritters without properly executing on either, the Pumpkin Muffie comes off strangely dry considering the typical moisture content of its supposed constituents, the Apple Crunch Muffin a far better overall experience with small bits of Streusel mixed into the batter along with a whole lot of Cinnamon and dehydrated Apple Chips.

TWO AND A HALF STARS: Generally a nice place to study and browse the internet, free Coffee refills and a wide variety of sweeteners plus creams available, Panera Bread is nonetheless ‘food for the masses’ sold in a slightly prettier package, the current “Clean” campaign just window dressing for to justify high prices as calorie counts and taste of most items are no different than what one might find at any number of other chain restaurants.

RECOMMENDED: Triple Chocolate Cookie, Caramel Apple Thumbprint Scone, Apple Crunch Muffin, Bottomless Coffee.

AVOID: Cobblestone, Snickerdoodle, arriving during peak-times when the limited electrical outlets are all occupied and Internet lag is pronounced.

TIP: Having visited five of the six local Panera Bread locations with some regularity over the last three years their impressive staff retention speaks volumes about the work environment, every member typically smiling and helpful with the clerks at the Boca Park location particularly pleasant regardless of time or day of the week.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Jean Georges Steakhouse [3,] Las Vegas NV


Jean Georges Steakhouse

dsc05415 dsc05418 dsc05419

Lavash, Pretzel, Baguette, Walnut Cherry Bread, European Butter

dsc05420 dsc05422 dsc05421

Osetra Caviar – Lemon Vodka Crème Fraiche Beignet, Dill, Mint, Chives, Maldon Salt

dsc05426 dsc05428 dsc05427

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp – Persimmon, Horseradish, Star Anise, Coriander, Lime, Maple Syrup, Asian Pears

dsc05425 dsc05423 dsc05424

Dungeness Crab Dumplings – Mustard Aioli, Celeriac-Meyer Lemon Tea, Lemon Zest, Ginger

dsc05431 dsc05432 dsc05430

Seared Foie Gras – Chanterelles, Figs, Port, Toasted Brioche

dsc05436 dsc05435 dsc05434

Baby Beets & Pear – Gorgonzola Dolce, Walnuts, Herbs, Chili Powder, Lime Gel

dsc05442 dsc05444 dsc05443

Crunchy Organic Chicken – Spinach and Butter Hot Sauce

dsc05440 dsc05439 dsc05451

JG Cheeseburger – Truffle Mayonnaise, Brie Cheese, Yuzu Pickles, Truffle Fries

dsc05447 dsc05448 dsc05446

Bone Marrow – Toasted Bread, Lemon Gremolata

dsc05460 dsc05461 dsc05459

Ora King Salmon – Buttery Lemon Crumble, Parsnips, Celeriac, Carrots, Beet Greens, House Sriracha

dsc05466 dsc05462 dsc05464

Wagyu Tenderloin – Truffle Potato Crisp, Parmesan Cheese, Onion-Garlic Miso, Black Truffles

dsc05456 dsc05458 dsc05457

Brussel Sprouts – Bacon, Pecans, Quince Mustard, Sage

dsc05453 dsc05455

Crunchy Potatoes – Chili Yogurt, Jalapenos, Herbs


Double Espresso on Ice

dsc05481 dsc05479 dsc05478

Market Apple Pie – Maple Pecan Ice Cream

dsc05473 dsc05474 dsc05475

Salted Caramel Sundae – Fudge, Candied Peanuts, Caramel Popcorn

dsc05470 dsc05472 dsc05471

Cranberry Pavlova – Cranberry Compote, Cranberry Sorbet, Candied Lime Zest, Shaved White Chocolate

dsc05469 dsc05467 dsc05468

Honey Panna Cotta – Fig Jam, Macerated Figs, Petit Buerre, Lemon Gelee, Rosemary Sorbet


One of the rare Las Vegas Steakhouses worthy of repeat visits by season, Autumn at Jean Georges Steakhouse sees Chef Sean Griffin and Pastry Chef Darcee Lynn once again raising the bar by way of technique and sourcing quality, a recent visit from Chef Vongerichten and Sean’s travels to Singapore further infusing the broad-ranging menu with subtle Asian inspiration.

At this point the only remaining restaurant from Aria’s original second floor, The Buffet not included, this third visit to Jean Georges Steakhouse was accompanied by a friend returning from summer in upstate New York and although the restaurant seemed a bit lean at the time of an early reservation the space was energetic by 7:00p and nearly packed by 8:30.


Seated at restaurant center this time, a large party occupying the entire upper level near the Wine wall, it was with greetings from management as well as Chef Griffin that the Carte Blanche tasting got started, a few personal suggestions incorporated into the middle courses but beginning with a warm Beignet crowned with Osetra Caviar and filled with intense Lemon Vodka Crème Fraiche.

Wary of the Bread Basket, though two were mostly finished over the subsequent three hours, course two saw Sean present one classic reinvented alongside one completely new dish, the Bacon Wrapped Shrimp resting in pureed Persimmons infused with Star Anise and Coriander via pressure cooker while fresh-picked Dungeness Crab was offered by way of delicate wonton wrappers in a crystal clear broth of Celery Root and Meyer Lemon lightly accented with Ginger and Lemon Zest.


Finding the music down a notch from prior, the space given a pulse but not so loud that one needs to shout in order to be heard, plates four and five featured a seasonal salad comprised of ingredients from the Intuitive Forager’s Market served adjacent Seared Foie Gras with Chanterelles, Figs and Port Wine reduction, the former featuring a hint of Mexico by way of Chili and Citrus while the later proved a truly unique way of accentuating the meatier flavors of Duck Liver while still managing to mitigate its intrinsic richness.


Going “American” by way of Jean George for course four, the city’s boldest Bone Marrow served with tender bits of meat still clinging on at the ends, suffice it to say that no discussion of the Las Vegas’ best Fried Chicken is complete without taking the Tempura-battered cutlet served over soft Spinach and Buttered Hot Sauce into consideration, the Initialed Cheeseburger no less a competitor in its respective genre as ground Wagyu Chuck sees a whole lot of flavor added by Trim from other cuts, the combination of Brie and Yuzu working far better than one might guess while small chunks of Black Truffle dotted the Mayonnaise and crispy Fries served as a side dish.

Continuing a campaign to prove Salmon can be great, the meaty filet served with a crust of Citrusy Breadcrumbs atop Root Vegetables with a smear of housemade Sriracha, sides included tender Brussel Sprouts served with a dollop of Quince Mustard, Nuts and Bacon Strips, the Crunchy Potatoes a bit spicy for more mild palates while the tasting menu’s Wagyu Tenderloin was an beautifully prepared piece of Steer even before the Garlic Miso and Black Truffle upgrade.


Turning to Chef Lynn for desserts, two new seasonal compositions joining an already strong lineup, both the Cranberry Pavlova and Honey Panna Cotta met mixed reviews from my dining partner who professes to “not be a sweets person,” the Cranberry Compote admittedly a bit harsh for those who do not prefer the ingredient whole the Panna Cotta was smooth as silk alongside Butter Cookies and Figs in two textures, the “safer” choice being Darcee’s Salted Caramel Sundae or the cast-iron skillet Market Apple Pie that remains the best in Las Vegas.

FOUR AND A HALF STARS: Taking more chances than most Steakhouses in town, and operating without a safety net by focusing on purity of flavors without overcrowding each plate, Jean Georges Steakhouse remains one of the few restaurants in its genre capable of reinventing itself seasonally without losing a bit of what made it great in the first place, as true a testament as any to the strength of its owner’s trust in the skilled and passionate kitchen staff.

dsc05412 dsc05413

RECOMMENDED: Seared Foie Gras, Crunchy Organic Chicken, JG Cheeseburger, Brussel Sprouts, Bone Marrow, Market Apple Pie.

AVOID: If one were to issue any complaint against the current menu it would be that the use of spice in items such as the Shrimp and Crunchy Potatoes seem a bit too aggressive while service in the restaurant’s lower level occasionally appeared strained with empty water glasses common and share plates delivered well after courses were presented.

TIP: According to the Chef, Jean Georges Steakhouse will be undergoing mild renovations in the coming year in order to better ‘fit’ the current Second Floor Restaurant Collection.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Yardbird Southern Table & Bar [12,] Las Vegas NV


Yardbird Southern Table & Bar


Iced Tea

dsc05304 dsc05305 dsc05303

Fried Green Tomato BLT – house smoked pork belly, smoky tomato jam, frisée, pimento cheese pickled lemon vinaigrette

dsc05313 dsc05314 dsc05315

Deviled Eggs – dill, chive, smoked trout roe

dsc05308 dsc05310 dsc05307

Butter Lettuce and Mango Salad – Char-Grilled Mango, Smoked Pecans, Tomato, Onions, Benne Seed Dressing

dsc05302 dsc05311 dsc05312

Mama’s Classic Buttermilk Biscuits – Honey Butter and Strawberry Jam

dsc05321 dsc05322 dsc05324

Chicken n’ Watermelon n’ Waffles – Fried Chicken, Hot Sauce Honey, Spiced Watermelon, Cheddar Cheese Chow Chow Waffle, Bourbon Maple Syrup

dsc05320 dsc05319 dsc05318

Shrimp n’ Grits – Florida shrimp, crisp Virginia ham, Nora Mill Granary grits

dsc05327 dsc05326 dsc05328

Short Ribs – 14oz Short Rib, Charred Corn, Green Beans, Sweet Garlic Bordelaise, Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes


Swine Burger – short rib, brisket, and chuck blend, house smoked pork belly, house pickles, american cheese, thick cut tomato, pickled onions, lettuce, house fries

dsc05336 dsc05332

Mason Jar Pumpkin Shake – House made Pumpkin Pie, Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Caramel Drizzle


Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll – Salted Gooey Caramel, Whipped Cream Cheese Butter


Ultimate Pumpkin Cheesecake – Rum Soaked Pumpkin Cake, Cream Cheese Mousse, Pumpkin Seed Brittle


Pumpkin Harvest Coffee Cake – Cinnamon Toast Crunch Crumble, Dried Cherries, Pumpkin Latte Ice Cream


Stawberry Shortcake, Chocolate and Maple Bacon Donuts


Red Velvet Cheesecake – Cream Cheese Mousse, Sprinkles

dsc05300 dsc05342 dsc05343

Chocolate Nutella Cake – Candied Hazelnuts, Raspberries, Chocolate Nutella Mousse


Red Velvet Cupcakes – Cream Cheese Frosting

dsc05345 dsc05346

Piggy Shortbreads


Having celebrated with family and friends several times at Yardbird it seemed only right to call on the Venetian’s “Southern Table & Bar” for a close friend’s special day, Chefs Sandra Palomo and Keris Kuwana going above and beyond even the highest expectations to present a birthday brunch for six that continues to speak of a restaurant willing to go the extra mile in order to please.


Now marking a dozen visits to the restaurant, admitting that I’m a fan and known-entity beside the point, it was just past 1:00pm that the group checked in at the hostess podium and quickly led to the Private Dining Room the subsequent two-hours would be spent in total contentment, the menu arranged in advance with Sandra with everything tailored to our needs – from the noise level to tongue-in-cheek condiments.


Essentially a family gathering, all the others related and none but myself having ever experienced the South-by-50Eggs hospitality that would soon see smiles around the room, it was almost immediately on entry that the surprises started coming, a Happy Birthday table display complete with two Cakes, Cupcakes and Pig-shaped Shortbreads alone more than enough to feed a dozen before we even took our seats.

dsc05297 dsc05298 dsc05296

Serenaded by the likes of Queens of The Stoneage followed by The White Stripes as conversation flowed with ease, it was with beverages poured that share plates arrived for the first of three courses, the signature Eggs and BLT joined by the World’s best Buttermilk Biscuits and a refreshing Mango Salad that saw a lot of smoke beneath a very light slick of Benne Seed Vinaigrette.


Ordering up one of the recently retooled Swine Burgers for the youngster at the table, adults treated to Fried Chicken, Waffles, Watermelon, Shrimp and Grits, a table-favorite quickly emerged by way of the more-tender-than-remembered Beef Short Ribs that melted in the mouth amidst Cauliflower Mash and Grilled Green Beans.


Already looking at the desserts present as an insurmountable task it was with Coffee poured that Chef Kuwana took over the rest of the afternoon, a small collection of Donuts with various toppings presented next to creamy Pumpkin Shakes that had even doubters of Pumpkin-Spice-Everything quickly draining their glasses plus a Pastry-Board presentation of all the season’s new dessert options – the Cinnamon Roll so warm that radiating heat melted the nearby Pumpkin Latte Ice Cream while *Ultimate* Pumpkin Cheesecake paired light boozy notes to a creamy base topped in candied Pepitas.


Barely able to make a dent in the Cinnamon-rich Coffee Cake with dried Cherries at this juncture, fears of being unable to waddle out a growing concern, both the Red Velvet Cheesecake and Chocolate Nutella Cake were saved for late-evening indulgence after servers joined in on a Happy Birthday chorus, both of these choices amongst the very best slices of Cake in Sin City with the latter just about as rich and indulgent as it gets.

FIVE STARS: Obviously an experience built to thrill, it really warrants mention just how far Chefs Sandra and Keris went to make this afternoon really shine – truly a world class showing of skill and generosity from a restaurant that continues to generate big numbers by doing far more than they probably need to in order impress each guest and simultaneously improve themselves.

RECOMMENDED: Mama’s Classic Buttermilk Biscuits, Chicken n’ Watermelon n’ Waffles, Short Ribs, Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll, Ultimate Pumpkin Cheesecake, Nutella Cake.

AVOID: Questions of why no Chess Pie…

TIP: Pumpkin Themed desserts arrived just last weekend, a Gluten-free Pumpkin Parfait also offered for those interested in such things.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Pink Box Doughnuts [2,] Henderson NV


Pink Box Doughnuts


Happy Birthday Donut Cake

dsc05352 dsc05353 dsc05356

Sweet Potato Donut

dsc05388 dsc05351 dsc05389

Apple Pie Fritter

dsc05357 dsc05358 dsc05380

Buttermilk Bar

dsc05359 dsc05361 dsc05381

Orange Pecan Cronut

dsc05390 dsc05391 dsc05392

Raspberry Jam

dsc05399 dsc05351 dsc05400

Pumpkin Cheesecake

dsc05393 dsc05394 dsc05395

Pumpkin Cake


Chocolate Bar

dsc05404 dsc05405 dsc05406

Caramel Cheesecake

dsc05396 dsc05397 dsc05398

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

dsc05385 dsc05386 dsc05387

Lemon Custard

dsc05401 dsc05402 dsc05403


dsc05382 dsc05383 dsc05384

New York Cheesecake


Now a staple of Las Vegas, with twenty-four hour locations in Henderson as well as at the Summerlin original, Pink Box Doughnuts has continued to thrive in an environment of ever-evolving competition thanks to friendly customer service and a collection of fried dough that seems to offer something new each and every week.


Owned by Roberto Armanino, a man whose birthday just so happens to coincide with that of a close friend, it was after discussion of weekly options that a mixed dozen of novelties was created, several seasonal specials joining a pretty, pink “Happy Birthday” Doughnut Cake measuring just about one foot in width.


Originally crafted in Henderson, the bakery there much larger than that on Lake Meade to the Northwest, it was late evening when two pink boxes were delivered to their final destination and tucking into twelve choices consisting of both old and new favorites the results were every bit as good as remembered, the sticky Sweet Potato ring served in a small clamshell undoubtedly one of the most impressive Doughnuts in America thanks to the subtle spicing of moist dough that serves as a deft foil to the sweetness of the glaze.


Having dramatically improved their Cronut from its initial version, though still falling short of the “better-than-Ansel” layers of lamination at ACE Donuts on Tropicana at Fort Apache, more great bites were found in the Oldschool Buttermilk bar and Raspberry Jam filled pocket complete with seeds amidst the fluffy Brioche batter, the Lemon Custard tangy without being acidic while the Mocha was unfortunately marred by a filling that was pasty with an aftertaste that quickly saw the rest set aside.


Still thinking the fritter could use more time in the fryer, ACE and Friendly both better-fitting the West Coast style of a crackling shell overlying fluffy pockets of Cinnamon and Fruit, a Pumpkin Cake ring quickly righted the ship before sailing into several filled options, the Caramel Cheesecake a long-held personal favorite though the seasonal variety was itself pretty special with an overall effect that reminded me of my Grandfather’s Thanksgiving favorite Pumpkin Pie made with Dream Whip.

FOUR STARS: One of those places where the sheer variety of choices makes it almost impossible for every item to be great, Pink Box continues to show best when focusing on filled items including seasonal Custards and Cheesecake with pricing far less than imports like Donut Bar where ownership attempts to substitute size and marketing for texture and taste.

RECOMMENDED: Sweet Potato, Buttermilk Bar, Raspberry Filled, Caramel Cheesecake, Pumpkin Cheesecake.

AVOID: Mocha, Chocolate Bar.

TIP: Now delivering by Modern Donut, see www.moderndonut.com for more.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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CRAFTkitchen [5,] Henderson NV





dsc05242 dsc05246 dsc05250

Maple Pecan Scone

dsc05242 dsc05245 dsc05251

Pear and Streusel Puff

dsc05243 dsc05247dsc05249

Pumpkin Pecan Cake

dsc05243 dsc05244 dsc05248

Apple Cranberry Turnover

dsc05255 dsc05257 dsc05254

Acai Bowl – Acai Blended with Coconut Milk, Fruit of the Day, CK Almond Granola, Toasted Coconut Chips

dsc05252 dsc05258 dsc05259

Smashed Avocado Toast – Grilled Ciabatta, Sunflower Seed Pesto, Micro Greens, Poached Egg

dsc05262 dsc05261 dsc05260

French Onion Soup – Gruyere, Housemade Bread, Lots of Onions

dsc05263 dsc05264 dsc05267

Korean Shrimp Street Tacos – Soy Marinated Trio of Shrimp on Soft Corn Tortillas topped with Kimchee Slaw, Garlic Chili Mayo, Pickled Jalapenos, Micro Cilantro

dsc05272 dsc05273 dsc05275

Gobbler Sliders – Pulled Turkey, Cranberry Orange Jam, Traditional Sage Stuffing on CK Whole Wheat Rolls

dsc05268 dsc05270 dsc05271

Cuban Sandwich – Ham, Pickles, Mustard, Housemade Grilled Panini, Side Salad with Potato Chips

dsc05276 dsc05281 dsc05279 dsc05277 dsc05280 dsc05283

Tiramisu, Chocolate Pudding, Lemon Meringue, Pumpkin Pie, Carrot Cake, Raspberry Macaron


Now in the season of new menus, temperature drops in Sin City indicating the return of Winter residents and conference-goers, it was with one other that a visit was made to CRAFTkitchen just weeks before their first anniversary, Jaret and Tami Blinn’s labor of love continuing to entice residents of Henderson and every bit as good as it has ever been.


Continuing to see new competition in the past twelve months, imports such as Kneaders putting in half the work or passion but hoping to win patronage by way of lower prices, Autumn at CRAFTkitchen sees Chef Blinn and his staff slowly adjusting recipes to embrace the best in local produce despite ever-increasing food costs, several menu staples still present from a previous visit while those tasted make up a small part of newer items and specials from the weekend brunch.

Still brewing some of the city’s best coffee, each cup steamy and made to order with a rich mouth-feel and complex taste, it was after a long chat with the Chef about everything from Community involvement to Little League Baseball that the meal got started, a quartet of new Pastries continuing to show the skills Blinn honed during his time at Red Rock while at the same time expanding on those ideas with items like the flaky Autumn Turnover and delicate laminated Puff packed edge-to-edge with Pears and Streusel, plus a smooth Custard layer within.


Continuing to focus on natural, honest foods while expanding healthful options to those with dietary restrictions or patrons simply looking to eat something lower-calorie and great, opening plates included Smashed Avocado Toast upping the ante on other locales by way of housemade Bread and herbal Pesto, the Acai Bowl a trendy choice made better as the creamy Superfood Pudding was buoyed by fresh Bananas and Berries along with housemade Granola and Coconut Crisps.

Moving next to richer flavors, the majority of the five-course meal focused on lunch options as opposed to breakfast, CRAFTkitchen’s French Onion Soup avoids the traditional mistake of being too beefy by focusing more on a plethora of caramelized onions beneath the Cheese and Bread layer, a trio of Street Tacos placing snappy Shrimp beneath housemade Kimchee and Garlicky Mayo with an extra kick added by Jalapenos and Chili.

Telling us of his October mission to raise money and awareness for cancer by Going Pink, a concept carried over from his days at Red Rock Resort and Casino, it was with two Sandwiches that the bridge to dessert was made as the table grew fuller, the weekend-special Cuban perfect in its crisply-pressed bread and meat selection, despite being a bit heavier in Pickle than tradition may dictate, while the “Gobbler” riffs on Capriotti’s Bobbie and upgrades it considerably by way of freshly roasted pulled Turkey and housemade condiments including Cranberry Orange Jam plus traditional Sage Stuffing.

Continuing to shine with small desserts, each just enough to offer diners something sweet at the end of their meal, all six Pink Plates offered showed a balance not often achieved in casual local eateries, the Carrot Cake still a standard-bearer in bar form while the traditional Pumpkin Pie and Lemon Meringue are equally well worth tasting.

dsc05236 dsc05237

FIVE STARS: Still burning the candle at both ends as relates to running a business and raising a family, Chef Blinn truly embodies what it means to be part of the community by way of his approach to business as well as his commitment to charity, all these things plus the quality of his food continuing to make CRAFTkitchen one of the city’s most important Off-Strip places to eat.

RECOMMEDED: Pear and Streusel Puff, Apple Cranberry Turnover, French Onion Soup, Gobbler Sliders, Carrot Cake, Lemon Meringue.

AVOID: If one were to issue a complaint it would be that the bottom Avocado Toast lacked the finishing salt of the upper layer, an easy fix whether in the kitchen or by way of one of the tableside salt shakers.

TIP: The Pink Pastry promotion goes all through October with additional charity-based initiatives including special dinners soon to come – pay attention to Social Media for these as well as weekend specials.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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STRIPSTEAK [2,] Las Vegas NV





Welcome Champagne

dsc05159 dsc05161 dsc05162

Trio of Duck Fat Fries

dsc05171 dsc05169 dsc05168

Yellowtail Sashimi – Cucumber Salad, Crispy Rice, Serrano Chili, Yuzu-Ponzu

dsc05166 dsc05167 dsc05170

Crispy Rice Poppers – Hamachi and Ahi Tuna, Tobiko, Ponzu


Iced Tea

dsc05176 dsc05179 dsc05178

Roasted Bone Marrow – Chipotle-Chimichurri, Grilled Sourdough Bread

dsc05172 dsc05173 dsc05174

Braised Shortrib Ravioli – Roasted Root Vegetables, Ricotta Salata, Crispy Parsnip

dsc05181 dsc05182 dsc05184

Instant Bacon – Five Spice Pork Belly, Tempura Oyster, Green Cabbage Slaw

dsc05186 dsc05189 dsc05187

Roasted Beet Salad – Goat Cheese, Granny Smith Apples, Toasted Hazelnuts

dsc05190 dsc05191

2013 Il Poggione Rosso di Montalcino

dsc05200 dsc05201

Dr. Joe’s Duck Breast – Seared Foie Gras, Pumpkin Ravioli, Crispy Pumpkin

dsc05202 dsc05203 dsc05196

16oz Prime Creekstone Rib-eye with Grilled Foie Gras and Cornbread

dsc05204 dsc05205

Loup de Mer with Lemon

dsc05212 dsc05198 dsc05199

Smoked Gouda au Gratin Potatoes

dsc05210 dsc05211

Crispy Cauliflower Bagna Cauda

dsc05207 dsc05206

Maple Glazed Brussels Sprouts with Sliced Apples

dsc05214 dsc05215

2008 Royal Tokaji

dsc05225 dsc05227

Michael Mina’s Root Beer Float – Sassafras Ice Cream, Root Beer Sorbet, Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookie

dsc05217 dsc05221

Sweet Treats – Cookies, Ice Cream Bars, Financiers, Bundt Cakes, Pate de Fruit, Valrhona Chocolate Truffles

dsc05222 dsc05218

Warm Beignets – Macallan 18-year Butterscotch Pudding, Vanilla Crème Brulee, Mocha Pot de Creme

dsc05223 dsc05224

Campfire S’mores – Smoked Marshmallows, Salted Caramel Ganache, Graham Cracker Ice Cream


Without a doubt the site of one of the worst Las Vegas meals in memory it took a change at the helm to provoke renewed interest in Stripsteak, Chef Tony Schutz having recently taken over the shoebox of a kitchen that serves over 300 patrons each evening, and has been doing so for ten years running.


Setting aside previous events, yet ironically seeing this reservation also compromised at the start as someone had somehow entered it for Saturday, it was with the immediate intervention of a young woman named Ashley that the appropriate information was ascertained – a tight four-top along the wall nearest the kitchen situated for three over the course of nearly four hours.


Having arranged the reservation by way of another member of Michael Mina’s collection of talent, a request for prix-fixe carte blanche happily accepted by Chef Schutz whose work at PUB1842 was significantly undervalued by locals, it was after brief greetings from the Kitchen staff and servers that cocktails were mixed for out-of-town guests while a brisk glass of Brut was poured for me, the signature Duck Fat Fries soon landing and still industry standard even compared to the best of the best seen in Brussels this past May.


Making a few small requests early on, personal favorites and those of friends easily worked in, course one saw Chef Tony start light with snappy Yellowtail Sashimi layered amidst sliced Cucumbers and Serrano Chilies, the “Crispy Rice Poppers” alternating Hamachi and Ahi Tuna Tartare atop something not unlike an Arancini with a crown of Roe and bright Citrus dressing.


Drinking the Champagne faster than usual, but finding Iced Tea and Red Wine better suited for the heavier courses to follow, three full Bones arrived next with their hemisected insides topped in smoky green Herbs alongside toasted Bread for spreading, the Braised Shortrib Ravioli not quite as refined as those at Carnevino, but still well designed as the rich pillows rested in a puddle of earthy Jus with Ricotta Salata and crispy Parsnips.


Finding pumping techno as off-putting as prior, the high-ceilinged space already loud by way of a full-house, it was after a prolonged trip to the single-person restroom that my friend came back as Chefs visibly waited patiently at the kitchen door for nearly five minutes, the signature ‘Instant Bacon’ not losing any of its effect as smoke and sweetness quickly flooded the palate while a ubiquitous Beet Salad once again evidenced that few ‘celebrity chefs’ have the same passion for produce that Michael Mina does.


Trying to show the kitchen’s diversity with entrees and additions, three grilled items and a similar number of side dishes delivered with share plates already holding Cornbread and Honey, it was during a later kitchen tour that we learned each steak is subjected to an immersion circulator bath of clarified butter before Grilling, the Rib Eye perfect medium rare with a good crust while both the Fish and Duck were cooked beautifully, the latter a new preparation for the fall season while both the Sprouts and Cauliflower are also set to be launched soon.


Unable to resist consuming every bite of the Potatoes, the multi-layered stack as rich and sizable as it was tempting, it was with only a hint of regret that we returned from the kitchen tour to find the table decked out in desserts, Pastry Chef Monica Delgadillo serving Mina’s Signature Root Beer float alongside Stripsteak’s famous Beignets plus a plate of eight small bites and the wholly hedonistic skillet of S’mores.

FOUR STARS: Still a bit too ‘trendy’ to feel like a serious restaurant where dinner for four can push $500 or more there is little to be faulted in terms of the Stripsteak kitchen under Chef Schutz, a return visit once he has had the opportunity to truly create a menu likely to make me enjoy the place even more.

RECOMMENDED: Crispy Rice Poppers, Roasted Bone Marrow, Dr. Joe’s Duck Breast, Smoked Gouda au Gratin Potatoes, Campfire S’mores, Warm Beignets.

AVOID: Both the Short Rib Ravioli and those on the Duck were too thick as relates to the noodle while the Sweets plate is fun, though there is no real standout item.

TIP: Currently celebrating their 10th Anniversary, Michael Mina’s Root Beer Float is available for a limited time only.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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A Sweet Day at Work, Las Vegas NV


Friendly Donut House

dsc05118 dsc05120 dsc05124

Apple Fritter

dsc05113 dsc05116 dsc05117

Cinnamon Butterfly

dsc05109 dsc05111 dsc05112

Triple Chocolate Pocket

dsc05129 dsc05130 dsc05131

Raspberry Filled

dsc05135 dsc05136 dsc05138

Cinnamon Crumb

dsc05132 dsc05133 dsc05134



Rosallie Le French Café

dsc05142 dsc05143 dsc05149

Almond Croissant

dsc05141 dsc05150


dsc05140 dsc05148

Strawberry Linzer


Metro Pizza

dsc05147 dsc05153dsc05152

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Not a review, but rather the fortuitous collection of three great eateries in the same place at the same time, Friday saw one of our Executives bring Friendly Donut House up from Henderson while Chris Decker from Lulu’s Bread & Breakfast and Jonathan Pluvinet from Rosallie combined to make someone special some favorites for her Birthday.

It was delicious and much appreciated by all involved.


The End.

Friendly Donut House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Rosallie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Metro Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Gelatology [4,] Las Vegas NV




Samples:  Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding, Lemon Poppyseed, Pistachio, Warm Apple Pie with Sour Cherry and Date Crust, Halo Halo Rice Pudding, Orange Cheesecake and Licorice


Harvest Pumpkin Brûlée

dsc05075 dsc05078 dsc05076

Bread Pudding with Count Chocula Gelato, Whipped Cream, Fudge and Caramel

dsc05073 dsc05074 dsc05071

S’Mores Cupcake

dsc05080 dsc05081

Spiced Hot Chocolate

dsc05086 dsc05088 dsc05089


dsc05082 dsc05083 dsc05091


dsc05092 dsc05094 dsc05095

Caramel Sable Sandwich Cookies

dsc05096 dsc05100 dsc05097

Salty Caramel Turtle Brownie

Returning from Italy convinced that no Gelato in America compares to the best of what is found in Venice, Parma or Milan, it was late Saturday night that a stop was made at Gelatology on South Rainbow Boulevard, Chef Alberganti taking a deserved night off while her clever creations still managed to make one question whether the Italians are really *that* great.


At this point a highly anticipated Social Media highlight, Desyree’s music videos used to present the days newest flavors to fans and followers alike, it was just past 10:00pm that we entered the small shop where a few couples sat enjoying their selections, a smiling staff instantly recognizable and quickly offering as many samples as one may want.


Taking autumn and its pending Holidays seriously, seasonal concepts including creamy Pumpkin Brûlée that eats almost as smooth as a mousse as it does Gelato plus a pair of Breakfast Cereal concoctions that reminisce of Saturday Morning cartoons it was with long discussion about new baked goods that several small spoonfuls were slowly savored, the Vegan Yellow Pistachio as mellow as those seen overseas while a whole lot of complexity and sweetness was offered from the lengthy-titled Warm Apple Pie with Sour Cherry and Date Crust.


Deciding to focus on new things, a few personal favorites outside the Gelato simply impossible to resist, first bites of the S’mores Cupcake went a long way towards describing why it is served in a cup as opposed to traditional wrapping, the Chocolate base so moist that it almost eats like a Budino while the toasty Marshmallow topping glistens with a Chocolate Shell and Spiced Caramel sauce.

Sipping housemade Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows that roused childhood memories of Abuelita from a friend,  it was here that Gelatology brought forth the newly launched Bread Pudding topped with malty Count Chocula Gelato and Whipped Cream plus a duo of Sauces, each bite rich with butter and a light hint of Cinnamon that immediately enters the discussion for Sin City’s best.


Now making her own Nougat in house, no small feat if you ask the Spaniards or Italians who’ve been doing so for centuries overseas, Desyree’s version sees the chewy base brought into sharp focus juxtaposing Pistachios and Walnuts with a light drizzle of Chocolate, the Alfajores and Sandwich Cookies as tasty as ever while the Salty Caramel Turtle Brownie offers a texture not unlike that of Fudge, the liberal use of Sea Salt visually a bit shocking, though actually quite appropriate in balancing the Cocoa-rich square’s density.

FIVE STARS:  Perhaps not as “artisan” as some of the Italian houses using nothing but Organic ingredients and mixing everything by hand, Gelatology remains the standard by which all American frozen confections will be judged to this date while Chef Alberganti’s baked goods continue to evolve day-by-day.

RECOMMENDED:  Bread Pudding, Salty Caramel Turtle Brownie, Nougat, Vegan Pistachio, Harvest Pumpkin Brulee, Count Chocula, Warm Apple Pie with Sour Cherry and Date Crust Gelato.

AVOID:  The Orange Cheesecake and Licorice is simply not suited to my tastes.

TIP:  More great things including a Cornetto al Gelato, Banana Split and several new Whoopie Pies are offered every day.  Pay attention to @gelatologylv for the temptations du jour.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Naked City Tavern [3,] Las Vegas NV


Naked City Tavern

dsc05037 dsc05040 dsc05038

Truffle Eggs – Scrambled Duck Eggs, Basil Oil, Shaved Black Italian Summer Truffles, Crème Fraiche, Opal Basil

dsc05042 dsc05044 dsc05043

Chicken n’ Waffles – Buttermilk Waffles stacked with Crispy Chicken Confit, Sunny Side Farm Egg, Bourbon Maple Syrup

dsc05050 dsc05049 dsc05051

Lobster Pasta – Spinach Pappardelle, North Atlantic Lobster Tail, Mushroom Butter Cream Sauce, Wild Mushrooms, Shaved Black Italian Summer Truffles

dsc05047 dsc05046 dsc05045

Goat ‘Osso Buco’ – Candele Pasta, Whipped Butter, Tomatoes, Parmesan

dsc05052 dsc05053 dsc05056

Bakery Style White Pie – Mozzarella, Pesto, Ricotta, Purple Basil

dsc05060 dsc05059 dsc05058

Crispy Calamari – Buttermilk Soaked, Cherry Peppers, mixed Radish Greens, Lemon Zest, Pappadew Crema

dsc05063 dsc05064 dsc05062

Basil Milk Gelato – Sweet Tomato, Crispy Basil, Balsamic Syrup


Consistently tempted by Tweets, Instagram photos and Facebook posts of Chef Christopher Palmeri’s most recent inspirations it was with two local business owners that early-Saturday lunch was enjoyed at Naked City Tavern, the space slowly developing its personality by way of a Buffalo Bills mural in the Game Room while the items rolling out from the kitchen continue to speak of a skilled hand and boundless imagination.

Now approaching two months in and deservedly earning accolades from nearby residents as well as writers for the Naked City Pizza classics as well as a Chef’s Menu offering everything from Truffles to Foie Gras, it was with old Black Sabbath playing that our group found seats in the raised room separated from gaming and big-screen televisions, a pair of small monitors tuned to an SEC matchup though the sound was turned off.

Greeted by a smiling Chef Palmeri after the server presented laminated menus and poured drinks, more big news on the way for a man whose hard work has reaped just rewards, it was after a brief chat that the offer was made to cook carte blanche for the table, a total of seven dishes again showing the sort of food one would never expect in a 24/7 gaming establishment.

Discussing everything from Pizza to Travel in eager anticipation of what the Chef would send out, course one featured fluffy Duck Eggs tinged in Basil beneath a dollop of Crème Fraiche and a shower of Summer Truffles, the concept as bold and nuanced as anything from the brunch menu at Bardot or Bouchon with a follow-up of Chicken n’ Waffles that could easily draw similar comparison, the crispy Chicken every bit as rich as the Duck on the Hunter’s Waffle at the former while the price rings in at less than half of Thomas Keller’s despite being just as good.

Turning attention next to handmade pastas, both the Spinach ribbons and long tubes beneath piquant stewed Goat cooked to a springy al dente amidst plenty of sauce, one would be challenged to find a Lobster Pasta of this caliber anywhere in America for less than twenty dollars, let alone one dialed up with a Wild Mushroom Ragu and a light shaving of Truffles imported by a longtime friend of the chef located just down the road.

Competing in a Pizza completion just one week later, and thus taking the opportunity to get some feedback on the structure of the crust and toppings in consideration, a White Pie offered bold house Pesto beneath mounds of melting Ricotta, the crust perhaps a bit low on Salt if one were to quibble, while the follow-up of Calamari offered no lack of flavor with a Buttermilk undertone amidst the heat of Peppers and Cream dialed up with Pappadew.

Still lighter on desserts than one would hope, the Dutch Baby gone from the Late Night and Breakfast menu though Nutella French Toast remains, Basil Gelato from Art of Flavors was beautifully paired to reduced Balsamic and fried Basil in a sort of Caprese Sundae that reminisced of the Tomato and Summer Vegetable Soup at Michelin-starred Il Ridotto in Venice.

FOUR AND A HALF STARS: Still lacking a bit in décor, Chef Palmeri promising that this is next on the ‘to-do’ list, Naked City Tavern continues to swing for the fences with food that defies any notion of 24/7 dining, the Chef’s Menu slowly catching on as the clientele reveals itself with even more exciting changes upcoming.

RECOMMENDED: Truffle Eggs, Lobster Pasta, Chicken n’ Waffles, Crispy Calamari.

AVOID: The Pizza was an off-menu work in progress and currently not available in that form.

TIP: Those looking to catch anything other than Buffalo Bills games should be aware that Naked City Tavern currently does not offer game volume, instead going with an in-house soundtrack occasionally punctuated by TouchTunes.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

Welcome to Naked City Pizza

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Kneaders Bakery & Cafe, Henderson NV


Kneaders Bakery & Café

dsc04995 dsc04998 dsc05003

Chunky Cinnamon French Toast

dsc04999 dsc05000 dsc05001

Apple Cinnamon Pecan Bread Pudding

dsc05019 dsc05018 dsc05016

Cinnamon Roll

dsc05012 dsc05013 dsc05015

German Chocolate Brownie

dsc05009 dsc05011 dsc05008

Chocolate Chunk Cookie, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie

dsc05007 dsc05006 dsc05021

Chocolate Dipped Pecan Tussie

dsc05027 dsc05026 dsc05029

Carrot Cake

dsc05022 dsc05024 dsc05030

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cake


One of two Las Vegas locations for the rapidly expanding chain from Utah, an early morning meeting at Kneaders Bakery & Café showed the restaurant to be something akin to the ‘quick-casual’ experience offered at places like Panera or Great Harvest Bread Company, the focus a bit more on breakfast and baked goods than the others with otherwise similar ideas and pricing.


Opened in April 2016 and garnering mixed reviews in an evolving area with no lack of options for grabbing an abbreviated meal or something sweet, Kneaders brings the concept of “European Hearth Breads, made from scratch” from Gary and Colleen Worthington to the masses with a concise menu featuring Soups, Salads and Sandwiches, a few shortcuts undoubtedly taken in expanding the original iteration but still focused on doing as much as possible in-house each day.


Staffed by a youthful team of smiling faces, table service offered along with grab n’ go choices plus Drive-thru, entrance to Kneader’s brings patrons face-to-face with several loaves of Bread and other Pastries; Coffee, Tea and Soda service a DIY situation with Smoothies and Blends also offered for those in the mood for such things.


Pairing a small General Store with Gift Baskets to the experience, items currently offered largely Halloween-themed, it was after exchanging $28.35 for a sizable order that seats were taken at a table in the front corner of the space nearest Eastern Avenue, a pair of mistakes in boxed-to-go selections quickly remedied, though had the contents not been perused prior to leaving a rude surprise would have been found several miles away.


Starting off with two Kneaders classics, the Chunky Cinnamon French Toast only offered with Fruit, Cream and ‘Caramel-Syrup’ despite suggestions on the website of a Banana Cream version, it seems as though the baked slices would benefit greatly from more custard or a quick-sear to impart a little more texture, a far better composition found in Frosting-topped Bread Pudding of which three different flavors are available, the one with Apples and Pecans perfect for Autumn thought the German Chocolate version also looked quite grand.

Completely underwhelming with the doughy Cinnamon Roll, a far better version offered at CRAFTkitchen just up the road, German Chocolate cravings were quashed by a gooey Brownie beneath layers of Coconut and Pecan topping, a trio of Cookies unfortunately seeing ‘Chocolate Chunk’ lacking in its eponymous ingredient while the Oatmeal Raisin and Reeses-esque Peanut Butter versions were well constructed with a soft center and crisp edges.


Fortunately recognizing the requested Carrot Cake to have been replaced by seasonal Chocolate Chip Pumpkin layers it was with both tasted that Kneaders proved more capable than other similar spots of creating something on par with a restaurant quality dessert, each $3.99 stack offering far more spice than sweetness with good cake to frosting ratio, the “Tussie” like a miniature Pecan Pie better on the un-dipped side as the Chocolate came across a bit too sweet and waxy.

THREE AND A HALF STARS: Pricy for what it is, though really no different from other similar ideas in today’s “quick casual” culture, Kneaders offers a slightly different look from Panera to those looking for a soup, salad, sandwich or pastry, though in an area with the likes of CRAFTKitchen and others nearby the simple fact is that residents of Henderson and Las Vegas can support a local business and eat far better for only a few cents extra.

RECOMMENDED: Carrot Cake, German Chocolate Brownie, Apple Cinnamon Pecan Bread Pudding.

AVOID: Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Chunk Cookie, Splenda-only Artificial Sweetener selection.

TIP: A frequent-customer card offers 5% cash-back on all purchases, good towards a future visit.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Andre’s Restaurant & Lounge [4,] Las Vegas NV


Andre’s Restaurant & Lounge


French 75


Iced Tea

dsc04906 dsc04907 dsc04908

Baguette with Salted Butter

dsc04909 dsc04911 dsc04910

Pepper Crusted Lamb Carpaccio – Carrots, Ginger

dsc04912 dsc04915dsc04922


Pork Rillettes – Pepper Relish, Toasted Baguette

dsc04914 dsc04917 dsc04916

Grilled Shrimp Brochette – Scallion and Celery Remoulade

dsc04921 dsc04920 dsc04919

Frog’s Legs – Rosemary and Parsley Persillade

dsc04923 dsc04926 dsc04924

Iceberg Salad – Red Onion Marmalade, Creamy Tarragon Dressing, Crispy Duck Bacon

dsc04927 dsc04928 dsc04930

Chicken Ballotine with French Pressed Chicken Consommé infused with Fresh Herbs and Roasted Garlic

dsc04935 dsc04937 dsc04936

Foie Gras Terrine – Lingonberry Compote, Toasted Brioche

dsc04939 dsc04938 dsc04940

Seared Foie Gras – Apricots, Granola Streusel, Crème Fraiche, Southern Comfort

dsc04944 dsc04942 dsc04946

Boudin Noir – Stewed Apples, Caramelized Onions and Calvados

dsc04949 dsc04947 dsc04948

Dover Sole Amandine – Potato Puree, Vegetable Roulade

dsc04951 dsc04952 dsc04950

Green Pea and King Crab Ravioli – Citrus Crème

dsc04953 dsc04956 dsc04955

Pan Seared Duck Breast – Black Garlic Duck Jus, Duck Confit and Chickpea Cake, Carrot Turmeric Puree, Pickled Plum

dsc04959 dsc04958

Double Espresso on Ice

dsc04960 dsc04962 dsc04970

Gran Marnier Souffle

dsc04967 dsc04972 dsc04971

Caramel Macchiato Bonet – Espresso Crisps and Condensed Milk Froth

dsc04974 dsc04968 dsc04973

Lime Basque Cake – Blackberry Jam and Apricot Sorbet


Dark Chocolate Fondant – Earl Grey Ice Cream and Smoked Cocoa Nibs

dsc04976 dsc04969 dsc04975

Hazelnut Praline Gateaux – Milk Chocolate Mascarpone, Orange and Fig Ice Cream

dsc04978 dsc04977

Banana Ice Cream Profiteroles – Guava and Caramelized Chips

dsc04985 dsc04984

Marzipan Bon-Bons


Brandied Cherries

Scheduled to shutter at Monte Carlo on Thursday, but already looking to regroup and reconcept the recently closed DW Bistro space, it was with two local Chefs that a final meal was enjoyed at Andre’s Restaurant and Lounge on Friday evening, the several course fete stretching nearly 4.5 hours with much of the time passed chatting about what Chef Rochat and the cooks he has trained mean to this town.


Truly one of Las Vegas’ classic dining rooms, white tablecloths draped across banquets, tables and curved alcoves, it was just past 7:00pm that the trio settled in at a four-top twice inhabited before and with a service led by Joe Marsco and Marc Boutiron it was with a semi-selected Carte Blanch from Chef Bulen that the night marched forward, a small amuse accompanying Champagne Cocktails tastefully leading things off.

Lightly playing Rat Pack and Jazz classics as always, the room approximately 3/4 full with several men occupying the Cigar Lounge upstairs, there is little doubt that announcements of pending closure have risen a sense of nostalgia in locals and visitors who probably should have visited more frequently prior, course one arriving with Chef Rochat’s classic Frog Legs along with housemade Rillettes and Jumbo Shrimp snappy and sweet on a bed of boldly flavored Remoulade.


Offering the rare “wedge” worthy of ordering, Chef Bulen opting to divide the head of Lettuce in the kitchen before sending it out, a surprise follow-up of Chicken Forcemeat was topped tableside with an intense Broth that was simultaneously clear as crystal, a ‘Chicken Soup’ as much for the soul as it is for the technique involved and something that Chris suggested he hoped to explore further when he moves to Alize later this month.

Always a place where Foie Gras should not be ignored, both the Terrine and seared Steak with Apricots perfectly textured and substantial enough to share, a large crock of Boudin Noir was featured next as an off-menu special with classic underpinnings, the Stewed Apples and Onions imbued with the poignant flavor of Calvados.


Unable to resist one more round of Sole, the delicate flesh garnished in Brown Butter and Almonds, additional entrees entailed two large Pastas stuffed with King Crab and Peas in a creamy Citrus Sauce, the Rosy Duck Breast perched atop a Cake comprised of Confit and Chickpeas with Pan Sauce, Pickled Plums and Turmeric-tinged Carrot Puree.

Always enthralled by Chef Tammy Alana’s desserts, none new from the last visit though all remain industry standard and reason enough to visit Alize where her sweets stand to highlight the end of every diner’s night, it was with broad smiles that the group sat speaking with the team for another forty-five minutes after the final Brandied Cherry had been consumed with a cup of Espresso, Sin City’s constant reinvention sad on one hand, but at the same time always offering a new reason to be excited for things to come.


FIVE STARS: A perfect meal from start to finish in a space that will soon be lost forever, thanks to all involved for doing what you do and best wishes for everything to come.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Tina’s Gourmet Sausage House, Las Vegas NV


Tina’s Gourmet Sausage House


Sample of Spicy Portuguese Sausage

dsc04884 dsc04885 dsc04886

Hungarian Kobas

dsc04889 dsc04887 dsc04888

Bauernbrot Sourdough

dsc04880 dsc04882 dsc04881

Stuffed Cabbage Roll

dsc04876 dsc04878 dsc04883

Chicken Schnitzel

dsc04873 dsc04875 dsc04890

Cod and Catfish Sausage

dsc04895 dsc04897 dsc04896


dsc04893 dsc04894 dsc04892

Branderburg Apple Cake


Located on South Decatur, in the same plaza as Mochiko Chicken, Amena Bakery and Trader Joes, Tina’s Gourmet Sausage House is one of those places potential patrons pass by without giving a second thought while individuals opting to take a step inside are in for something quite uncommon in society of commoditized Fast Food.


Owned by Michael Ray and managed by a young woman named Zoya, Tina’s is one part artisan Sausage maker and one part importer/purveyor of European specialty goods, a quick look at shelves displaying everything from Breads and Candies to Jams and Pickles, the refrigerator against the wall loaded with imported Dumplings while deli cases sport everything from Organic Sliced Meats to Smoked Fish, Salads and Sausages, at least eight varieties available daily with more depending on special requests or the Chef’s choice.


Moving the business from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 2015, but originally learning the art of encased Meats when growing up in Ukraine, a brief talk with Michael quickly displays his passion for the craft and after discussing the subtle nuances differentiating several products the decision was made to compose an order of six items, Imported German Bread hot from the oven added last minute and split with another patron at $2.50 per half-loaf.


Unfortunately told that few of the desserts are made in-house, the majority actually frozen imports that are either ready when thawed or requiring of little heating time, it was with a bite of Sourdough that the tasting got started and with a robust crust overlying a soft crumb with gentle sours the flavor was everything one might expect from Rye, though a bit of butter may have helped in areas near the heel where the center was dried out.


Finding samples of the Portuguese Sausage less spicy than expected, the texture snappy and proper but not nearly as complex and well-composed as the Hungarian Kielbasa that compared favorably to memories from my youth, it was onward to a chilly Cod and Catfish link that was a bit *too* fishy that the tasting moved forward, only half eaten and really no better once it was warmed up.


Far more affordable than one might anticipate, the whole lot of food only $22.54, Chicken Schnitzel was an interesting dish in that it featured an amalgam of dark and light meat fried together with Bread Crumbs, the Stuffed Cabbage featuring a lot more filler and less meat than my Grandmother’s with no favors done to it by the watery pink Sauce.


Passing on Brownies, Blondies and outsourced Pies, instead selecting two Cakes imported from overseas and finished in Tina’s oven, dessert proved to be as mixed an experience as the savories before it, the Apple Cake almost like Angelfood with less sugar beneath slices of Fruit while the Brown Sugar may as well have needed a chisel to be chipped away from Coffee Cake.


TWO AND A HALF STARS: Certainly a unique store worthy of a look for the attention to detail and a true Artisan’s touch, Tina’s Gourmet Sausage House is best accessed for exactly what the name indicates of it, though the imported goods may offer a bit of additional intrigue to Eastern European immigrants looking for specifics or locals more interested in novelty packaged goods.

RECOMMENDED: Hungarian Kobas, Chicken Schnitzel, Branderburg Apple Cake.

AVOID: Stuffed Cabbage Roll, Cod and Catfish Sausage, Buttercake.

TIP: Those looking for a menu or catering options are encouraged to check out the website where a shopping cart can be arranged and readied for in-store pick-up or delivery.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Standard & Pour [2,] Henderson NV


Standard & Pour

dsc04817 dsc04816

Netflix & Chill – Belvedere Citrus Vodka, Cranberry Cocktail, Blueberry Puree

dsc04845 dsc04846

Raspberry Beret – Bottled Belvedere Citrus Vodka, Raspberry Puree, House Lemonade

dsc04811 dsc04804 dsc04803

Endive & Date – Mandarin Orange, Spiced Pistachio, Shallot

dsc04806 dsc04812 dsc04818

Crispy Oysters – Sriracha Egg Salad, Smoked Trout Roe

dsc04809 dsc04810 dsc04807

Date & Bleu Cheese Jam – Buttered Almond, Bacon Bread

dsc04814 dsc04815 dsc04813

Three Beans – House XO, Fish Sauce, Garlic

dsc04824 dsc04822 dsc04821

Spicy Shrimp – Red Curry, Sambal, Coconut Milk

dsc04825 dsc04827 dsc04826

Mini Burgers – Fontina, Criss Cut Potato, Tomato Relish

dsc04830 dsc04828 dsc04829

Whole Smoked Romanesco – Caper, Red Onion, Golden Raisin, Fine Herbs

dsc04831 dsc04832 dsc04833

Meatball Sliders – House Ricotta, Sundae Gravy, Potato Bun

dsc04834 dsc04836 dsc04843

Kimchi Tacos – Scallion Pancake, Short Rib, Asian Pear

dsc04838 dsc04840 dsc04839

Ribeye Cap – Juniper Porcini Rub, House Steak Sauce


Coffee – Lavazza

dsc04852 dsc04853 dsc04854

Fruit Loop Panna Cotta – Orange Sorbet, Raspberry Gummy, Hazelnut

dsc04848 dsc04849 dsc04851

Lost Bread – Cinnamon Roll, Maple Icing, Toasted Pecan


At first feeling a bit guilty about visiting Standard & Pour before the restaurant was even five days old, the choice based on an overseas vacation that would have seen the experience missed for nearly three weeks otherwise, it turns out that feedback offered from that first visit was in fact implemented, a Saturday night return showing the music to be lower and more appropriate while both kitchen and front of house continue to execute at a very high level.


Having thoroughly enjoyed that first meal, half of the menu tasted with only a couple items in need work, night two saw three friends sat at a comfy high-top caddy-corner to the kitchen as the lights of Las Vegas twinkled in the distance for those with the bar to their back, the soundtrack adjusted from Elevator-techno to the likes of Genesis and Beck.


Served by a team of smiling youngsters led by Ed Tracy and Chelsea Anderson, Chef John Courtney working the line and delivering most plates himself, it was with two adult beverages that the evening got started, both similar in concept but delivered quite opposite, the large format Netflix & Chill now offered as single servings during the Four O’clock to 7:00pm Happy Hour in individual glasses while the bottled Raspberry Beret was the sippable sort of sweetness anchored by Citrus Vodka that those not paying attention could quickly get into trouble with.


Focusing mostly on items missed the first time, though the Crispy Oysters and Date & Bleu Cheese Jam could not be passed up for the newcomer at the table while Lost Bread was far better this time thanks to a clever trick filling its core with icing and thus improving texture significantly, early shockers included the Endive and Three Bean Salads, the former a beautiful balance of bitter Chicories with Citrus while the latter was a simple yet bold presentation of what can be done with good ingredients in the hands of a Chef not afraid to challenge diners with bold flavors and spices.


Taking the experiences of Chefs Courtney and Harwell into account, the menu a melding of their distinctive styles that sees them generally working in collaboration, but also exhibiting their own flare, follow-up plates included Happy Hour Mini Burgers topped in crispy Potatoes and Fontina alongside Meatball Sliders decorated in House Ricotta on Potato Buns, each meaty plate of three ideal for sharing, as too is the nicely seared Rib Cap.


Taking some chances with three more plates, the Red Curry Shrimp tamed by Coconut Milk but still heated enough to demand a glass of water or another drink, Whole Smoked Romanesco is perhaps as “head turning” as a vegetable can be in any restaurant, the use of Capers and Golden Raisins yielding an effect no less intriguing than the Kimchi Tacos’ interplay of salt, smoke and sweet.


Continuing to spontaneously serve Coffee with dessert, a joke carried over from Carson Kitchen still as amusing as before, it was after the enhanced Bread Pudding that first bites of the Fruit Loops Panna Cotta were tasted, Chef Courtney particularly proud of the Milk Bar inspired composition that eats light as light as a cloud with subtle malty notes underlying texturally diverse Fruit and Nut flavors.


FIVE STARS: Pairing a gorgeous room with a view to top-quality service and an exciting Bill of Fare, Standard & Pour has immediately emerged as Henderson’s most exciting place for dinner, the music now far less affronting to the senses with no lack of interesting plates built to order with friends and share.

RECOMMENDED: Raspberry Beret, Three Beans, Date & Bleu Cheese Jam, Whole Smoked Romanesco, Lost Bread, Fruit Loops Panna Cotta.

AVOID: N/A, though outside Happy Hour why go Mini Burger or Meatball Slider with so many other great things available.

TIP: Happy Hour Menu is offered 4-7pm daily, four items plus Beers and Wines for $5 with four more plus individual pours of Pool Boy, Netflix & Chill and White Pear Sangria for $8.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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Rosallie [5,] Las Vegas NV


Rosallie – Le French Café


Double Espresso on Ice


Peppermint Latte

dsc04786 dsc04788

S’mores Latte

dsc04781 dsc04782

Hot Chocolate

dsc04771 dsc04770 dsc04772

Smoked Salmon Sandwich

dsc04769 dsc04768 dsc04767

Chipotle Chicken Sandwich

dsc04755 dsc04756 dsc04775

Apple Cobbler

dsc04751 dsc04753 dsc04774


dsc04754 dsc04777 dsc04778

Kouign Amann

dsc04784 dsc04785


dsc04760 dsc04759 dsc04779

Almond Croissant


Fresh Roll with Cassis Jam

dsc04749 dsc04752

Butter Croissant

dsc04764 dsc04765 dsc04766

Chocolate Mousse

dsc04762 dsc04763 dsc04761


dsc04795 dsc04793 dsc04792

Walnut Pie

dsc04789 dsc04791 dsc04798

Apple Turnover

Taking a chance on “le petit café & bakery,” a new place less than ten minutes away from Las Vegas’ current reference standard for French pastries, it was with a disheartened sigh that the newer spot was exited, a visit to Rosallie – Le French Café assuring that my palate had not become jaded by a recent trip to Europe while at the same time confirming a belief that Jonathan Pluvinet’s ever evolving restaurant on South Rainbow is exactly the sort of place for which Sin City has long been in need.


Now featuring repainted windows, a center island and the pending Wine Cellar with a soundtrack of French tunes lightly playing overhead, it was just past 11:15am that a camera crew shooting a school project was passed in entering the quaint, casual environment – several folks still sipping Coffee while enjoying a Croissant as others opted for a Quiche, Salad or Sandwich.


Consistently one of the most humble and pleasant Chefs in the City, admittedly someone I consider a friend in addition to his roles as baker and owner of Rosallie, it was after lengthy discussion with Chef Pluvinet that a seat was taken, the young Frenchman sending out both new and old creations including Jam made in France from the Currants of his parents’ garden, plus work-in-progress Caneles and an Apple Cobbler with thick chunks of buttery Streusel offering a brief glimpse of new ideas arriving at Summer’s end.


Having added both Kouign Amann and an Apple Turnover to the menu since my last visit, the former like those in Bordeaux in that the center is soft-set amidst shattering layers of Butter while the latter is flaky and light without a bunch of added sweetness beyond the fresh fruit itself, an hour approaching noon also saw two standout Sandwiches shared with friends arriving later, the Salmon’s subtle flavors enhanced by Capers and Onions while tender Chicken got some heat from housemade Olive Oil Chipotle ‘Mayo’ atop sliced loaves of Pluvinet’s Wholegrain Bread.


Taking sips of a few new beverages, the Mint Latte simply not my style while a Nutella S’mores float atop Coffee and European-style 62% Cocoa Hot Chocolate far better suited the sweet tooth, the flavors of both the out-of-place Tiramisu and an airy Chocolate Mousse each spoke to the use of high quality ingredients, all the other items continuing to show an utmost adherence to craftsmanship with the Almond Croissant and Walnut Pie still a *must* at every visit.


FIVE STARS: Still continuing to think, tweak and create despite establishing a good clientele at one year in, perhaps the greatest comment one can pay to Jonathan Pluvinet is just how ‘authentic’ much of his project truly is, so many items eschewing the American standard of sweetness and instead focusing specifically on how they are offered in his homeland.

RECOMMENDED: Almond Croissant, Walnut Pie, Apple Turnover, Chipotle Chicken Sandwich, Kouign Amann.

AVOID: Canele are a work in progress, but a first taste promises good things.

TIP: New items continue to arrive as time allows to create, the recent “Build your own sandwich” option a great choice at an cost not substantially higher than Major Chains despite sporting superior ingredients.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Le Petit Cafe & Bakery, Las Vegas NV


le petit café & bakery

dsc04727 dsc04729 dsc04737

Almond Croissant

dsc04733 dsc04734 dsc04735

Apple Turnover

dsc04716 dsc04718 dsc04719

Salty Caramel Cookie

dsc04715 dsc04720 dsc04722

Chocolate Chip Cookie

dsc04712 dsc04713

Ginger Snap

dsc04730 dsc04731 dsc04726

Peach Danish / Strawberry Danish

dsc04725 dsc04711 dsc04723

Newly opened on Medical Center Street, two-doors down from Tipsy Coffee house with high ceilings and decorating that is best described as Paris-by-way-of-Ikea, le petit café & bakery looks to continue a recent trend of great baked goods on both sides of The Valley, a recent visit showing that the restaurant has a long way to go if they wish to compare favorably.


Visited early on Saturday, the doors already open with the manager, baker and two staff present at 8:40am, even though the internet seems to indicate they do not open until 9 o’ clock on this day, it was to cheerful faces and pleasant service that the group greeted patrons from behind a countertop, items still rolling out of the oven as questions were addressed, words such as “authentic” seemingly misplaced for a case of outsourced Gelato flavors while a menu of desserts listed overhead were reported as “not ready yet.”


Finding a seat after placing the order, a total of $16.00 exchanged for seven tastes including a complimentary Ginger Snap, the choice to start with a pair of Danishes was made because the choices were still warm from the oven, the pocket of Strawberry tasting of good Jam juxtaposing Butter while the version described as Lemon was, in fact, Peach – and questionably the soggy sort straight from a can.


Moving on to the Turnover, described as “Caramel Apple” on the menu but more like Motts Applesauce in flavor with a bit more texture from diced Fruit, the Almond Croissant proved to be nothing short of disastrous, prompting one local Chef to ask “Is that a Biscuit?” when he saw a picture of it, the flavor thankfully natural though the lamination was poor while the whole thing certainly would have seen a bit of moisture as a benefit.


Ending on a high note, the Salty Caramel Cookie sort of like a Sugar Cookie with crunchy ribbons coursing through its crumb as large chunks of Dark Chocolate Chip riddled its counterpart, it was in noting that neither the Croissant nor the Turnover had been completed that the manager asked if a box was needed, a response that the former was far too dry leading to the suggestion that I might want a “fresh one to-go” leading to assumptions about what had actually been offered…and not much interest in making a return.


TWO AND A HALF STARS: One year ago le petit café & bakery would have been another average choice amidst many substandard Bakeries in town, but with the launch of Rosallie on the West, CRAFTkitchen on the East as well as the improved quality elsewhere there is very little reason to visit this place when better can be found just a few minutes away.


RECOMMENDED: Chocolate Chip Cookie, Salty Caramel Cookie.


AVOID: Almond Croissant. Anything Peach…or Lemon?

TIP: Closed on Sundays, free Wi-Fi code offered at the top of the receipt.


WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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35 Steaks + Martinis [3,] Las Vegas NV


35 Steaks + Martinis

dsc04633 dsc04634 dsc04636

Buttered Herb Focaccia


35 Steaks + Martinis Limited Edition California Sparkling Wine

dsc04638 dsc04640 dsc04647

Lobster Escargot – Garlic Herb Butter, Parsley Foam, Hazelnut, Parker House Rolls


2013 Vincent Delaporte Sancerre

dsc04641 dsc04637 dsc04639

Charred Octopus and Black Angus Filet Carpaccio – Spanish Chorizo and Pine Nut Tapenade, Quail Egg, Aged Sherry Syrup, Toasted Baguette

dsc04643 dsc04644 dsc04648

Plateau of King Crab with House Cocktail Sauce and Remoulade


2009 Nickel & Nickel Dolce Late Harvest

dsc04650 dsc04652 dsc04651

Foie Gras a L’Orange – Seared Duck Liver, Candied Orange, Cara Cara Marmalade, Almond Crusted Bread Pudding Toast

dsc04658 dsc04659

2013 Bouchaine Chardonnay

dsc04654 dsc04656 dsc04655

Smoked Bone Marrow – Beef Cheek Jam, Pickled Radish, Chimichurri Sauce, Grilled Bread


2013 Maranzas Creek Winery Chardonnay

dsc04664 dsc04666 dsc04665

Roasted Baby Beet Salad – Tri-colored Beets, Petite Greens, Kataifi Wrapped Goat Cheese, Beet Paint, Banyuls

dsc04668 dsc04669

Mango Sorbet

dsc04673 dsc04675

2013 Faust Cabernet Sauvignon

dsc04676 dsc04677 dsc04678

16oz Black Angus Chateau Filet Wellington and Tajima Australian Wagyu Ribeye – Truffle Yukon Gold Potato, Creamed Spinach, Foie Gras Mushroom Casserole, Bordelaise, Béarnaise

dsc04679 dsc04680 dsc04681

The De Ville Burger – 8oz Ground Wagyu, Bacon, American Cheese, Fried Egg, Foie Gras, Onion Jam, Pickle, Crisp Fries


W&J Graham’s 30 Year Tawny Port


Crème Brulee – Classic Vanilla with Biscotti


Sticky Pig – Sticky Toffee Pudding, Maple Bacon, Boddingington’s Ale Ice Cream, Caramel Sauce


Hazelnut chocolate cappuccino – White chocolate espresso cream, hazelnut Dacquoise, biscotti


Chocolate Torte – Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Cake, Candied Cherries


Double Espresso on Ice


Slated for big changes sooner than expected, a Friday Dinner at 35 Steaks + Martinis was prompted by a young man’s request for “a good burger,” the subsequent three-hour experience once again proving that the kitchen led by Michael van Staden and Marty Red DeLeon Lopez has long been overlooked even as the restaurant approaches the end of its current run with a menu that continues to outthink all the other Las Vegas Steakhouses.


Undoubtedly the Hard Rock Resort & Casino’s premier dining venue, a poolside location both a gift and a curse based on view and bass, respectively, it was as a party of three that a table with good lighting beneath a photo of Amy Winehouse was shared as General Manager Mario Gonzalez orchestrated a flurry of drinks, flawless service and even some parlor tricks, the duo on the line going well-beyond what was necessary to leave a lasting impression.


Intending only to enjoy the Burger and a platter of freshly cracked King Crab Legs, but soon seeing this modest meal morph into a four-course feast featuring a Baker’s Dozen menu choices – all enjoyed during prior stops – it goes to show just how indulgent each experience has been that the Bone Marrow had gone forgotten in such a short period, the labor-intensive brining and cold-smoke creating a rich spread that was good straight from the spoon, but even better when slathered on grilled Bread.


Still striking a chord with the Foie Gras, Escargot and Carpaccio while both the Burger, Wellington and its accoutrements set a high standard for Sin City, Mario’s wine choices were highlighted by well-priced Chardonnays plus the sticky-sweet Dolce, a Tawny Port older than either tablemate a perfect finish alongside four desserts from which the Sticky Pig and Chocolate Cake remain as elegantly composed as they are decadent.


FIVE STARS: Although change is now underfoot with the restaurant soon to shutter and then to rebrand, there is little doubt that whatever each of the Chefs and their GM do next will be infused with the sort of passion that made this unheralded spot far better than many might have ever expected, the never-ending “Chef Shuffle” on one hand unfortunate but on the other a reason for excitement.


RECOMMENDED: Visiting. Soon.

AVOID: Missing out.


TIP: Live Music in the Lounge begins at 7:00pm.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Carnevino [8,] Las Vegas NV



dsc04564 dsc04565

2013 Schramsberg Brut Rose

dsc04561 dsc04560 dsc04562


dsc04567 dsc04569

Rosemary Focaccia with Lardo and European Butter

dsc04571 dsc04570

Prosciutto di Parma ‘Riserva’ Gnocco Fritto

dsc04572 dsc04573

Little Gem Salad with Guanciale, Gorgonzola, Pickled Onions, Apples, Walnuts


Grilled Octopus with Pickled Vegetables and Limoncello


Squash Blossoms with Blue Crab


Burrata Crostini with Balsamic, Tomatoes, Pesto and Basil


Carne Cruda alla Piemontese Crostini – Steak Tartare with Raw Musrooms

dsc04581 dsc04582 dsc04587

Sweet Corn Agnolotti with Brown Butter


Bucatini all’ Amatriciana


Beef Cheek Ravioli with Butter and Aged Balsamic

dsc04591 dsc04592 dsc04590

Gnocchi with Gorgonzola, Figs, Arugula and Walnuts

dsc04602 dsc04603

Heritage Foods Cider Brined 20oz Pork Chop Milanese with Pepper Jelly


Strauss Farms Veal Chop with Porcini Rub

dsc04612 dsc04606

BBL Dry Aged Bone-In Ribeye


Tagliata di Manzo – BBL Beef, Arugula Parmigiano


Grilled Corn with Pickled Peppers and Lime Salt

dsc04599 dsc04611

Mascarpone & Guanciale Mashed Potatoes


Spinach with Garlic & Hot Peppers


Cauliflower with Lemon and Bagna Cauda

dsc04614 dsc04617

PB&J Cheesecake with sliced Grapes, Salted Peanut Butter

dsc04616 dsc04618

Bacon, Fig, and Pumpkin Tart

dsc04619 dsc04622

Peach Budino with Lemon Butterscotch and Fresh Peaches


Banana Bombolini with Sweet Mascarpone


Espresso, Vanilla, Chocolate Stout Gelato


Melon, Peach, Apricot Sorbetti


La Colombe Double Espresso on Ice


Amaretti Cookie


Having seen a changing of the guard in 2016, Chef Nicole Brisson rising in the B&B Empire to oversee all the Orange-Crocs-clad Chef’s restaurants in The Venetian and The Palazzo, it was without any hesitation that another large-group meal was arranged to celebrate this year’s Olympia Weekend, the restaurant surprisingly quiet on a September Saturday at 8:30pm, even though the Steakhouse remains unrivaled.

Now toqued by Jon Littleton, though the Food & Wine event plus Vacation time saw one of the Sous on the line, it was at a lengthy ten-top in the back room that a group predominantly hailing from New York was seated, a Carte Blanche Prix-Fixe developed by Chef Brisson seeing four-courses and too much drinking, many of the items offered new for the Fall.


A truly epic spread of two-dozen items, the first round offered slightly different from the menu as Crostini or individual bites easily passed around, Steak Tartare and Octopus remain reference-standard examples of why Carnevino continues to accumulate accolades as one of the Nation’s best restaurants, the Little Gem Salad far more than the average Wedge while Squash Blossoms ate like Crab Rangoon on a whole different level as fresh picked Meat was married to just enough Cheese to make each bite stretchy and rich.

Always happy to see the team’s handmade Pastas, a recent trip to Italy raising the bar high, Carnevino’s Bucatini continues to shine as each hollow strand is delivered al dente with richly flavored Meat Sauce, the Off-menu Beef Cheek Ravioli requested in plethora by the man at the head of the table while both the late-Summer Agnolotti and new-season’s Gnocchi were smooth and supple, the portions trending sort of small but the flavors expectedly pronounced.


Going heavy on the meats, a total of three Bone-In Ribeyes carved tableside proving plenty to go around, sides continue to show creativity though the spice of Spinach and brine of Bagna Cauda were not to everyone at the table’s liking, both the Veal and Pork Chop received far more zealously with the zippy Jalapeno Jam delicious not only with the Meats but as a palate refresher as diners sampled around.

Having joked with the Chef and Staff that desserts were sold out by meal’s end in 2015 it was with a glut served that the meal would end, Chef Ashley Costa’s Peach Pudding Cake and Banana Bombolini as elegant in flavor as they are rustic in construction, Gelato a bit over-frozen on this particular evening, but the newly launched Pumpkin Tart and creamy Peanut Butter Cheesecake also very good.


FOUR AND A HALF STARS: Seeing more than a handful service errors during the evening, the Captain trying to keep it together despite backstaff leaving drinks at the bar, mispresenting plates and serving several items in sizes that were simply not sufficient to go around, the cuisine at Carnevino shows no signs of dropping off under the new Kitchen Staff as the menu continues evolve seasonally with some of the best Meat and Produce in town.

RECOMMENDED: Grilled Octopus, Squash Blossoms with Blue Crab, Corn Agnolotti, Beef Cheek Ravioli, Pork Chop Milanese, Bone-In Ribeye, Banana Bomboloni, Peach Budino.


AVOID: The Spinach did not particularly impress due to the hefty degree of heat while Gelato were rock hard with small ice crystals in the Espresso and Vanilla versions making one wonder if it had thawed and been re-frozen.

TIP: As noted, the menu was large format and some items offered are not yet featured. Contact the restaurant directly for similar group requests.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Hexx Kitchen + Bar [4,] Las Vegas NV


HeXX Kitchen + Bar


Iced Coffee


The Hexx – Absolut Vodka, Licor 43, Dark Crème de Cacao, Nocello, Housemade Chocolate Syrup, Cream


Desert Smash – Plymouth Gin, Blackberries, Rosemary, Agave, Lime Juice

dsc04509 dsc04512 dsc04511

Cinnamon Apple Pancakes – Apple Butter, Oat Crumble, Brown Sugar Butter

dsc04525 dsc04520

Corned Beef Hash – Corned Beef, Sweet Potatoes, Onions, Poached Eggs, Hollandaise

dsc04517 dsc04518 dsc04526

Gravalax Benedict – Housemade Gravalax, English Muffin, Poached Eggs, Hollandaise, Red Onion, Dill, Crispy Potatoes

dsc04521 dsc04529 dsc04527

Johnny Cakes – Corn, Candied Bacon, Maple Butter, Jalapeno Maple Syrup

dsc04537 dsc04531 dsc04535

Hexxtraordinary Triple Chocolate Sundae – Ecuador, Venezuela and Madagascar Chocolate Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Frozen Grapes, Bananas, Candied Peanuts and Hot Fudge

dsc04544 dsc04545 dsc04552

Cream Cheese Danish

dsc04542 dsc04543 dsc04553

Blueberry Muffin

dsc04547 dsc04548 dsc04549

Chocolate Scone

dsc04540 dsc04541 dsc04551

Blueberry Croissant

dsc04506 dsc04505 dsc04507

Perhaps not as fanciful during scorching-hot summers when even misters and frigid airflow from the inside struggle to cool the fountain-view patio, HeXX Kitchen + Bar seems primed to continue as one of Las Vegas’ most outstanding 24/7 dining options for the foreseeable future, several new items from Chef Matt Piekarski infusing the menu in recent weeks while the desserts crafted by Carol Garcia are being expanded by a new trade program sending HeXX single-origin Chocolates up the street in exchange for goods from Bouchon Bakery.

dsc04497 dsc04538 dsc04498

Always best for brunch, the scene bustling and vibrant with sports showing at the bar and music not-overly-loud above, it was as a trio including one youngster that a shaded four-top was shared overlooking the crowds on Las Vegas Boulevard, the team led by Ari Stotland continuing to operate at high volume with remarkable efficiency.


Remembered by the hostess and led swiftly to a table on arrival, it was not long before water was poured and menus were on hand, the list of Adult Beverages ever extensive with several large-format options that seem particularly outlandish at noontime, the decision to imbibe nonetheless deemed an appropriate one with both The HeXX and Desert Smash sweet but still Spirit-forward, though the latter’s rich fruit component may have been better enjoyed by a Boba straw or slightly finer puree.


Sipping Iced Coffee from Peet’s throughout the meal, a three-course offering of previously untasted items including three that are all-new, fans of Pancakes remain fortunate that although the top-tier Carrot Cake iteration is temporarily retired it has been replaced by an Apple Cinnamon version that finds textural contrast in Oat Crumble set against two styles of housemade Butter, the flavor not overly sweet unless one opts to add Syrup – a similar statement applicable to a stack of Sweet Corn Johnny Cakes topped in HeXX’s Candied Bacon with a piquant sidecar of Syrup infused with Peppers.

dsc04493 dsc04500 dsc04499

Acknowledging that some veer savory where other go sweet, HeXX has now upped their Egg-based dishes by making cured Salmon and Corned Beef on-site, the Gravalax Benny slicked by perfectly poached Yolks joined by crispy Potatoes while the circular stack of Hash was equally well-crafted as finely shredded Sweet Potatoes proved an inspired choice to help offset some of the Salt.


Continuing to grow the dessert menu, but most intrigued by the Sundaes featuring HeXX’s exclusive single-origin flavors crafted by Atlanta-based High Road, it seemed somehow appropriate to choose the Hexxtraordinary Triple Chocolate Sundae “made for sharing with the table,” a 14-scoop Behemoth offering all of the restaurant’s frozen cocoa options, a selection of pastries taken to go delayed for several hours due to a fair bit of overindulgence in the Ice Cream upgraded by way of Frozen Grapes, Bananas, Peanuts and more.


FIVE STARS: Never content to rest on its laurels, the Chocolate program now rolling out Milk options in each origin with more to come as Matt and Matt travel to remote areas for newer farms, HeXX gets less attention than it should for being a place for good food and a great view rooted in the work of passionate people, something one would be challenged to claim for any other 24-hour venue located in a Las Vegas resort.

RECOMMENDED: Johnny Cakes, Corned Beef Hash, Hexxtraordinary Triple Chocolate Sundae, Blueberry Croissant, Desert Smash.

AVOID: Assuming anything less than a party of four Adults should aspire to eat the entire Hexxtraordinary Triple Chocolate Sundae.

TIP: Patio seating is offered on a first-come basis, the average wait for two a two-top approximately 30-minutes to an hour during peak times on weekends.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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