The Griddle Cafe at SLS [2,] Las Vegas NV


The Griddle Café at SLS Las Vegas


Medium Roast Coffee

image145 image144

“Good Ol’ Fashioned” Our original buttermilk recipe, griddle-cooked to perfection!

image134 image133

The Golden Ticket panCAKE Shake – Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Griddled Buttermilk Cake, Giffard Banana Liqueur, Kissed Caramel Vodka, Cinnamon Sugar Vodka, and Whipped Cream Vodka


“Tis The Season” ~ Our “Good Ol’ Fashioned” recipe mixed with our own pumpkin pie filling. Topped with vanilla whipped cream and powdered sugar

image154 image153

“Room Service” ~ Champagne, Chocolate, and Strawberry filled pancakes will fill you with Uncontrollable Love, Desire, and Passion! Topped with powdered sugar and vanilla whipped cream

image152 image151

“Saturday Morning Fever” ~ Live it up with Bailey’s and Kahlúa swirled into our buttermilk batter. Topped with vanilla whipped cream and powdered sugar

image146 image147

“Barry Yellow” ~ Raspberry and lemon folded into our buttermilk batter

image140 image139

“Peanut Bubba” Crunchy French Toast ~ Our “Mom’s French Toast” dipped in a peanut butter crunch, then grilled to perfection. Topped with powdered sugar and vanilla whipped cream

image159 image160

“Addicted to Noisella” Stuffed French Toast ~ Can’t live without chocolaty hazelnut spread, stuffed between a stack of our “Mom’s French Toast!”

image138 image137

“Chocolate Chip Cookie” Crusted French Toast ~ You won’t get caught with your hands in the cookie jar with our Chips Ahoy-covered French toast! Topped with vanilla whipped cream and powdered sugar.


Utterly astounded by the low quality of service offered during my first visit to The Griddle Café at the SLS Las Vegas but vowing to return it was with seven other adults plus one child that I sat down to breakfast on Saturday and while food remain TGC’s strongest draw the service has improved dramatically. Eating in a group of locals and visitors, the later a big group of guys in town for The Olympia, it was largely with intentions of touring the menu that our order was crafted and although a few plates of proteins such as eggs and bacon were ordered the ‘main event’ was five stacks of pancakes and three piles of French Toast served in two rounds – a creamy panCAKE shake lightly tinged with boozy bananas plus plenty of coffee to wash it all down. Obviously an absurd order, better suited to a table nearly twice our size, it was in the fluffy Good Ol’ Fashioned, Peanut Bubba, Chocolate Chip Cookie, and Barry Yellow that we began and with Vermont Maple Syrup gilding many bites both the toasts went quickly, the standard buttermilk flapjacks nearly finished as well. Moving onward with table cleared and more coffee poured as newly announced GM Adam Scholten watched his team work, round two began with the rich Nutella laden bread again a fan favorite, though the piping hot five-pound plate of flavors spot-on for pumpkin pie was quite delicious as well. Finding the Barry Yellow a touch too lemony and not particularly well paired to syrup while Room Service and Saturday Morning Fever both fell victim to “good, but not as good as the rest” verdicts at a table approaching food-coma it should be obvious to anyone that leftovers were abundant and all packed individually with big bags to be carried the bill was paid, a smile on every face as we waddled back to vehicles with no plans to eat until late that evening.


FOUR AND A HALF STARS: Having now found its footing with a service staff that seemed perpetually in motion I’m happy to say that The SLS Griddle Café is now finally showing promise to be as good as its big brother in LA – the lack of “off menu” specials such as the Sweet Fantasy Baby Carrot Cake Pancakes and slow replacement of leaky French presses being resolved by steel replacements the only thing holding them back.

RECOMMENDED: Peanut Bubba, Chocolate Chip Cookie, ‘Tis The Season, Good Ol’ Fashioned.


AVOID: N/A, though those who really want to (ab)use the 100% Maple Syrup may wish to pass on the lemony Barry Yellow and Room Service, a delicious combination harkening chocolate covered strawberries beneath a bitter-sweet top note that really does taste like a bottle of bubbly.

TIP: Seeming to have righted the ship one month in and at this point generating a line of approximately 20-30 minutes for a four-top during breakfast hours those looking to sample more options with a smaller group are advised to go with short or single stacks – the case above was ordered as it was for the sheer audacity of it all.


WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor

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Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres, Las Vegas NV


Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres

image023 image024

Parker House Rolls

image025 image029 image031

Foieffle Air waffles, foie espuma, peanut butter, honey

image032 image034 image035

Foie Gras “Floating Island” Foie gras soup, fresh corn espuma

image040 image041 image043

Morcilla with Uni – Spanish blood sausage, fresh sea urchin


Clover Club – Gin, Raspberries, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup


New York Sour – Rye Whiskey, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Red Wine Float


Wood and Fire – Tequila, Benedictine, Maple Syrup, Angustura


Truffles & Honey – Pear Vodka, Honey, Truffles, Lemon, Bubbles

image048 image051 image052

S’mores Foie Gras, chocolate, marshmallow, graham crackers

image054 image056 image060

Pork-Skin Chicharrón Greek yogurt, za’atar spices


West Coast Oysters – Mignonette, Hot Sauce, fruit vinegar

image067 image069 image071

Beef Carpaccio & Parmesan Grissini – Washugyu beef, espuma, caramelized onion purée

image074 image075 image077

Callos a la Vizcaína – Beef tripe stew with half Maine lobster

image080 image083 image084

Braised Lamb Neck Fried oysters, oyster catsup, fried potatoes


Robuchon – Butter, butter, more butter, some potatoes


Setas al Ajillo – Button mushrooms, garlic, lemon, arbol chile


Catalan Spinach – Apple, pine nuts, shallots, raisins

image094 image097 image098

Spanish-style bone-in rib eye, oak-wood fired from Harris Ranch, CA (4.5lb)

image085image099 image102

Suckling Pig with Ensalada mixta, lettuce, onions, tomatoes


Bazaar Iced Espresso

image117 image120 image123

Dark Chocolate & Aged Rum Cake, Tiramisu Cream Puff, Tahitian Vanilla & Raspberry Cream Puff x2, Praline Inspired by Pierre Herme Caramelized Puff Pastry, Chocolate/Caramel/Sea Salt Caramelized Puff Pastry, Bacon/Strawberries/Cream Caramelized Puff Pastry, Milk Chocolate/Peanut/Caramel Tart


Salted Caramel Ice Cream over Praline Crunch

image012 image020 image022

Self described as a “tapas-style” Steakhouse with an enormous footprint at the recently opened SLS Las Vegas, Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres is perhaps the Spaniard’s most daring concept to date – a sprawling dining room with mismatched furniture and obscure pseudo-taxidermy surrounding a kitchen eschewing any semblance of tradition with simple roast meats and cold shellfish set directly next to high concept tartare, offal, and several plates featuring the chef’s modernist twists. Truly a daunting menu, both in actual size and scope, it was with seven friends that I sat down just moments after 7:00pm and opting for a wide variety of items marched out by a staff that only once failed by forgetting a buddy’s beer I’ll simply say that for such a space, particularly in Las Vegas, the service was superior – a strong credit to GM Yassine Lyoubi who greeted me during the early part of the stay. Perhaps a bit expensive in items listed as starters, snacks, soups, and sandwiches but quick to make up for quantity with quality it was with a few small bites that I began before the rest of my group arrived and with a crispy ‘air waffle’ seemingly made of glass shattering to foamy foie tinged in honey I soon found myself swooning, the aggressively spiced blood sausage topped in creamy urchin that followed an equally restaurant-defining dish. Moving next to things more substantial as I sipped a cocktail of lime, raspberry, and gin it should be abundantly obvious that S’mores laced with creamy duck liver were two-bite bits of decadence but far more surprising was the crispy pigskin, a nearly 2×2 foot sheet cracked at the table with a mallet to be dipped in Greek yogurt heavily spiced in sumac and thyme. Moving next to a dozen fresh oysters as more drinks arrived with another “wow” moment delivered by warm cheese-sticks draped in thinly sliced beef that may have represented the meal’s best bite. Onward we went, to a bowl of tripe that quickly silenced skeptics at the table with snappy lobster juxtaposing soft stomach and then to braised lamb neck paired to fried oysters that drew a similar stunned response, and with both dishes quickly finished serving platters arrived – a trio of sides including “life affirming” potatoes a la Robuchon presented alongside four pounds of steak and 1/4 suckling pig with skin that crackled to the tooth. Felt by some to be ‘underseasoned,’ but particularly impressive from my perspective for allowing the meat’s natural flavors to shine, it was only after polishing off nearly every ounce of the scraps that we ended in espresso and dessert – the later a bit of an afterthought considering the pricetag, though the Chocolate and Aged Rum Cake and Pierre Herme inspired pastry are certainly worth the splurge.

image004image007 image008

THREE AND A HALF STARS: Undoubtedly one of the year’s splashiest openings, only time will tell whether Bazaar Meat can maintain its early momentum but with an innovative menu and service that shines it already represents one of the best “Steakhouses” in Sin City, the 25+ percent price hike on nearly every item stemming from a Las Vegas Boulevard location aside.

image045 image046image017

RECOMMENDED: Beef Carpaccio, Lamb Neck, Uni and Morcilla, Chicharrón, Potatoes, Praline Pastry.

image016  image018 image009

AVOID: Bang for the buck on S’mores, Foieffle, and Quarter Sucking Pig are questionable, though all were excellent, while the “floating island” is just over a single, dull mouthful for $8 and the spinach side dish was exceedingly bland. Speaking to dessert, save for the tiny $7 Caramelized Pastry and $8 Rum Cake none of it was any better than the sweets at Bacchanal Buffet and as such another cost versus quality conundrum.


TIP: Featuring no less than 250 seats yet booked to capacity on a Friday night diners are well advised to make reservations or be prepared to wait, the far more limited menu at the bar not a ‘bad’ option, but very much focused on items carrying a hefty upcharge for a few small bites.

image015 image010 image011

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor

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Pot Liquor CAS, Las Vegas NV


Pot Liquor CAS

DSC02410 DSC02411

Pork Belly with Country Grits

DSC02417 DSC02420

Slow Smoked, Hand Sliced Texas Style Brisket, Louisiana Hot Links, Spicy ‘Cue, Sweet ‘Cue

DSC02413 DSC02415

“Spare Me Baby” – Dry Rubbed Spareribs, Mopped Baby Back Ribs, Cornbread with Honey Butter, Mac n’ Cheese

DSC02421 DSC02422

Brownie Bread Pudding – Bourbon Glaze, Sea Salt Vanilla Gelato

DSC02424 DSC02428

Strawberry Shortcake Sandwiches – Pound Cake, Strawberry Cream Gelato

DSC02407 DSC02408

Occupying a large space at Town Square and still in ‘soft opening’ stages it was nearly 9pm when myself and two friends arrived at Pot Liquor Contemporary American Smokehouse and although the hip-hop soundtrack trends a bit too loud while service is still green as well as a bit off-kilter I’m happy to say that nearly everything we tasted was quite excellent, a wide variety of barbeque styles represented with sauces and rubs drawing influence from Alabama and the Carolinas to the Lonestar State and even Kansas City. Described by director of development Flip Arbelaez as a ‘fusion’ of styles, both in food and décor, with design concepts ranging from reclaimed barn wood and mason jar chandeliers to a slick marble bar at the restaurant center the majority of our meal at Pot Liquor CAS was paired to sounds far more ‘urban’ than Southern but looking squarely at the ‘cue from a tightly regulated indoor smoker burning a blend of woods low-and-slow at 250°F there was nothing at all to suggest the cuisine to be that of some city-slicker. Unfortunately sold out of the pulled pork given our late hour of arrival and additionally limited on desserts which, save for a few, are not yet available it was with a focus on the remaining variety of smoked meats that our order was crafted and with our server literally cheering us on in phrases like “yeah, I like that” or “that’s totally what I’d do” it was not long before our order arrived, a single appetizer of crisp but under-seasoned pork belly over buttery ground corn plus a large pair of plates featuring more than enough meat and sides to be shared. Beginning first with tender sliced beef featuring a substantial waft of smoke but otherwise seasoned in only salt and pepper I’m confident in saying that Pot Liquor already offers the best brisket in Sin City and moving onward to snappy house-made hot links that paired beautifully with the mayonnaise and horseradish white sauce I was again impressed, the somewhat dry spare ribs a small step in the wrong direction though falling-from-the-bone baby backs were a return to form and easily on par with Rollin’ Smoke, though commanding nearly twice the price even without accounting for the AYCE option at the longstanding Vegas favorite. A bit underwhelmed by sides, particularly the skimpy portion of cornbread that commands a $5.95 menu price, it was in a duo of the three available desserts that we rounded out the night and with each option carrying a $6 pricetag the brownie-beneath-a-croissant style bread pudding proved unquestionably a must order, the nearly molten chocolate base well suited to blend nicely with slowly melting ice cream rife in vanilla amidst ample amounts of butter.


THREE AND A HALF STARS: Clearly more corporate than the traditional Southern Smokehouse yet innovative in their scientific approach to barbeque with a controlled temperature in-house smoker it will be interesting to see just how Las Vegans respond to Pot Liquor CAS, the high tariff likely to turn some away in a city where good barbeque is sorely underrepresented and many seem satisfied by the swill being turned out by Famous Dave’s at less than half the price. With everything made in-house including brines, bacon, hot links, and a wide array of sauces it should go without saying that these guys are dedicated to what they do and with a high likelihood to only improve with time and customer feedback I look forward to a return visit sometime before year’s end – hopefully to find the ‘cue consistent, if not bettered by a well seasoned smoker, with sides and the music turned down…or at least tuned to something more befitting the sort of cuisine being served.


RECOMMENDED: Hand Sliced Brisket, Baby Back Ribs, Brownie Bread Pudding. The Alabama White Sauce and Pot Liquor’s Sweet Barbecue Sauce were also excellent.

DSC02434 DSC02435

AVOID: Cornbread is small, though quite moist even before adding the honey butter while mac n’ cheese was decent, if not particularly memorable. As noted above, Pork Belly was sorely lacking in seasoning or salinity and all told I’d have rather received a portion of grits in a mac n’ cheese sized bowl and let the kitchen keep the pig.


TIP: Currently in soft-opening mode some of the items listed on the menu are not yet available but with the culinary team and ownership all present, accounted for, and eager to inquire about the customer experience I’d advise all but those most curious to hold out for the October Grand Opening – this is a place I expect will only improve as they learn the nuances of the smoker and their customer base, the potential for something that is already ‘good’ to become a new reference standard is exciting to say the least.

DSC02429 DSC02430

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor


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Japanese Cuisine by Omae, Las Vegas NV


Japanese Cuisine by Omae




Sakizuke – Ikura and Mushrooms with Grated Daikon, Ponzu Sauce


Zensai – Amaebi Tartar, Celeriac Puree, Tomato Sorbet, Shrimp Chips

DSC02354 DSC02358

Mushimono – Steamed Scallop, Mozzarella, Grated Turnip, Golden Brown Sauce

DSC02364 DSC02361

Sashimi – Salmon, Horse Mackerel, Red Snapper, Scallop from the Tsukiji Fish Market with Japanese Plum, ginger, wasabi


Sumiyaki – Charcoal Grilled Cod with Truffle Soy Sauce over Rice


Teppan – Grilled Wagyu Steak with Roasted Onion and Wasabi Mashed Potatoes with Shallot Soy Sauce

DSC02381 DSC02377

A5 Kobe Upgrade +$80

DSC02387 DSC02388

Cold Drip Coffee

DSC02391 DSC02392

Dessert – Greet Tea Tiramisu, Mochi Coated Strawberry, Assorted Berries, Yuzu Cream Spoon, Vanilla Cream Puff, Passion Fruit Gelee


Toqued by Takeshi Omae, a man bestowed stars from Michelin in Japan and one with plans to expand his culinary concepts stateside, Japanese Cuisine by Omae originally launched at 3650 South Decatur a few months back and with early praise lavished on the $20 lunch it was finally in September that the twelve seat space debuted its true vision, a $100 Omakase to which myself and four friends sat down on Saturday night. Intimate in size with a pair of four-tops and a duo of two seaters set beneath subdued chrome lights in hushed dining area decorated with kimono and koi it was just moments before our 5:30 reservation that our group settled in and with beverage service currently limited to non-alcoholic options green tea and sparkling water ordered, our one-man service team keeping cups brimming throughout our seven-course experience while presenting each dish in great detail. Measured in pace with portions trending small as the two-man kitchen turned out edible works of art without a single detail overlooked it was with a textbook bite of delicate tempura set next to briny baubles of salmon roe that our meal began and progressing next to dishes melding sweet shrimp with tomato sorbet and briny to soft mozzarella the team’s creativity took the spotlight early, a large bowl of elegantly plated, though unfortunately common, sashimi selections reigning things in before moving to plates more substantial. To this point impressed, though not particularly ‘wowed’ by any single course, it was finally the Sumiyaki that saw all five of us swoon as umami-rich rice provided a crispy juxtaposition to flaky fish and finishing up with reference standard beef, simply prepared with a light kiss from the grill, alongside aromatic mashed potatoes preceding a board of small, elegant desserts plus Japanese 6-hour drip coffee the evening ended strong, no one particularly full but everyone discussing how Las Vegas needs more restaurants of this kind.


FOUR STARS: Undeniably a dining ‘experience’ as opposed to a simple meal it will be interesting to see how well Omae fares in its current format, the pricetag apparently prone to an increase of $50 at the end of the month. Oddly located, though really no more-so than Raku or Kabuto, and easily on par with the skill-set of any Strip-based omakase while proving quite capable of sourcing premium ingredients including A5 Kobe direct from Japan the longevity of Omae will be dependent, largely, on the support of locals and in a city where the ‘next big thing’ is never more than a week away I truly hope the restaurant finds it audience early on and word of mouth spreads quickly, though I must say even the current pricepoint makes me leery.


RECOMMENDED: The tasting menu is your only choice, though supplements will reportedly vary depending on season and sourcing.


AVOID: For myself, the difference between well sourced Wagyu and the perfectly marbled A5 Kobe did not justify the $80 surcharge, though the difference was notable from the bite I was offered by a tablemate.


TIP: Open for two seatings, one at 5:30 and another at 8:00, reservations are most easily made online through the restaurant’s website and confirmed via text-messaging system that alerts you of the event on the day of. Also, with liquor license pending, Omae is currently non-alcoholic.


DISCLOSURE: Obviously hands-on in all aspects of his business Shinchiro Tanaka contacted me via e-mail prior to our meal and stated he wanted to ‘comp two of the five covers,’ an offer I kindly rejected until the Chef insisted he would have it no other way. Still uncertain as to why this was offered, though the obvious possibilities have been considered, in no other way was our meal any different from that of the surrounding tables.


WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor


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TC’s Rib Crib, Las Vegas NV


TC’s Rib Crib

DSC02309 DSC02310

Sliced Brisket, Pulled Pork, Spare Ribs, Cornbread


Spare Rib Close-Up

DSC02306 DSC02308

Mac n’ Cheese

DSC02316 DSC02317

Sweet Potato Fries

DSC02319 DSC02321


DSC02312 DSC02313

“New Orleans” French Toast with Sliced Bananas

DSC02323 DSC02325

Banana Pudding

DSC02329 DSC02330

Red Velvet Cake

DSC02331 DSC02334



Located near Norm’s Eggs Café in a strip mall off South Durango and featuring “World Famous” ribs with awards in 2007 and 2010 for the city’s best barbeque it was with tempered expectations that I entered TC’s Rib Crib and although I will say the Motown soundtrack and service were quite pleasant as I watched the Buckeyes obliterate Kent State, little else of my experience was even remotely good – a small, buttery biscuit and a jumbo praline the lone exception. Obviously the sort of place willing to cut corners as condiments include Aunt Jemima and ‘honey’ cut with glucose syrup and starch it was in a wide selection of meats, sides, and sweets that I invested and although costs were quite low for most items, so too was the quality – the ribs clearly parboiled without a note of smoke while thinly sliced brisket and pulled pork were nearly indistinguishable beneath artificially saccharine sauce. Mostly ignoring bland elbow noodles from which I consumed only a few bites and fries that arrived almost at meal’s end as well as the $4.50 French Toast was flat and flavorless even with the $1.50 banana and whipped cream upgrade…the latter not supplied as they were apparently ‘out’…and moving on to dessert, suffice it to say that the boxed vanilla pudding with only a hint of banana beneath ‘nilla wafers is not worth $5.99 and although the frosting on a tiny sliver of red velvet cake was tangy and smooth the cake was so dry it literally crumbled to fork pressure – the majority of it joining nearly half the rest of my order in a waste basket when servers were otherwise occupied so as not to offend.


ONE AND A HALF STARS: Literally the only patron present just past noon on a Saturday it is shocking to me that a business like TC’s can sustain and as much as I try to support locals I cannot fathom a reason to return, particularly given a pricepoint higher than Rollin’ Smoke despite quality on par with Famous Dave’s.

RECOMMENDED: Biscuit, Praline…maybe the ribs, though the taste more closely resembles slow cooker than barbeque.


AVOID: Everything else I ordered, particularly the pulled pork, red velvet cake, and absurdly priced banana pudding.


TIP: Offering a $20 certificate for $10 on Yelp! the cost was slightly less appalling after the discount, but even then entirely not worth it – not when $25 will net you all the quality ‘cue you can eat up at Rollin’ Smoke.


WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor

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Mr. Mama’s, Las Vegas NV


Mr. Mama’s

DSC02280 DSC02286

Buttermilk Biscuit

DSC02284 DSC02285

Jumbo Cinnamon Roll

DSC02292 DSC02295

Double Chocolate Chip Pancakes

DSC02289 DSC02275

Two Eggs and Bottomless Coffee Served with Pancakes (Daily Special)


Single Serving of French Toast


One of the longest standing members on my breakfast ‘to-do’ list and a place to which I’d purchased a $20 discounted gift-certificate some six months prior it was finally on Saturday that I drove down to Mr. Mama’s and although the small breakfast and lunch spot is unlikely to win any awards for innovation it can only be said that this truly is a place committed to putting a smile on each patron’s face. Undoubtedly a locals institution in which nearly every other customer was a regular with orders frequently anticipated by staff it was just past 7:15 that I was invited to seat myself and with no less than three servers offering to get me coffee as I perused the menu it became immediately apparent as to why the restaurant was filled to capacity by eight o’clock. Focused mostly on diner staples with a whiteboard of specials just left of entry while prices trend far lower than almost anywhere else in the 702 my meal began with Mr. Mama’s oft-raved $3.50 cinnamon roll and with a soft, yeasty base rife with cinnamon and butter beneath sweet frosting the hype proved justified, a smallish biscuit proving less worthy its $2.75 tab, though still quite good. Preceding next to plates more hearty it was with a thin slice of French Toast that my meal moved on and opting this time to bring my own maple syrup from home the result was improved, though still nothing to write home about, particularly when compared to fluffy flapjacks studded with dark and white chocolate, a daily special matched with two eggs and at least six cups of coffee for less than $9.


THREE STARS: Likely generating its fan base more through low prices and friendly service rather than by location or particularly excellent food I cannot say I’ll be rushing back to Mr. Mama’s soon, but for locals on a budget or those with little one’s looking for a good breakfast at a great price the restaurant definitely fills a niche – the open-kitchen of blazing-fast line cooks and televisions tuned to college football providing a bit of entertainment for those interested in such things, as well.


RECOMMENDED: Cinnamon Roll, Pancakes.


AVOID: French Toast and arriving after 8:30am on weekends.


TIP: Currently offering $20 gift certificates for $15 through Yelp! (and previously as low as $10 for the same) savvy customers are advised to take advantage, though for solo diners such as myself one may be hard pressed to spend the whole amount, my whole meal ringing up for a mere $16.25 after tax.


WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor

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Bottlefork, Chicago IL

014 - Bottlefork (2)


7jh 014 - Bottlefork (6)

Bag of Crisps and Eggs – Malt Vinegar Powder and Sea Salt

014 - Bottlefork (14) 014 - Bottlefork (11)

Popcorn Sweetbreads – Calabrian Chili Aioli

014 - Bottlefork (17) 014 - Bottlefork (15)

Beef Cheek Poutine – Lemmenec Fries, Wisconsin Curds

014 - Bottlefork (19) 014 - Bottlefork (31)

Rich Man Po-Boy – Lobster, Foie Gras, Crispy Oysters

014 - Bottlefork (21)

Creamy Kale with Duck Egg and Wild Boar Bacon

014 - Bottlefork (25) 014 - Bottlefork (24)

Fish n’ Chips – Lager Battered Cod, Malt Vinegar Crisps, Slaw

014 - Bottlefork (23)014 - Bottlefork (32)

Smoked Corned Beef Brisket Sandwich – Horseradish Coleslaw and White Cheddar

7769 014 - Bottlefork (26)

Tots – Pimento Cheese Sauce

014 - Bottlefork (35) 014 - Bottlefork (34)

Pretzel Caramel + Chocolate Fudge + Buffalo Sweat Stout Sundae / Bourbon Peach + Michigan Blueberry + Candied Pecan Sundae / Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler

014 - Bottlefork (3)

Humbled by the heat and humidity combined with late nights and substantial dining since arriving in Chicago on Saturday it was with scaled back plans that Labor Day arrived and opting to sleep in before hitting the gym I was admittedly quite famished as we approached Bottklefork, the long and narrow River North restaurant toqued by former Allium Chef Kevin Hickey. Designed in the hip, gastropub style all too familiar to folks interested in dining out these days and owned by the men behind hotspots Rockit and Sunda it was just past noon when our trio was seated in a plush booth and quickly greeted by a charming server who kept beverages brimming throughout our meal a three-course, eleven plate order unfolded – the tableside-shaken chips with a runny egg offered gratis to those using their smartphone to check-in. Perhaps more full than usual as many restaurants in the area were closed for the holiday it was apparent early on that the open kitchen was teeming with activity and as appetizers arrived no more than ten minutes after ordering both the spicy sweetbreads and upscale poutine were exemplary, the later featuring double cooked fries more than capable of holding up to thick gravy and squeaky, fresh curds. Unfortunately a bit more limited at lunch than with the substantial dinner menu it was in a trifecta of sandwiches along with two sides that the meal progressed and although the gussied-up Po-Boy was somewhat undersized for the price it was none the less delicious, a similar compliment befitting the substantial fried cod and equally enormous smoky seasoned beef. Further impressed by large, tender tots and kale that tasted akin to a soft-set quiche it was with a trio of desserts that our visit to 441 North Clark Street culminated and although the beer-head foam on our first sundae was not an ideal first bite, once it was mixed in the malt and hops provided an impressive contrast to flavors both salty and sweet, the bourbon similarly gilding the second goblet with an oaky finish while ‘hot and gooey’ cobbler arrived bubbly, sweet, and simply delicious.

014 - Bottlefork (5)

RECOMMENDED Beef Cheek Poutine, Fish n’ Chips, Bag of Crisps, Seasonal Sundaes.

014 - Bottlefork (4)

AVOID: Tasty but tiny and clearly commanding a premium for ‘exotic’ ingredients I’m glad to have tasted the Po-Boy, though I admittedly wouldn’t order it again.

014 - Bottlefork (9)

TIP: Offering a $10 coupon to those signing up online for the restaurant group’s newsletter along with a free bag of crisps for Yelp! Check-in those with a smartphone are behooved to come prepared.

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Dusek’s, Chicago IL

013 - Dusek's (1)


013 - Dusek's (10) 013 - Dusek's (11)

Gemuse Gimlet – Death’s Door Gin, Fresh Line Sour, Ginger, Celery, Hefeweisen

24 013 - Dusek's (9)

General Tso’s Sweetbreads – wood roasted shishito peppers, pickled daikon, pea tendril

013 - Dusek's (13)

Warm Brandade – pickled red melrose, charred cippollini relish, beef fat chips

013 - Dusek's (15)

Roasted Blue Crab Dip – artichoke relish, housemade pain d’epi

013 - Dusek's (17) 42

Stuffed Pretzel – beer cheese

013 - Dusek's (19) 013 - Dusek's (22)

Choucroute – duck confit, house garlic sausage, fresh bacon, confit red potatoes, sauerkraut, caraway pickled apple

013 - Dusek's (23)

Iced Coffee

013 - Dusek's (24) 013 - Dusek's (25)

Cookie Dough – fernet chocolate chips, egg custard ice cream, mint, chocolate cremeux, cookie powder

013 - Dusek's (26) 013 - Dusek's (27)

Fruit Loop Donut – lemongrass buttermilk sorbet, guava puree, lychee, freeze dried strawberry and grapefruit powder, coconut

013 - Dusek's (29) 013 - Dusek's (31)

Chocolate sourdough pudding – strawberry water gelee, strawberry air, gingersnap, chocolate syrup, fried strawberry, orange blossom gelato

013 - Dusek's (32)

Moscato d’Asti D.O.C.G

013 - Dusek's (3)

Originally slotted as a late night Saturday stop for four only to be replaced last minute by a trip to The Promontory it was perhaps fate that led me and a friend to our seat at Dusek’s on Sunday night, the “Sunday Noodles” menu at Takashi not particularly interesting when we’d originally planned to partake in some of the chef’s more esoteric options that are apparently only offered on other nights of the week. Located in Pilsen and accessed best by Uber it was just after 6:45 that my buddy and I crossed the threshold of the reinvented space and quickly seated at a charming two-top near the windows farthest from the noise it would not be long before our server stopped by, the beercentric menu of mostly sharable plates described at great lengths with a resultant 8 plate order plus a trio of beverages coursed out just as requested, the timing and presentation of all but one item on par with that of Michelin Starred restaurants despite the otherwise relaxed atmosphere. Truly a restaurant where adventurous palates are rewarded for their efforts it was with a sizeable plate strewn with three spicy sweetbreads that our meal began and with the offal impeccably tender beneath crispy coating we subsequently rolled into a duo of spreads, the potato and salt cod composition a reference standard with housemade crisps while the cheesy crab found levity in tender artichokes that worked nicely with whole wheat bread. Admittedly a bit underwhelmed by a pretzel that I felt could use a bit more salt our savories soon culminated with a large plate of mixed meats and utilizing the combination of ‘kraut and pickled apple to cleanse the palate between bites one would be hard pressed to select a ‘best’ amongst the three – a similar circumstance arising amongst the trio of desserts where only the fact that we were not informed that the lychee was still ‘shell-on’ prevented everything from being perfect, a single bitter bite rectified by striking the “froot loop donut” from our bill and sweetening the deal with free glasses of Moscato to pair with two puddings that no one should miss, the ‘cookie dough’ particularly enthralling with textures galore and the fernet chips melding beautifully with the mint and egg custard into a sort of coffee-tinged note than lingered on the palate for nearly the whole ride home.

013 - Dusek's (4)

RECOMMENDED: Brandade, Blue Crab Dip, Choucroute, Cookie Dough, Chococolate Sourdough Pudding.

013 - Dusek's (34)

AVOID: The Stuffed Pretzel was simply okay while everything else shined.

013 - Dusek's (33)

TIP: Offering up brunch on the weekend with several of the menu items also available in the hopping Punch House downstairs Dusek’s is a reason in and of itself to trek down to Pilsen, the general lack of CTA service be damned – with prices this low for food this good even those who dislike paying for transportation as much as myself can justify a Lyft, Uber, or cab to check the place out.

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Waffles Cafe, Chicago IL

012 - Waffles (1)

Waffles Café

61 012 - Waffles (9)

Birthday Cake Wonut / Lemon Blueberry Wonut/ Mexican Chocolate Wonut

012 - Waffles (10) 012 - Waffles (13)

Pound Cake French Toast with Balsamic Berries

012 - Waffles (2)

In search of something sweet after our disappointing lunch at Yum Cha it was to trendy hybrid food that we turned and walking from Millennium Park to Ohio Street in just under fifteen minutes our arrival at Waffles Café found the small store empty, a pile “wonuts” lying in wait alongside a menu of items both sweet and savory. Long, narrow, and clearly redesigned from whatever once stood in its place with tables doubling as chalkboards for youngsters and those young at heart it was too off-kilter service that we were greeted and after being grumbled at for filling my own glass with ice and water an order was placed, a trio of pastries arriving moments later while the kitchen readied our menu selection, a twenty-five minute process that made me wonder exactly how the restaurant would keep pace if it were actually busy. Beginning first with a deep fried white waffle lacquered in overly sweet glaze and a dollop of sprinkled frosting suffice it to say that our first bites of the restaurant’s signature item were not only underwhelming but far too oily and progressing onward to a Lemon-Blueberry variant sorely lacking in citrus the theme continued, only the chocolate topped option studded with cinnamon even remotely memorable and still nowhere near as good as many of Chicago’s donuts or waffles. Again turning our attention to newly decorated table while beverage refills languished it was after the aforementioned delay that three slices of ‘pound cake’ French Toast arrived and ignoring the generally unattractive plating I’ll simply say “at least it was better than the wonuts,” as crumbly bits of cake lightly tossed with custard served as a pleasant backdrop to mushy strawberries that very well may have been frozen plus a drizzle of balsamic that helped remedy a spritz of Rediwhip that I’d have refused if it had been listed in the item’s description.

012 - Waffles (3)

RECOMMENDED: If you must, the Mexican Hot Chocolate Wonut should satisfy your curiosity.

AVOID: Buying the hype of the Wonut, in general.

012 - Waffles (4)

TIP: Apparently one of two Waffles Cafes I’ve been told that the Wonut is better at the Lakeview location but suffice it to say I would neither make nor recommend the trek to find out.

Waffles Cafe / On The Bun on Urbanspoon

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Yum Cha Dim Sum Parlor, Chicago IL

011 - Yum Cha (2)

Yum Cha

011 - Yum Cha (7)

Chili Oil, Spicy Mustard, Hoisin

85122 011 - Yum Cha (10)

Crab ‘Rangoon’

011 - Yum Cha (13)

Har Gow

011 - Yum Cha (15) 011 - Yum Cha (21)

Foie Gras Egg Custard Tarts

515 011 - Yum Cha (20)

Xiao Long Bao

011 - Yum Cha (22) 011 - Yum Cha (25)

BBQ Pork Buns

011 - Yum Cha (29) 011 - Yum Cha (31)

Creamy Chicken Bun

011 - Yum Cha (27) 841

Egg Yolk Fried Sweet Potatoes

011 - Yum Cha (36) 51

Fried Taro and Pork

011 - Yum Cha (33) 011 - Yum Cha (35)

Peking Duck with Truffled Gravy

011 - Yum Cha (39) 011 - Yum Cha (41)

Walnut Prawns

011 - Yum Cha (42) 011 - Yum Cha (45)

Yum-Cha Pressed Duck with Mushroom Gravy

011 - Yum Cha (4) 011 - Yum Cha (5)

Said by some to be the best dim sum found in The Windy City while others suggest the slick space just steps from Millennium Park to simply represent an location-based money grab it was with great curiosity that I sat down with family for Sunday lunch at Yum Cha, the eleven dishes we tasted a decidedly mixed bag where unexpected items shined while personal favorites universally fell flat. Admittedly well designed with menu-based orders replacing more traditional carts it was none-the-less to sub-par service that we were treated throughout our ninety minute stay and with forgotten plates plus often-empty water proving the rule rather than the exception the food came in fits and starts, an opening volley of creamy crab in a fried egg-roll wrapper bowl amongst the best plates of the afternoon while Har Gow, XLB, plus a duo of baked buns were mostly par for the course. Largely underwhelmed by the $13 trio of tiny egg custards topped with an undetectable sliver of foie gras but thoroughly impressed by tender fries coated in lightly sweetened egg-yolk it was onward to larger plates that we progressed and although pricy walnut prawns did indeed set a new benchmark the peking duck was a flavorless disaster, the confit filled version pressed into fried taro faring far better but still not something I’d order again as the coating itself was quite thick and thus too starchy, particularly when compared to the far more delicate fried pork and taro dim sum that had proceeded it.

011 - Yum Cha (6)

RECOMMENDED: Crab ‘Rangoon,” Creamy Chicken Buns, Egg Yolk Fried Sweet Potatoes, Walnut Prawns

011 - Yum Cha (46) 011 - Yum Cha (47)

AVOID: Foie Gras Egg Custard Tarts and Peking Duck with Truffled Gravy – both under-portioned, under-flavored, and overpriced for ‘exotic’ ingredients that added nothing to the plate.

011 - Yum Cha (49)

TIP: Yelp users can “check-in” for a free item of the chef’s choice, in our case the BBQ pork buns which were quite smoky and, thankfully, none too sweet.


Yum Cha Dim Sum Parlor on Urbanspoon

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Nico Osteria, Chicago IL

010 - Nico (2)

Nico Osteria

010 - Nico (7) 010 - Nico (11)

Blueberry Coffee Cake, Kouign Amann, Strawberry Cream Cheese Roll

010 - Nico (13) 010 - Nico (15)

Ricotta Bomboloni with Fior de latte, Vanilla Infused Honey, Fresh Preserves

010 - Nico (26) 010 - Nico (29)

Oven Baked Pancake with Raspberries, Pistachios, Fior di latte, Burton’s Maple Syrup

010 - Nico (22) 010 - Nico (24)

Porchetta Autostrada Sandwich with Roasted Purple Potatoes– Marinated Eggplant, Basil Aioli, Pickled Red Onion

010 - Nico (19) 010 - Nico (21)

Spaghetti Carbonara – Bacon, Egg Yolk, Bottarga

010 - Nico (17) 15234

Trippa Alla Romana – Chickpeas, Kale, Tomato

010 - Nico (30) 010 - Nico (32)

Savory Polenta with Parmesan

010 - Nico (42) 010 - Nico (44)

Nico Torte – Lemon, Blueberry, Ginger, Citrus Poppyseed Gelato

010 - Nico (47) 351

Chocolate Financier – Mission Fig, Coffee, Buttermilk, Hazelnut Chocolate

010 - Nico (34)

Owned by Paul Kahan with offerings of breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus a weekend only brunch it was admittedly a difficult decision to decide exactly ‘when’ to visit Nico Osteria during my seven days in Chicago but largely underwhelmed by crudo or seemingly simple Italian preparations of fish at celebrated spots such as New York’s Marea in the past it was eventually in brunch that my sister, her fiancée, and I invested, the resultant $150 nine-plate tasting proving one of the best brunches in recent memory amidst the confines of a restaurant so well designed that one would hardly guess there was a boutique hotel upstairs. Truly a remarkable space, and well one suited to lingering over drinks or coffee, it was just after 9:30am that we arrived at the entryway podium and quickly seated by a gregarious hostess it would not be long before coffee and water were both filled, our server proving quite friendly though admittedly not exceedingly knowledgeable regarding newer offerings on a menu that changes from week-to-week. Featuring items both raw and cooked with sections inclusive of breakfast, lunch, pasta, pastry, and even offal it was only after several questions that our meal was crafted and requesting that plates be coursed out in three rounds everything from there on would progress smoothly, an opening volley of a three a la carte pastries and a quartet of doughnuts proving quite well crafted, though the later were a bit dull without the addition of the accoutrements including house made fior di latte and locally sourced honey. Sat beside a table clearly partaking in some hair of the dog to follow the previous night’s festivities it was perhaps thirty minutes after the first crackle of kouign amann that entrees arrived and opting for a quintet of plates inclusive of one side only the small plate of oil-soaked polenta would disappoint, the yolky pasta al dente and silky smooth with brine from both bacon and bottarga while spicy tripe was textbook tender and the skillet pancake ate more like a pistachio financier prepared as spoonbread…a good thing to say the least. Admittedly sated after these courses plus earlier doughnuts from Stan’s but unable to resist Amanda Rockman’s well regarded desserts it was with one more duo that our visit to The Thompson Hotel dining room came to a close and as good as the financier teaming with dark chocolate was it simply couldn’t compare to the “Nico Torte,” a dead ringer for Rockman’s Basque Cake that put her on the culinary map at Bristol and still one of the city’s very best desserts.

010 - Nico (37)

RECOMMENDED: Oven Baked Pancake, Nico Torte, Trippa Alla Romana, Spaghetti Carbonara.

010 - Nico (51)

AVOID: Savory Polenta was far too oily and Bombolini were rather dull without toppings.

010 - Nico (35)010 - Nico (50)

TIP: Offering brunch from 9a until 3p on weekends complete with the same dessert menu offered at night those not particularly keen on the limited lunch selections or fish heavy dinner are likely to find a laid back brunch at Nico to be a ‘best of both worlds’ situation. Certainly not cheap but at the same time not overpriced considering the quality of the experience I only wish more restaurants were willing to offer such diversity during a meal often fraught with tedious egg dishes or gimmicks like Bloody Mary bars or bottomless mimosas.

010 - Nico (36)010 - Nico (1)

010 - Nico (4)

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Stan’s Donuts & Coffee, Chicago IL

009 - Stan's (2)

Stan’s Donuts & Coffee

5361 009 - Stan's (30)

Biscoff Pocket

009 - Stan's (21) 009 - Stan's (25)

Nutella Pocket

009 - Stan's (11)009 - Stan's (16)

Blueberry Old Fashioned

009 - Stan's (19) 009 - Stan's (20)

Apple Fritter

009 - Stan's (12) 009 - Stan's (15)

Pretzel Twist

009 - Stan's (32) 009 - Stan's (34)

Maple Caramel Pecan Bacon Bar

009 - Stan's (9) 009 - Stan's (10)

Imported from Los Angeles and all dressed up for a Chicago debut on Damen my early morning stop at Stan’s Donuts after a thirteen mile run was assured on entry to be a decadent one but having already experienced the tiny Angeleno original with mixed results nothing could have prepared me for just how good the Windy City storefront would be, each of my half-dozen selections proving nothing short of delicious while friendly service smoothly assisted a trickle of traffic that never seemed to stop rolling through the door. Artfully designed with large windows facing the street and a small seating area to the right of a counter and kitchen where doughnuts are fried fresh to restock supplies nearly fourteen hours each day it was with one eye towards indulgence but the other on an upcoming brunch that I perused the days options and eventually settling on an even half dozen my pastries were soon boxed to the tune of $14 after tax and tip, all but the two filled options still warm with the fritter still too hot to handle without a napkin. Beginning first with a yeasty raised twist beneath a shiny lacquer tinged with cinnamon and then progressing to the reference standard ring of blueberries amidst savory cake infused with buttermilk it was with high hopes that I moved along to the aforementioned fritter and with crispy edges plus loads of apples it seemed as though things couldn’t possibly get better – an assumption that would soon be proved wrong by the cookie-butter filled pocket and a sweet-meets-savory buttermilk bar that somehow managed to remain balanced despite a quartet of toppings including briny bacon that came across up front only to dissipate in smoky notes of pecan and surprisingly natural tasting flavors of maple syrup on the finish.


RECOMMENDED: Maple Caramel Pecan Bacon Bar, Biscoff Pocket, Apple Fritter, Blueberry Old Fashioned.

009 - Stan's (7)

AVOID: Certainly not bad but extremely heavy with at least two full tablespoons of hazelnut spread inside the additionally topped pocket suffice it to say that the Nutella Pocket is an item best shared…or at least not ordered along with five other items.

009 - Stan's (3)

TIP: Located just steps from the CTA Blue Line I’ve heard many rumors that lines at Stan’s often extend past thirty minutes around 7:00am on weekdays and even longer at 9:00am on weekends so those in a hurry should plan accordingly or be ready to settle for the consolation prize of a Glazed & Infused window directly across the street.

009 - Stan's (1)

009 - Stan's (14)

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The Promontory, Chicago IL

008 - Promontory (3)

The Promontory

008 - Promontory (9)

Thursdays on 53rd – Leatherbee Gin, Market Berry Meritage, Lemon, Aromatic Bitters

008 - Promontory (39)

Iced Americano

008 - Promontory (10)

HOUSE CHARCUTERIE BOARD – pork pate, foie gras wild mushroom terrine, serrano, rillette, mostarda

008 - Promontory (23) 008 - Promontory (21)

GRILLED LAMB BURGER – preserved tomato relish, pickled red onion, smoked feta, black olive tapenade, chickpea fries, olive challah

6510 008 - Promontory (24)

BRAISED PORK & FRIED CLAM PO BOY – fermented cabbage slaw, BBQ remoulade, french fries

008 - Promontory (15) 008 - Promontory (13)

QUAIL ON A STRING – asparagus, sunny side quail egg, quail liver mousse, pickled beech mushrooms, vanilla orange gastrique

008 - Promontory (37) 008 - Promontory (33)

KENTUCKY BURGOO – pork collar, quail, house made rabbit sausage, haricot vert, hominy, charred corn, stewed tomato broth

008 - Promontory (16) 008 - Promontory (19)

KALBI SHORT RIB – blistered shishito peppers, cashew, scallion

008 - Promontory (31)

SPICED SLAGEL FAMILY FARM PORK RIBS – Spicy Shrimp, Braised Greens, Scallion Crepe, Eggplant Puree, Moroccan BBQ Sauce

jhb 008 - Promontory (45)

BANNA PUDDING – Honey & summer truffle flan, banana & creme fraiche ice cream torchon, nilla wafer, caramelized banana purée, coconut milk

008 - Promontory (51) 008 - Promontory (50)

S’MORE SOUFFLÉ – smoked chocolate soufflé, graham cracker ice cream, brûlée marshmallow, smoked cocoa powder

008 - Promontory (42) 008 - Promontory (40)

BAKED ALASKA – hazelnut praline ice cream, espresso merengue, white coffee anglaise, hazelnut and tonka bean pound cake, hazelnut dust, flamed bourbon jelly

008 - Promontory (4)

Noting up front that many would consider a late night meal after the tasting menu at Brindille gluttonous, if not foolhardy, it was none the less with a group of five and a last minute change of plans that I entered The Promontory, a hopping new South Loop spot sporting a 45 minute wait during which my friends and family chatted at the bar while perusing a menu on which everything sounded delicious while prices seemed too good to be “too good.” Surprisingly filled to capacity both inside and out by a mixed crowd widely ranging in race, sex, age, and style as smiles decorated nearly every face at the dimly lit tables beneath a soundtrack of jazz and blues it was eventually at three compacted two-tops that our group was sat and with menu already well studied an order was soon placed, our server at first a bit condescending regarding the requested coursing of plates but quick to correct his tone when the twelve-item order was made known. Truly a unique menu with plates divided into sections titled “cold/fast/embers/historic/snacks/pastry” it was with items from each area that our meal progressed and opting to double down on both the lamb burger and s’more soufflé so that everyone could get a good taste all ten of the night’s unique dishes would prove exemplary, the aforementioned burger by far the best I’ve tasted with an olive roll and panisse that could have just as easily stood on their own while the substantial charcuterie board was easily shared amongst the table at a cost far less than would be expected for house-cured meats of such quality. Additionally impressed by the stuffed po-boy balancing sweet, smoked pork and briny oysters plus the decadent “Burgoo” chalk-a-block full of meat with just enough acid to prevent the pot from being too heavy it was eventually in sweets that our 150 minute visit would culminate and with the restaurant still three-quarters full as the hour approached midnight it would be nearly impossible to decide which of the three was most impressive, the Baked Alaska unfortunately not flamed tableside but still impressive in its composition while the piping hot soufflé and creamy banana pudding both presented retooled classics with results far outshining their simple origins, the pudding in particular a stunning dish with textures galore and a topnote of truffle left to linger on the palate despite otherwise being expectedly sweet.

008 - Promontory (5)

RECOMMENDED: Charcuterie Board, Lamb Burger, Po-Boy, Burgoo, Banana Pudding, S’mores Souffle.


AVOID: Quail on a String was fine, but presented nothing unique compared to the rest of the food while the Short Rib simply isn’t my style, though others at the table proclaimed it quite good at the bargain basement price of $7.

008 - Promontory (1)

TIP: A last minute swap from the previously planned Dusek’s (a place I’d visit the following day) our wait was probably a bit longer than usual but with ample parking in the area, relatively easy access from both the red and green line, plus reservations available through the restaurant website others should not hesitate to make The Promontory a reason to visit a rejuvenating Hyde Park, the concert series available upstairs another impetus to check the place out.

008 - Promontory (2)

008 - Promontory (7)

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Brindille, Chicago IL

007 - Brindille (3)


007 - Brindille (11) 007 - Brindille (12)

Jean d’Arc – No. 3 Gin, White Currant Jam, Black Currant Caviar

007 - Brindille (14) 007 - Brindille (19)

Semolina Bread with Honey Butter

007 - Brindille (20) 007 - Brindille (22)

Prince Edward Island Oysters, Eggs Brouilles, Leeks, Oscietra Caviar

007 - Brindille (23) 007 - Brindille (25)

Steak Tartare with Flavors of Rye, Sorrel, Pickled Mustard Seeds, Arugula, Quail Egg

007 - Brindille (29)

Dover Sole Meuniere with Rissole Potatoes, Watercress, Meyer Lemon, Horseradish

007 - Brindille (31) 007 - Brindille (33)

Loup de Mere with Summer Squash and Blossoms, Smoked Whitefish, Heirloom Tomatoes, Sauce Basquaise

007 - Brindille (35) 88u

Roasted Scallops with Uni Custard, Parsley Scallion Puree, Finger Lime, Dried Satsuma Orange, Cucumber, Tapioca, Marrow Emulsion

007 - Brindille (42) 007 - Brindille (44)

Lobster Brindille with a Remoulade of Parsnip and Celeriac, Haricot Vert, Sugar Snap Peas, Cherry Tomatoes, Fragrant Greens

007 - Brindille (46) 007 - Brindille (49)

Hand Cut Noodles with Foraged Canterelles, Red Wine Braised Snails, Gesier de Poulet, Fines Herbs

007 - Brindille (52) 007 - Brindille (54)

Veal Sweetbreads, Loin and Rillette of Rabbit, Pearl Onions, Purslane, Golden Beet, Ginger and Cocoa

007 - Brindille (59) 007 - Brindille (63)

Foie Gras and Saffron-Poached Rhubarb, Preserved Crimson Sultanas, Scented Brioche, Bourriers de Venise

007 - Brindille (69) kjuju

Tranche of Duck Breast and Foie Gras, Beluga Lentils, Belgian Endive, Scarlet Turnips, Cipollini Onions, Sutters Plum

007 - Brindille (76)hjkb

Grilled Lamb Loin Scented with Lavender and Orange, French Horn Mushrooms, Swiss Chard, Young Turnips, Sauce Gribiche

007 - Brindille (74)007 - Brindille (72)

Wagyu Ribeye – Puff Pastry, Shaved Artichokes, Vin Jaune, Micro Greens, Foraged Mushrooms, Preserved Ramps

007 - Brindille (87) 007 - Brindille (89)

Fantasie au Chocolat

007 - Brindille (85) 007 - Brindille (86)

Warm Baked Cherry & Almond Clafoutis, Crème Chantilly

007 - Brindille (91)

Vanilla Bourbon pate de fruit, Raspberry Truffle


Defiantly French in an era when such restaurants are few and far between dinner at Brindille was planned as the centerpiece of my first day in Chicago and joined by a friend at 5:30 it can simply be said that Carrie Nahabedian’s second restaurant on North Clark Street ranks amongst Chicago’s very best, a seven-course and fourteen plate tandem-tasting for $155 per person allowing us to taste nearly the entire late summer menu with not a single course falling short of expectations that were admittedly quite high. Treated to educated and gracious service with a table drenched in sunlight from the wide front windows it was almost immediately after a brief conversation about likes, dislikes, allergies, and intolerances that our meal began and with a decadent cocktail delivered complete with mother of pearl spoon soon in hand as my friend sipped his well priced Bordeaux even the warm bread and honey butter would prove exemplary, the following flavors of supple tartare with herbal aromatics and briny oysters resting in eggy pudding just a glimpse of things to come. Truly a restaurant rooted in classic technique yet at the same time happy to dabble in unexpected pairings of pristine ingredients it was with perfect timing plus portions amenable to plate-swapping that our evening progressed and although each plate proved excellent in one way or another it was a trio of savories that shined brightest of the night, the tender duck liver richly accented with notes of saffron and cleverly set against citrus while the lightly cooked lamb and a caramelized scallop atop savory custard courses proved equally impressive, the later amongst the sweetest specimens I’ve tasted to date. Without a doubt one of the most refined experiences to open in Chicago over the past few years but not once stuffy or uptight throughout the course of our three-hour stay Brindille is the sort of place that every ‘upscale’ restaurant should aspire to be and as good as NAHA was during my lone lunch there several years ago, Brindille has decidedly one upped its older sister in nearly all ways – a Michelin Star or perhaps even Two seemingly destined to come in next year’s guide.

007 - Brindille (5)

RECOMMENDED: With only the Lobster and a few other dishes consistently offered during each season since the restaurant’s inception I’d simply suggest making your preferences known to the kitchen and ordering the tasting menu, the seven courses at $155 a veritable bargain considering the a la carte prices and the experience more than justifying the time and financial commitment.

AVOID: Filling up on the bread…though you’ll probably want to. I know I did.


TIP: Tasting menu prices and structure vary from night to night and customization is not only allowed but encouraged, savvy diners are behooved to ask questions, make requests, and engage the servers who are not only excellent at their jobs but also impeccably familiar with sourcing and techniques employed in each dish.

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Table, Donkey and Stick, Chicago IL

005 - Table Donkey Stick (3)

Table Donkey and Stick

005 - Table Donkey Stick (9)005 - Table Donkey Stick (15)

Bacon Steak – Fried Polenta, Gorgonzola, Picked Onion, Mushroom Jus, Poached Egg

005 - Table Donkey Stick (14)005 - Table Donkey Stick (17)

Fried Chicken – Smoked Potatoes & Corn, Chard, Spicy Aioli, Fried Egg

hk005 - Table Donkey Stick (21)

Duck Sausage – Biscuit and Gravy, Caramelized Kale, Poached Egg

005 - Table Donkey Stick (27)005 - Table Donkey Stick (26)

Peach Coffee Cake – Brandy Whipped Cream and Oat Streusel

005 - Table Donkey Stick (23)005 - Table Donkey Stick (25)

Pretzel Bread Pudding – Cherry Jam, Lemon Curd, Candied Pecan

005 - Table Donkey Stick (5)

Originally planned for dinner during my first day in town but later rescheduled to brunch based on a noon-time menu that appeared slightly more interesting than that offered at night it was just after 12:30 that my sister, her fiancée, and I arrived at Table, Donkey and Stick but with the dining room completely empty and only one table seated in back our experience would prove a mixed one at best – the decidedly disinterested service of a questionably stoned server paired with the kitchen’s blunt refusal to serve any charcuterie despite its obvious ease of preparation showing an obvious disregard for ‘customer service’ and thus leaving a bad taste in our mouths despite three excellent savories and a pair of pleasant sweets. Obviously a ‘hip’ place featuring all the right moves to lure in the trendiest of Logan Square diners with hefty wood tables, exposed ceilings, and brick walls lit by Edison bulbs beneath a soundtrack of 80’s pop nostalgia it perhaps should come as no surprise that service at Table, Donkey and Stick is a perfunctory exercise and with a cocktail list nearly as long as the well-culled brunch menu it would take mere moments to craft our order…plus another fifteen minutes to actually place it as our server was self-admittedly (and unapologetically) “chatting” with the table in back as we sat without even water, a young bartender intently polishing glasses and otherwise oblivious to the ongoing abandon. Eventually attended to in an off-hand matter it would fortunately not be long before the otherwise idle kitchen lurched to life in preparing our two-course order and with the trio of savories all arriving as they were readied the skillset of the kitchen and quality of ingredients would thankfully outshine the rest of our experience, each dish a dynamic balance of proteins and local produce prepared with a deft hand and dynamic textures throughout – the tender pork-steak and smooth polenta a particular favorite of the group though the bitter caramelized kale set against fluffy biscuits and gamey duck sausage was quite impressive, as well. Moving next to a duo of sweets it was unfortunately here that the kitchen would falter because as much as the coffee cake would prove reference standard beneath a dollop of aromatic cream the French Toast styled bread pudding would arrive entirely unbalanced with nothing to suggest the savory or saline aspects of a pretzel, the flavor profile instead skewed entirely towards the sweet while excessive amounts of butter rendered the plate far too heavy, a situation that probably could have been remedied by a bit of traditional Kosher salt in the pretzel base or perhaps by stealing a note from the coffee cake and adding a bit of brandy to the excessively sweet fruit.

005 - Table Donkey Stick (7)

RECOMMENDED: Bacon Steak with Fried Polenta, Duck Sausage with Biscuits and Gravy.

005 - Table Donkey Stick (2)

AVOID: Pretzel Bread Pudding was entirely unbalanced by the heavily sweetened cherries as well as the sugar coated nuts, even for someone with a decidedly strong sweet tooth a bit of salt or something savory would have gone a long way to help.

005 - Table Donkey Stick (10)

TIP: For those interested in the charcuterie it is wise to bear in mind that even if the kitchen is entirely unbusy and standing around it is dogmatically only offered from 2pm onward – first at the bar and then as part of the dinner menu beginning at five o’clock.

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Miko’s Italian Ice, Chicago IL

004 - Miko (3)

Miko’s Italian Ice


Strawberry Pineapple

004 - Miko (5) 004 - Miko (4)

Chocolate Coconut

004 - Miko (2)

Largely underwhelmed by my previous experiences with Italian Ice both in Boston and The City of Brotherly Love it was entirely an effect of the blazing sun and a long morning walk that led our group of three to Miko’s and although the items selected would prove refreshing enough to quell a thirst triggered by heat plus humidity that had rendered Nate’s T-shirt soaked both the flavor and texture of the products from the Logan Square window were pretty much par for the course. Obviously a no-frills sort of spot and notably cash-only with a single clerk sporting a no-nonsense attitude to pair with a face seemingly incapable of a smile it was just moments after 11:30am that we approached the small space and opting for two “baby” cups at $2.50 each the tariff was paid, a pair of flavors in each densely packed Styrofoam cup with only the Pineapple tasting the least bit natural while slushy crystals quickly melted on the tongue liberating flavors that dissipated nearly as quickly as they arrived, the strawberry particularly weak and the chocolate flavor somewhat akin to a tincture of Hershey’s Chocolate syrup dissolved at a 1-to-1 ratio with water. Clearly one of those places prone to rouse memories of childhood summers and thus no different than Water Ice spots elsewhere suffice it to say that for those raised on the stuff Miko’s may provide a pleasant bit of nostalgia but for those seeking more than an overpriced sno-cone or loosely packed popsicle this is a dollar best spent elsewhere – a single scoop of ice cream or gelato from the city’s best unlikely to set back more than a buck or so more while offering a far more satisfying and friendly experience.

004 - Miko (1)

RECOMMENDED: If you must, the pineapple tastes much like the juice from a can of Dole.

AVOID: Strawberry was weak and chocolate was simply artificial.

TIP: Cash only with nowhere to sit this is grab-n’-go at its most basic, the daily menu largely focused on classic flavors though occasional specials do make an appearance on the dry-erase board.

004 - Miko (6)

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Bad Wolf Coffee, Chicago IL

003 - Bad Wolf Coffee (2)

Bad Wolf Coffee

003 - Bad Wolf Coffee (13) 003 - Bad Wolf Coffee (15)


003 - Bad Wolf Coffee (21) 003 - Bad Wolf Coffee (23)

Blueberry Muffin

003 - Bad Wolf Coffee (16) 003 - Bad Wolf Coffee (20)

Blueberry Buckle

6581 003 - Bad Wolf Coffee (19)

Cream Cheese Danish

003 - Bad Wolf Coffee (10)

Located just minutes from Bakin’ & Eggs with Canele de Bordeaux guaranteed fresh from their copper molds at 10am it was only an unexpected closure due to the birth of a child that prevented me from visiting Bad Wolf Coffee in November of 2013 but with no such blessed event to prevent my indulgence this time around it was just after 10:15 that we entered the small space and although slightly put-off by thumping Dub-Step I’d be hard pressed to find fault in anything else about Bad Wolf Coffee, the highly acclaimed space fronted by Chef Jonathan Ory. Considered by some to be the city’s best small-batch bakery and essentially a one-man-show with daily options aside from the canele a veritable “dealers choice” of both traditional and unique recipes it was to a quartet of options that we were greeted on arrival and opting for one of each, plus an additional pair of canele it was not long before we stood at the communal table amidst walls decorated by local artists ready to enjoy – a brief photo-session allowing the buckle, canele and the still-molten danish just enough time to cool as everything but the streusel-topped muffin was mere moments from the oven. Beginning first with fruited options it was a dense crumb seemingly imbued with cornmeal or semolina that greeted the tooth on biting into the fruit-studded muffin and although blueberries here were still snappy and sweet they simply could not compare to the bursting jewels soaking though the buttercake base of the buckle, a messy proposition well worth the subsequent blue fingers and absolute bargain at a mere $2.50. Moving next to crispy canele it should really come as no surprise that as with most French pastries a warm delivery provided for superior results and although sometimes prone to hyperbole regarding the things I love I personally have never experienced a better version of the small round cake – the crispy shell breaking to the tooth with just a touch of resistance and soon giving way to an interior of soft custard almost imperceptibly sweetened, hefty note of vanilla instead perfuming the palate with each creamy bite. Clearly a baker of considerable skill it was only after the danish had finally cooled that we delved into the item Chef Ory had personally sold us as his “best version yet” and although not a typical ‘must order’ for anyone in our party the buttery pocket filled with dense cream cheese and drizzled with frosting was indeed a stunner, the balance of sweet and savory straddling a fine line with results so rich that sharing was almost a necessity…an ‘almost’ that should be qualified by acknowledging the fact that no one really seemed keen on giving up any of their share despite Bad Wolf being the third stop on an early morning breakfast tour that had already seen substantial pastry intake at Cellar Door Provisions as well as Bakin’ & Eggs.

003 - Bad Wolf Coffee (1)

RECOMMENDED: Canele are available daily. You want several. The rest of the menu is subject to Chef Ory’s mood. You’ll want several of those, as well.

003 - Bad Wolf Coffee (6)

AVOID: Arriving too late….or too early as there was apparently a Kouign Amann due to come out of the oven around 11:00am that I’d have liked to stick around for.

003 - Bad Wolf Coffee (3) 003 - Bad Wolf Coffee (5)

TIP: Entirely lacking for chairs with loud music that likely won’t fit the tastes of many Bad Wolf is not particularly a place prone for long stays or a leisurely brunch but at the same time both the young female clerk and Chef Ory proved incredibly personable throughout our visit. Truly a no-frills spot but not at all skimping on atmosphere those who are interested should also be advised that art on the walls is not only local, but also available for sale.

003 - Bad Wolf Coffee (7)

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Bakin’ & Eggs, Chicago IL

002 - Bakin and Eggs (3)

Bakin’ & Eggs

002 - Bakin and Eggs (12)

Intelligentsia Coffee

002 - Bakin and Eggs (16)002 - Bakin and Eggs (17)

Bacon Donut with Maple Glaze

002 - Bakin and Eggs (14) 002 - Bakin and Eggs (13)

Glazed and Raised Donut

002 - Bakin and Eggs (24) 5814

Blueberry Scone

002 - Bakin and Eggs (23) 002 - Bakin and Eggs (27)

Earl Grey and Golden Raisin Scone

2451 002 - Bakin and Eggs (26)

Red Velvet Cupcake

002 - Bakin and Eggs (21) 002 - Bakin and Eggs (20)

Carrot Cake Cupcake

002 - Bakin and Eggs (32)002 - Bakin and Eggs (42)

Triple Berry Pancakes – Raspberry, Strawberry, and lots o’ Blueberries + Lemon Cream

002 - Bakin and Eggs (34)002 - Bakin and Eggs (40)

Banana Pecan Bread French Toast – Hazelnut Ganache + Butter + Bananas + Banana Rum Whipped Cream

002 - Bakin and Eggs (36)685143

Lovely French Toast – Bread Pudding from butter, chocolate, and almond croissants + brown sugar

002 - Bakin and Eggs (30) 002 - Bakin and Eggs (31)

Southern Comfort Bowl – Potatoes + 2 Poached Eggs + Cheddar + Biscuits + Chicken Apple Sausage

002 - Bakin and Eggs (11)

Located on Lincoln Avenue in Lakeview with a footprint far larger than one would assume from the street Bakin’ & Eggs had long been one of the Chicago breakfast nooks I’d been meaning to visit and with selections at Cellar Door Provisions proving rather limited while the morning was prime for a leisurely walk it was with wide eyes that my sister, her fiancée, and I sat down to dine – a ten part order served across three courses soon to follow with only the overly dense scones and overburdened service proving less than excellent during the course of our ninety minute stay. Owned and operated by the folks behind Lovely Bakeshop with a friendly vibe suited for all ages it was inevitably with several selections from the case of freshly baked pastries that our indulgence began and paired to a bottomless cup of hot drip from Intelligentsia both donuts and cupcakes would show nicely, the bacon speckled base of the brioche donut particularly impressive and the carrot cake defiantly light despite a robust spice profile and tangy cream cheese. Moving onward to things more substantial as a small child beside us plowed through a short-stack of pancakes with remarkable gusto it was with a single savory and three more sweets that we proceeded and although the biscuits of the Southern Comfort Bowl suffered similarly to the scones everything else was exemplary, the weekend-only “Lovely French Toast” a true show-stopper with a dense crumb richly imbued by butter while fluffy pancakes took the opposite approach in arriving so light they seemed to threaten floating off the plate, a dollop of whip and lemon cream acting as both anchor and accent to bursting, fresh berries.

002 - Bakin and Eggs (6)

RECOMMENDED: Lovely French Toast, Triple Berry Pancakes, Bacon Donut with Maple Glaze, Carrot Cake Cupcake

002 - Bakin and Eggs (7)

AVOID: Scones and Biscuits both proved far too dense thus leading me to wonder if perhaps old baking powder was at fault versus a simple difference in technique compared to my personal preferences – either way, with so many superior options on the menu I’d not venture to retry either as there are better versions to be found elsewhere in the Windy City.

002 - Bakin and Eggs (1)

TIP: Featuring a thirty minute queue for a 4-top when we were leaving at 9:30 those in a rush should be aware that although reservations are not accepted there is an express counter for baked goods or coffee and with plenty of indoor standing room plus a few seats at the bar even those arriving later in the morning are unlikely to grow weary with waiting.

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Cellar Door Provisions, Chicago IL

001 - Cellar Door Provisions (3)

Cellar Door Provisions

001 - Cellar Door Provisions (7) 001 - Cellar Door Provisions (6) 001 - Cellar Door Provisions (16)

Kouign Amann

001 - Cellar Door Provisions (11) 001 - Cellar Door Provisions (10)

Ricotta Peach Muffin

001 - Cellar Door Provisions (12) 001 - Cellar Door Provisions (13) 001 - Cellar Door Provisions (15)


001 - Cellar Door Provisions (1)

Located in Logan Square, with a wall mounted menu that is rewritten daily, Cellar Door Provisions can best be described as a labor of love; a collaboration of three friends who’ve honed their skills in kitchens near and far focused on making great food “worth gathering around.” Locally sourced and open five-days a week for breakfast and lunch it was just after the small store’s 8:00am opening that our party of three arrived and with items still emerging slowly from the ovens our sampling was somewhat limited, the friendly servers quickly procuring a pair of each warm item and delivering them tableside as a light soundtrack played overhead. Clearly attuned to recent trends in regional French pastry with the oft-praised croissants still thirty minutes from ready it was instead in the creamy canele beneath a golden-brown shell that our tasting began and although a bit sweeter than I’ve come to expect the texture was spot-on, a similar bit of praise befitting a Kouign Amann whose still-molten core of butter ran down my wrist as laminated layers shattered and showered the table. Appropriately impressed though slightly short of ‘wowed’ to this point it was last-but-certainly-not-least that we turned to the cheesecake textured muffin and featuring a deft balance of juicy ripe peaches juxtaposing pockets of creamy ricotta each bite provided a beautiful balance of sweet and savory, a touch of streusel topping tilting the balance ever so slightly towards the former and placing it amongst the best muffins I’ve experienced in recent memory.

001 - Cellar Door Provisions (17)

RECOMMENDED: Kouign Amann and Ricotta Peach Muffin

001 - Cellar Door Provisions (4)

AVOID: Better Canale can be found at Bad Wolf Coffee, though those desiring something more sugary may appreciated what Cellar Door Provisions has to offer.

001 - Cellar Door Provisions (5)

TIP: Items are baked throughout the day, but not all items are available when the restaurant opens its doors. Sometimes baking croissants first, other times preparing them only after other items are readied I was told by the clerk that 9:15-9:30am is generally the best arrival time to assure most selections are ready…and not yet sold out.

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Rose. Rabbit. Lie., Las Vegas NV


Rose. Rabbit. Lie.


Caviar Tacos – Hackleback Caviar, Yukon Gold Potato Shell, Hamachi

DSC00558 DSC00565

Herb Brioche Rolls – Bordier Butter, Maldon Salt

DSC00560 DSC00563

Gougeres – Truffle Mornay


Poached Asparagus – Fried Egg, Warm Bacon Vinaigrette, Herb Salad

DSC00569 DSC00570

Caramelized Farm Carrots – Moroccan Spice, Cara Cara Orange, Watercress


Chanterelle Spaghetti – Asparagus, Shaved Pecorino, Wood Sorrel


Rabbit Fricassee – Vichy Carrots, Rose Petals, Beech Mushrooms a la Greque, Sauce Zingara

DSC00577 DSC00579

Duck Confit Pasta – Swiss Chard, Parmesan Cream, White Wine

DSC00591 DSC00594

Crispy Oysters Rockefeller – House cured Bacon, Spinach, Chartreuse, Bacon Dust

DSC00586 DSC00589

Roasted Foie Gras – Harry’s Berries, Candied Pistachio, Brioche

DSC00602 DSC00604 DSC00615

Mary’s Free Range Chicken – Roasted Thigh Cordon Bleu, Sous Vide Breast, Summer Truffle, Foie Gras and Spaghetti Squash Stuffing


Cookie Jar – Foie Gras Macarons, Cake Ball, Rosemary and Basil Truffles, Carrot and Currant Cakes, Biscotti, Brownies

DSC00619 DSC00622

Chocolate Terrarium – Chocolate Buttermilk Cake, Chocolate Soil, Chocolate Bark, Marshmallow Fluff, Hazelnut Ice Cream, Edible Flowers and Herbs


Perhaps the most misunderstood restaurant on The Strip and thought by some to have closed down due to its assumed synonymy to Vegas Nocturne it was with little regard for the now defunct show that myself and three friends descended the wormhole of Rose. Rabbit. Lie. and with food and drink as our focus even as various forms of entertainment paraded the dining room I’m happy to report that not only is the kitchen still open, but that it is also turning out some of the most impressive plates in the 702. Considered by some to be misbranded from the start while others bemoan the space as frankly overdone it was just after 6:30 that I arrived to find my friends waiting in the subdued Library Bar and with tab soon settled it was onward to the dining room that we progressed – a cozy fourtop at the center of the room affording us a full view of the well-appointed confines where service would shine brightly amongst the best in the city with a casual wink underlying unwavering knowledge of the menu, ingredient sourcing, and even technique. Often times trending far too loud for casual conversation as acts ranging from a real-life Jessica Rabbit to break-dancing Teens and a Jazz quartet roamed the dining room it was with five small plates that our meal began and with gratis $15 tacos stuffed with roe whetting our palates for more both the truffle imbued gougeres and glazed carrots would prove early favorites, the former an ethereal flavor bomb wrapped in delicate choux while the later deftly walked a fine line between earth and acid. Moving next to two house-made pastas from which the better would be a dispute and then onward to supple sautéed rabbit served alongside creamy fried oysters atop an herbal cream fortified with pork it was finally with the tableside feast of chicken that our savories did culminate and although some may balk at the $98 tab it would be hard to name a better bird in all of Las Vegas, Savoy’s $180 Guinea Hen or Robuchon’s $250+ Pintade taken into account. To this point all smiles it was nearly three hours after our arrival as the band riffed on Elton John that a duo of desserts was presented and although the crowned cookie jar was rather blasé aside from the succulent macarons the much-heralded terrarium was nothing short of a masterpiece; a decadent composition of textures and temperatures with elements both savory and sweet that rivals presentations at Atelier Crenn, Red Medicine, or even Alinea for a finish with flare, an absolute must order for anyone who loves chocolate while though those looking for something more fruit driven (and truly afire) might be wise to consider one of the tableside flambées…something I surely won’t pass up as I plan a return visit before year’s end.


FOUR AND A HALF STARS: Balancing a high price point with exemplary ingredient sourcing and service that stands far ahead of its competition Rose. Rabbit. Lie. may be the most underrated restaurant on Las Vegas Boulevard today and although the sound level often proves far too loud for casual conversation the show itself actually proves quite entertaining, as well. Still up in the air in the post-Nocturne era with a lawsuit hanging in the balance one can only hope that when the dust settles Rose. Rabbit. Lie. will continue to thrive and even if the concept should rebrand or shutter that the culinary team will be kept intact – a meal in the library perhaps the best-of-both-worlds for those seeking truly innovative cuisine in space that seems miles from any casino floor but not yet willing to invest in a night at Pierre Gagnaire’s Twist or e by Jose Andres.


RECOMMENDED: Chocolate Terrarium, Mary’s Free Range Chicken, Caramelized Farm Carrots, Crispy Oysters Rockefeller, Roasted Foie Gras, Duck Confit Pasta

DSC00617 DSC00618

AVOID: Asparagus was fine, but undersized and not particularly interesting at the $16 price point while the Cookie Jar was perfectly clever but not particularly impressive save for the macarons – an $18 tab averaging approximately $1.50 per bite for a dozen small sweets.


TIP: Divided into several rooms with entertainment running in thirty minute sessions and short breaks between those adverse to loud or trendy spots are advised to request a seat in the library but for those happy to enjoy the show (and the added LET) be advised that you very well may end up involved, the dancers and singers often finding their way into the dining room and using open chairs, elevated booths, and floorspace to dance, jump, flip, and or flaunt.

DSC00638 DSC00639

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor


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