The Patio Desserts & Drinks, Las Vegas NV


The Patio Desserts & Drinks


Caramel Macchiato


Jar of Milk

DSC04467 DSC04468 DSC04469

Thai Tea Cake with Cream Sauce

DSC04464 DSC04466 DSC04465

Matcha Red Bean Cake with Blackberry Sauce

DSC04462 DSC04461 DSC04463

Young Coconut Cake with Fresh Coconut Cream

DSC04453 DSC04455 DSC04454

Sweet Corn Hong Kong Waffle with Corn Berry Swirl Ice Cream and Fresh Fruit

DSC04457 DSC04456 DSC04460

Honey Toast with Toasted Strawberry Ice Cream and Fresh Fruit


Recently married, a child on the way, some fresh ink and selling off two successful Thai Restaurants to open up a cute Asian Dessert shop in a fairly unappealing strip-mall off South Decatur Boulevard one might think Bank Atcharawan is going through a premature mid-life crisis, but entering the elegant space titled “The Patio Desserts & Drinks” on Friday evening it seems the 37 year old may be onto something; his family close, the place packed as the clock approached 9pm and everyone smiling.


Just about to celebrate its four month anniversary, the opening menu thus far minimally modified and well-received by guests including several who have quickly become regulars, The Patio officially resides in Suite 107 of 5255 South Decatur Boulevard at the corner of Hacienda and although neighbors including Broken Dagger and a package liquor store may make the area seem a bit sketchy those lucky enough to pass through its doors are welcomed to a sort of oasis, a porch swing up front and ‘living’ wall behind the counter making the confines feel quite cozy – the sort of place where one might want to sit down and stay for a while.


Never one to cut corners, the build-out proudly displayed via social media ever since the lease was signed and everything save for the Bread used to construct Honey Toast made on site, it was mere moments after entering The Patio that three guests were welcomed by Bank’s wife Pimmie and seated at a comfortable wood four-top the menu was quickly navigated, the hardest choice what *not* to order and the eventual line-up entailing five Desserts and two drinks at an all-in cost of $55.


Open from noon till 1am Wednesday through Sunday, the crowd on this particular evening predominantly Asian with many stopping by after dinner at nearby Goyemon, it was not long after ordering that a mason-jar of Whole Milk and a smooth Caramel Macchiato arrived with a great foam plus a little bit of latte art, the Desserts requested to be served all at once as two of the five items were made-to-order.


Sitting below suspended plants, the soundtrack light and unobtrusive to allow for pleasant conversation with enough separation from the kitchen so that noise from the ovens and Espresso machine can barely be heard, it was after perhaps ten minutes that Mrs. Atcharawan and an elderly man approached with hands full, each item beautifully displayed on branded wood-boards and first bites of a Bubble Waffle studded with Sweet Corn far more impressive than that at CreamBerry a week prior, the exterior presenting a light crackle followed by warmth and sweetness while the housemade Corn Berry Swirl Ice Cream reminded me of Jeni’s award winning classic with a only slightly less smoothness.


Next tasting a few bites of Toasted Strawberry Ice Cream before dressing the Honey Toast, light bitter notes putting a unique spin on fresh Fruit flavors that work particularly well once all the Honey has soaked into the crispy block of Bread beneath, it was as those flavors marinated that three slices of cake were tasted, the Young Coconut unfortunately a bit too mild and thus coming across as little more than White Cake while both the Matcha-Red Bean and Thai Tea wedges were moist and well balanced, the former gaining a lot when drizzled in sour Blackberry Puree while the later was ideal as served with the light tang of Tamarind and prominent fragrance of Star Anise.


FOUR AND A HALF STARS: Not trying to compete with Sweets Raku or Suzuya in terms of artistry, but far outperforming the likes of CreamBerry, Is Sweet or Café Darak in terms of effort and execution, The Patio Desserts & Drinks is the sort of place worth stopping by for those in the area and one worth seeking out for those looking for something sweet late at night, the menu well-culled as opposed to being ‘everything for everybody’ and all the better for it.

RECOMMENDED: Specialty Hong Kong Waffle, Thai Tea Cake, Toasted Strawberry Ice Cream.


AVOID: Young Coconut Cake. $2.99 for 12oz of Non-Organic Milk is also sort of steep.

TIP: Wednesday- Sunday 12pm – 1am, @thepatiodnd on Social Media.


WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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7th & Carson, Las Vegas NV


7th & Carson

DSC04385 DSC04386

Downtown Buzz – Tanqueray Gin, Local Honey, Lemon Juice

DSC04387 DSC04388

Hot Melons – Tequila Blanco, Habanero Syrup, Lemon Juice, Watermelon Juice, Cracked Pepper

DSC04391 DSC04393 DSC04392

Hearth Oven Bread and Dip 4 Ways – Hummus, Babaganoush, Roasted Red Pepper, Cucumber Yogurt

DSC04394 DSC04395 DSC04396

1/2 Dozen Oysters – East vs. West, Grilled Peach Mignonette, Bloody Mary Cocktail Sauce

DSC04399 DSC04397 DSC04400

Grilled Peach and Burrata – Arugula, Black Pepper Honey, Basil Pesto

DSC04405 DSC04407 DSC04409

Lamb Sausage Pizetta – Feta, Pickled Red Onion, Yogurt, Dill

DSC04411 DSC04413 DSC04412

Smoked Pork Belly – Truffle Honey, Bay Blue, Chicharron

DSC04415 DSC04418 DSC04426

Downtown Dubliner Burger – Whiskey Onion Jam, Bacon, Dubliner Cheese

DSC04419 DSC04420 DSC04427

Duckling Pot Pies – Duck Leg, Peas, Carrots

DSC04422 DSC04424 DSC04423

CFC Wings – Fried Chicken, Togarashi, Honey, Hot Sauce

DSC04428 DSC04429 DSC04430

Legs and Eggs – Tempura Crab Leg, Caviar, Barrel Age Ponzu, Wasabi

DSC04432 DSC04431 DSC04435

White Truffle Toast – Grilled Focaccia, Gouda Fondue, Rosemary

DSC04436 DSC04438 DSC04437

Panna Cotta – Salted Caramel, Whipped Cream


Officially opened on June 29th in the former Glutton Space, ex-Light Group Director of Operations Liam Dwyer bringing Chef Gregg Fortunato to DTLV after a brief stint at HeXx, 7th & Carson has been quietly impressing guests ever since day one, a Friday night visit immediately following some new menu additions showing the kitchen already performing very well with bold flavors, quality ingredients and a lot of clever ideas.


Making small modifications in terms of paint and tabletops but largely quite similar in concept to Bradley Manchester’s dearly departed downtown spot at 616 E. Carson Avenue, the Craft Cocktails and Share Plates format fairly common across the globe for the last decade, 7th & Carson hopes to stir interest in an area where several restaurants have come and gone since Kerry Simon and Cory Harwell launched Carson Kitchen down the way from already successful Eat. the menu divided into four sections focused on Land, Sea, Garden and Oven with a flipside of Beers, Wines and creative Mixed Drinks.


A self-aware operation, the choice to route patrons to a podium near the patio on 7th taking away from the ‘urban’ feel and welcoming them to a place that feels more a part of the community than some random building, entry to 7th & Carson sees the space immediately unfold with kitchen to the right and bar to the left, the bold patterns on tables and spot-lighting making everything feel a little more exciting, though the iHeartRadio playlist plays a little too loudly overhead.


Still featuring the same kitchen design, a large wood-burning oven the focal point for good reason as many of the Breads and Meats are served piping hot with a touch of smoke, those who had the opportunity to taste Chef Fortunato’s work at Inyo or Blue Ribbon will be happy to see him freed from behind the scenes, smiling or chatting with guests and even though the food is no longer Asian the Chef seems very comfortable showing off another side of his skill-set.


Self-described as a “nice drinking spot with really great food,” both sides of the menu loaded with intriguing choices at prices about 40% less than what one would expect to pay for similar on The Strip, it was after a warm welcome from Gregg that a server stopped by to make recommendations, the Mixologist quickly charged with orders for two Cocktails including a classic Bee’s Knees re-titled Downtown Buzz and the subtly spiced “Hot Melons” that is about as perfect a Summer Cocktail as one can fathom, the fresh Watermelon Juice cooling housemade Habanero Syrup in a manner so compelling that it needed to be tried twice.


Allowing Chef Fortunato to dictate the flow of the evening, several plates ordered and a few brand new items sent out for feedback, it was with a fluffy ‘Pita’ made from cold-fermented Pizza Dough that the meal got started, the Mediterranean quartet of Spreads all delicious on their own and better when added to the Za’atar-spiced puff slicked in Olive Oil with a lightly crunchy Crust and hot, airy insides.

Dining with two others, the youngster a fiend for Oysters and apparently very happy with the East/West trios served alongside Grilled Peach Mignonette and boozy Cocktail Sauce, those who truly love Peaches would do well to order a recently added Salad of Grilled Peaches and Burrata Cheese, this version succeeding where The Black Sheep faltered by rendering the Fruit just a touch soft and balancing the sweetness of Honey with herbal Pesto and fresh Arugula.


Shying away from the words “Pizza” or “Flatbread” and labeling the Wood-fired rounds of Dough with toppings including Cheese “Pizetta,” a choice clearly based on misconceptions and marketing, those dining with a group would be well advised to take their pick from four choices including Margherita or Lamb Sausage, the latter placing spicy Merguez atop a blistered Crust with Feta, Pickled Onions and Fresh Yogurt while those looking for something with less carbohydrates may be better off investing $12 in an all-new plate of Pork Belly with Blue Cheese, Pig Skins and Honey.


Recently adding a requisite Burger to the menu, Mr. Dwyer’s Irish roots compelling the use of sweet Dubliner Cheese and Whiskey roasted Onions atop smoky Bacon and a thick Patty nestled inside a toasty Bun, it is with another Bar Food favorite that Gregg first brings a bit of Spring Mountain Road to Downtown Las Vegas, the twice-fried Wings immediately among the city’s best with a dusting of Togarashi and added-to-taste sides of Honey and housemade Hot Sauce.

Taking a lead from Cory and John at Carson Kitchen in offering familiar choices with ‘exotic’ ingredients added in a manner that will make them accessible to timid first timers, the confit Duck rolled into Puff Pastry with Peas and Carrots already a fan favorite, it is once again by channeling the flavors of Japan that Fortunato presents his “Legs and Eggs,” the tempura Crab sweet and meaty beneath delicate Batter while the combination of Wasabi Cream and Caviar is fairly intense and thus likely not for everyone.


Only currently offering one Dessert, a daily Chef’s creation that is not listed on the menu, it was with a pot of Gouda Fondue and fluffy Focacia that savory transitioned to sweet, the Salted Caramel “Panna Cotta” bruleed on one half more like a Budino when paired with whipped cream and certainly something that should be considered for the full-time line up.


FOUR STARS: Already off to a good start, the space pretty empty at 5:45pm but almost completely full by 8:30, 7th & Carson is a welcome addition to the DTLV and if management continues to let Chef Fortunato show his skills one can only hope this will be the start of big things to come for both the Restaurant and the entire downtown dining scene.

RECOMMENDED: Hot Melons, Hearth Oven Bread, Grilled Peach and Burrata, Lamb and Sausage Pizzetta, Downtown Dubliner Burger.

AVOID: The Music needs to be turned down, especially in areas towards the center of the room, otherwise the only complaint would be that the Pork Belly was a touch overcooked and that one Dessert is simply inadequate.

TIP: Currently open Thursday through Monday from 5pm till late. Online Menu up-to-date as of 8/18/17.
WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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Bar Code Burger Bar, Las Vegas NV


Bar Code Burger Bar

DSC04360 DSC04362 DSC04361

Chicken Strippers – Buttermilk and Dill Brined, House Spiced Breading, Code Sauce

DSC04356 DSC04357 DSC04359

Squid Vicious – Buttermilk Chili Brined Calamari, Lightly Breaded, Code Sauce, Lemon

DSC04368 DSC04369 DSC04372

Bar Code Burger – Short Rib + Brisket and Chuck Blend, Newcastle Onion Jam, Smoked Bacon Aioli, Blue Cheese, Arugula, Pickled Red Onions, Peppers w/ Fresh-Cut Fries and Sriracha Ketchup

DSC04364 DSC04365 DSC04373

BBQ Big Burger – Blueberry BBQ Sauce, Smoked Boston Butt, Applewood Thick Bacon, Vermont White Cheddar Cheese w/ Fresh-Cut Fries and Sriracha Ketchup

DSC04374 DSC04375 DSC04376

French Strippers – Challah Bread French Toast, Housemade Strawberry Vanilla Maple Syrup, Strawberries, Buttermilk Chicken Strippers


Recently celebrating their first anniversary, an eastside location not far from UNLV placing the 24/7 joint far from tourists and their unwavering willingness to pay Holsteins or Gordon Ramsay $15+ for nothing more than an All-Beef Patty, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Mayonnaise, Ketchup and a Pickle, Bar Code is something of a hidden gem for in-the-know locals, Executive Chef Joe Valdez and his team turning out Food far better than they need to at a price that low-balls The Strip without sacrificing creativity or quality.

Difficult to peg as a place for craft Cuisine from the street, a single story along East Flamingo near Blueberry Hill and the Sketchers Outlet largely blending into the background with a sign that simply suggests it might be a good place to “Eat / Drink / Play,” those entering Bar Code will find the interior surprisingly modern, several LCD Televisions centrally located and perfect for watching sports while well-lit alcoves contain darts, shuffleboard and pool tables.


At this point amassing a fair number of regulars, the lunch and after-work crowd said to get fairly large in addition to the typical flow of traffic on game days, it was with greetings from a lone bartender/server that two friends were seated just past 5:30 on a Saturday featuring little more than the NFL Preseason, Chef Valdez present along with one other in the kitchen and happy to chat about his background which started here in Valley before stints in Colorado and years working in the Red Robin test kitchen.

Present at Bar Code from the start, a gig as Sous-Chef quickly seeing him advance to the lead role thanks to hard work and a willingness to go the extra mile in order to make the Restaurant’s collection of Burgers, Sides and Salads stand out in a city where there is never a lack of competition, it was after several minutes of candid conversation with Chef Valdez that the decision was made to defer an order to the young man, the meal divided into two Appetizers, two Burgers and “Dessert” lasting just under an hour as the Rams took on the Cowboys.


Not drowning out the game sounds with a jukebox, a welcome change compared to places like Aces & Ales or B.A.R. that cannot seem to get enough Journey or Def Leppard regardless of the time or event, it was after a few minutes further perusing the menu that Joe emerged from the kitchen carrying two trays including the lightly fried “Squid Vicious” and hand-breaded Chicken Strippers, the Calamari tender and nicely spiced beneath a crispy coat of Panko while the later was Pickle-brined and herbal with a lightly adherent layer of breading that was flavorful and practically oilless.

So far so good, the Code Sauce of Ketchup, Mayonnaise and “secret” Spices pairing well with both Appetizers and advisably kept to sauce Fries, it was after another ten minutes that Chef Valdez once again arrived tableside with two of Bar Code’s signature Burgers, the 70/30 blend of Brisket, Short Rib and Chuck forming a juicy backbone to housemade Blueberry BBQ, Pulled Pork and freshly fried Bacon on the BBQ Big Burger while the restaurant’s eponymous signature gets funky and fragrant with Beer-braised Onions, Bacon Aioli and Blue Cheese.


Grilling the Buns before service and making every Sauce, Jam or Aioli on-site, a labor intensive process most would not expect from a Video Poker and Sports Bar so far east of Las Vegas Boulevard, it was after a few too many fresh-cut Fries had been eaten that Chef Valdez at last arrived with “Breakfast for Dessert,” the French Strippers described as a dish he’d invented for his girlfriend making one say “what waffles?” as hand-trimmed strips of Chicken Breast brined in Buttermilk were just as crunchy and juicy as those served earlier, but without the Dill and instead laid on a bed of custardy Challah Bread with Fresh Strawberries, Whipped Cream and Housemade Strawberry-Vanilla Maple Syrup.


FOUR STARS: Going well above what is necessary for a 24/7 restaurant in Sin City, and smart enough to keep the menu well-crafted and focused rather than offering sub-par versions of “everything for everyone” Pub Grub like so many others, Bar Code rivals any Burger-centric spot on the Strip in terms of quality with prices that are about 33% less.

RECOMMENDED: Bar Code Burger, French Strippers.

AVOID: The Sriracha Ketchup served with Fries can be a bit abrasive for patrons who don’t take note of it on the menu while those sensitive to smoke will be challenged by dining at Bar Code as seating is not far separated from the bar where at least three out of every four patrons had a cigarette in-hand.

TIP: 21+ only and Trivia Night 7-9p on Tuesdays. Breakfast offered from 2a-10a daily.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Big B’s Texas BBQ [2,] Henderson NV


Big B’s Texas BBQ

DSC04315 DSC04313 DSC04320

Babyback Ribs




Macaroni and Cheese


Pasta Salad with Peppers and Onions


Potato Salad






Pulled Pork


BBQ Beans


Pickles, Onions and Peppers, White Bread

DSC04328 DSC04329 DSC04326

Fatty Brisket

DSC04330 DSC04332 DSC04339

Jumbo Beef Rib


Lean Brisket


Creamed Corn


Hand Cut Fries

DSC04336 DSC04337 DSC04338


DSC04341 DSC04340 DSC04342

Lemon Cake

DSC04347 DSC04349 DSC04348

Chocolate Cake

DSC04344 DSC04345 DSC04346

Pecan Pie


Now representing the Lone Star State for more than 18 months in Henderson, a hand-built labor of love from owners Natalia Badzjo and Brian Buechner, Big B’s Texas BBQ has promised to bring proper Texas-style ‘Cue to the 702 from the very beginning and with some time now on the smoker and recipes dialed in to compensate for dry weather the product has ascended to a level not far from Little Miss BBQ down in Phoenix for best in the Southwest.


Located at 3019 St Rose Parkway, the nearby area full of hospitals and shopping plazas creating a built-in lunch crowd for the sizable space full of handmade picnic tables and cords of wood that the couple drives in from Texas quarterly, it was just past 1:30pm on Saturday that the first visit in over a year was paid to a place where authenticity means using no fillers, injections or preservatives, the Meats all sourced from good purveyors and simply rubbed down before cooking with Salt, Pepper, Paprika and Celery Seed.


Greeted by Natalia once again, Big B himself arriving later after one of the restaurant’s growing number of catering gigs, it was with deference to the kitchen as to what was fresh that nearly every Meat and side was tasted, the Tri-Tip, Turkey and Lean Brisket all targeting health-conscious consumers and performing better than one might ever have guessed with plenty of moisture and a good smoke-ring building up both along the edges and deep into the flesh.


Enjoying trays as they were presented, the youngster in the group quite taken by Baby Back Ribs that pull straight from the Bone with fat rendered into a slightly caramelized ‘skin,’ those fancying sauce on their Meats will be happy to know that Big B’s makes three-styles daily, the standard BBQ less sweet than those found elsewhere in town with a good bit of smoke while the Extra Hot features Ghost Peppers for some extra kick, the Carolina Sauce not tasted due to a personal aversion to Mustard.


Speaking of Mustard, fans the flavor are encouraged to check out Big B’s housemade Potato Salad that takes a decidedly German approach while those looking for something a little lighter will be well-served by creamy Coleslaw or vegetal Pasta Salad, the Mac n’ Cheese unfortunately in need of a bit of Salt while the BBQ Beans with bits of Meat, Hand-cut Fries and Creamed Corn are all textbook backyard Barbeque sides.


Doing right by offering Pickles, Peppers, Raw Onions and White Bread, all ubiquitous and complimentary with smoked Meat throughout the South, those familiar with Austin or Dallas will realize no one really goes there for Pulled Pork and although Big B’s is better than most found in the area the real money is in their reference-standard Smoked Chicken, Beef Rib and Fatty Brisket, the former moist and tender with or without Skin while the later each achieve a good char and great texture, though the thick bark of the Brisket is trimmed in the kitchen unless specifically requested otherwise.


Offering a Coke Re-Mix machine, bottles and taps of Beer including Shiner Bock and Sweet or Unsweetened Tea depending on one’s preference, those craving Big B’s Peach Cobbler will unfortunately find it temporarily retired and replaced by Pies and Cakes from Great Buns Bakery, each $3.99 wedge served in a generous portion and constructed to Big B’s specifications with the Pecan Pie quite sweet thanks to a thick jam layer while both Lemon and Chocolate Cake are far more subtle with good density and proper balance between the spongy base and drizzled Frosting.

FOUR AND A HALF STARS: In many ways benefitted by the “Big Fish in a Small Pond” phenomenon, Las Vegas’ Barbeque scene notoriously bad for years and only now beginning to show some signs of life, Big B’s nonetheless typifies doing things right, the Texas-standards all on-point while less commonly offered Meats and Sides are all equally worth seeking out in an environment that is warm and welcoming.

RECOMMENDED: Jumbo Beef Rib, Fatty Brisket, Turkey, Pasta Salad, Creamed Corn, Lemon Cake.

AVOID: Macaroni and Cheese is done better elsewhere while the Pecan Pie is more like that found in Georgia than ‘Texas Style’ where the Corn Syrup-base is thinner with Nuts layered and penetrating deeper.

TIP: Offering Catering gigs, either via traveling smoker or by delivery, those interested should contact the restaurant for a variety of packages suitable for any budget.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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Lulu’s Bread and Breakfast [3,] Las Vegas NV


Lulu’s Bread and Breakfast

DSC04279 DSC04281 DSC04282

Dutch Crunch Roll with Spicy Tomato Jam, Eggs, Avocado, Bacon

DSC04284 DSC04285 DSC04287

French Country Ricotta Toast with Nectarine, Cherry, Pistachio, Mint

DSC04288 DSC04289

Cheese Pizza with Caputo new Americana Flour

DSC04292 DSC04290 DSC04293

Fried Churro French Toast Sticks with Raspberry Compote and Dulce de Leche

DSC04294 DSC04295 DSC04296

Pina Colada French Toast with Banana Pudding Custard, Pineapple, Whipped Cream and Cherries

DSC04302 DSC04299 lulu

French Country Mushroom Toast with White Bean-Mushroom Hummus, Wild Arugula, Poached Egg and Red Pepper


Although Metro Pizza has long been the flag-bearer for Las Vegas’ now-internationally relevant Pizza scene only select locals are aware of Lulu’s Bread and Breakfast, the cozy dining nook attached to Metro’s Skypointe Drive location run by Chris Decker.

Originally visited as a tourist in 2013 and again in August 2015, the intervening months and rise of Instagram seeing the Chef’s @everythingbutanchovies account become a test-kitchen and showcase for ideas that only a few lucky people besides Chris ever get to taste, it was with the goal of understanding exactly what lies ahead that two diners sat down Saturday morning, a five-course tasting very encouraging should any of these dishes eventually see the light day.


No stranger to the space itself, a pair of educational Pizza courses hosted by the legendary John Arena taking place within the counter-order kitchen since the last daytime visit to Lulu’s, it was moments after entry that the Binghamton New York native offered his greetings, an early morning of deliveries to DTLV spots like Vesta already completed and a full day on the line yet to come.

Still featuring many of the same Pastries, Benedicts and staff members as last time, an elderly woman prone to calling everyone ‘baby’ or ‘honey’ adding a homey sort of charm to Lulu’s ever since the beginning, it was with water poured that ten minutes passed before the meal got started, Chris’ daily inspiration a sweet Dutch Crunch Roll with crackling Rice Flour playing well off fluffy Eggs, smashed Avocado and Tomato Jam plus two strips of Bacon.


Always working with new recipes, the Bread selection ranging from Pretzel to Semolina to Sourdough depending on the day, course two saw Lulu’s French Country Loaf sliced, toasted and topped with Ricotta Cheese, fresh Fruit and crumbled Pistachios, Nectarines and Cherries at the peak of freshness playing well off torn Mint with John Arena subsequently making an appearance of his own carrying two slices of crispy Cheese Pizza created with Caputo’s new autolysing Flour.

Stating that in its final form the Ricotta Toast would feature housemade Cheese it was here that Chef Decker continued to move from savory to sweet, the Churro French Toast presented in a Jenga-style configuration of Deep-fried Bread topped with Cinnamon Sugar and Dulce de Leche alongside intense Raspberry Compote every bit as good as it sounds while the Pina Colada French Toast was an elegant Dessert-for-Breakfast sort of dish featuring buttery Brioche completely saturated with Banana Pudding beneath a ring of Pineapple next to Whipped Cream, Toasted Coconut and Maraschino Cherries for garnish.


Opting to finish up savory, though plenty of Pastries were still available should more have been desired, it was once again on toasted French Country Loaf that Chris sent out two slices topped in White Bean Hummus and Roasted Mushrooms, the flavors robust and woodsy with a bit of heat added by Red Pepper Flake and all of it coming together nicely as carried by a poached Egg Yolk.


FOUR AND A HALF STARS (AS SERVED): Basing an appraisal entirely on concept dishes is never ‘fair’, but be that as it may Chris and John continue to exemplify the sort of work ethic it takes to be successful in 2017, a constant desire to learn and improve both technique and product hopefully soon to see Lulu’s Bread and Breakfast move past being a good local spot and live up to its potential as a ‘destination’ for Breakfast and Lunch.

RECOMMENDED: Pina Colada French Toast, Mushroom Toast, Dutch Crunch Roll.

AVOID: Not a deal-breaker, but the French Toast Sticks were touch oily.

TIP: 7a-4p daily.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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CreamBerry, Las Vegas NV



DSC04267 DSC04269 DSC04268

Cookie Monster Toast – Cookes & Cream Ice Cream, Butter, Condensed Milk, Oreos, Chocolate Sauce

DSC04270 DSC04271

Penguin Puff Waffle – Ube Ice Cream, Graham Cracker, Pocky, Caramel Sauce

DSC04252 DSC04253 DSC04255

Cotton Candy Unicorn Macaron

DSC04256 DSC04258 DSC04257

Salted Caramel Monkey Macaron

DSC04260 DSC04262 DSC04261

Cookies and Cream Panda Macaron


Suffice it to say that with their website listing of $9 Cupcakes and an ‘about us’ section beginning with “I’m a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy” CreamBerry is not doing itself any favors in terms of marketing, yet when only one Dessert at The Black Sheep left diners craving something else sweet a 5 minute drive saw the small store across South Rainbow from Gelatology fairly busy, all but one table full and a steady flow of traffic keeping the youngsters behind the counter moving.


Originally opened in November of 2016, the original idea of Ice Cream, Smoothies and Acai Bowls evolving with time to include Hong Kong Egg Waffles, Honey Toast and Macarons plus Shave Ice, Shakes and Scoops of Ice Cream imported from California, guests visiting CreamBerry will immediately be struck by just how cute the place is, fluffy clouds suspended from the ceiling and a wall-full of cartoon penguins frolicking on a sprinkle covered landscape with their friends.


Offering a wall-based menu as well as laminated cards, a small section of Hello Kitty bags and Anime Keychains also available for purchase, it was with Michael Bublé’s Christmas album playing (in August) that patrons spent a few moments contemplating choices before stepping up to the counter where a young woman took orders in between toasting, topping and scooping, the quoted wait time of ‘about fifteen minutes’ in reality turning out to be less than ten.


Spending just over $21 on an order of six items including tax and tip, two of those dishes fairly labor intensive and cheaper than elsewhere in town, it was with a trio of character Macarons that the tasting got started and although the two-bite Cookies aren’t the best in terms of texture with the Shell a bit too chewy the flavors are all on-point, the extra-sweet Cotton Candy almost disturbingly so.


Offering several employee-created concoctions for the Snow Fluff, Toast Boxes and Penguin Puff Waffles with the option also available for guests to customize as they like, it was after a few other orders were completed that both Toast and Waffle were served simultaneously, the “Cookie Monster” Toast featuring a thick slice of Bread soaked in Butter beneath a big scoop of Cookes & Cream Ice Cream plus Condensed Milk, crushed Oreos and Chocolate Sauce every bit as decadent as it reads while the Waffle curled in a cup was subtly sweet and quite light with Purple Yam Ice Cream drizzled in Caramel and Graham Cracker Crumbs.


THREE STARS: Well priced for what it is, but in reality more ‘cute’ than it is ‘craft,’ CreamBerry is a fun little spot for a now-and-again treat but certainly not a destination with similar choices available up and down Spring Mountain Road and several more interesting spots available in the growing food scene on South Rainbow Boulevard.

RECOMMENDED: Penguin Puff Waffle.


AVOID: None of it was particularly bad, just that better Honey Toast and Macarons can be found elsewhere.

TIP: Social Media Check-ins yield 5-10% off total order.


WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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The Black Sheep, Las Vegas NV


The Black Sheep

DSC04219 DSC04220

La Flama Blanca – Kai Lemongrass Shochu, Spicy Thai Chili Syrup, Lemon Simple, Egg Whites

DSC04229 DSC04230

The Louisville Sweet Peach – Mint-Infused Old Forester Bourbon, Smoked Peach Liqueur, Lemon Honey Sour

DSC04197 DSC04198 DSC04203

Fried Beef Crisps – Togarashi Dust, Chili Lime Sauce

DSC04205 DSC04207 DSC04212

Bao Sliders – Housemade Pork Sausage, Fried Quail Egg, Crispy Shallot, Fresh Herbs, Jalapeno Aioli

DSC04209 DSC04208 DSC04211

Vietnamese Imperial Rolls – Duroc Pork, Shrimp, Pickled Carrots, Ninja Daikon, Yellow Frisee Salad, Garlic Citrus Vinaigrette

DSC04213 DSC04214 DSC04216

Ahi Tuna Tartare – Crispy Rice, Chile Citrus Oil, Micro Cilantro

DSC04224 DSC04221 DSC04223

Charred Peaches and Mesclun Salad – Creamy Goat Cheese, Candied Pecans, Prickly Pear Vinaigrette

DSC04225 DSC04226 DSC04227

Braised Duroc Pork Belly – Seasonal Mushrooms, Sticky Rice, Mustard Greens, Crunchy “Chicharone,” Savory Hood River Cherry Sauce

DSC04234 DSC04231 DSC04235

Slow Cooked Short Rib – Housemade Yucca Gnocchi, Summer Squash Ratatouille, Crispy Yucca Threads

DSC04236 DSC04240 DSC04237

Chocolate Tres Leches – Chocolate Sponge Cake, Chocolate Nest, Mint, White Chocolate Milk Sauce, Vietnamese Coffee Cream


“Oh, yeah, where SkinnyFats is, right?” was the first reaction to a rumor that one of the Las Vegas’ best new Restaurants had opened on Warm Springs Road while attention was focused on traveling outside city limits, yet after doing a bit of investigation the rumors quickly found confirmation in the respected palates of Friends and Chefs repeatedly stating that Chef Jamie Tran was turning out Strip-quality Cuisine at a fraction of the price inside a small kitchen at The Black Sheep.

Officially opened on May 16th inside a former Poke place, the constant turnover of Sin City’s dining scene making such a thing no surprise, The Black Sheep is part-owned and operated by Boulud and Batali veteran Andrew Hooper who brought on his young Chef from the now closed db Brasserie to reinvent an area long suffering for something of interest, the concept largely Vietnamese American with a ‘Comfort Food’ focus but a lot of classic French technique.


Currently open only for dinner, though Mr. Hooper confirms that his charismatic Chef arrives as early as 9:00am to begin preparation in a kitchen that is ‘no more than 350 square feet,’ The Black Sheep follows a model similar to Dan Krohmer’s Other Mama in that the menu is well-culled and focused while the Bar Program rivals Strip-based Mixology for pennies on the dollar, the foamy “La Flama Blanca” with subdued spice and citrus in a Shochu base already a hit at just $9 while “The Louisville Sweet Peach” goes even more artisan with the Bourbon infused with Mint in-house and the Peach Liqueur likewise smoked on the premises.


Still doing the 10+ hour a day routine with a smile on her face, years working with Vincent Pouessel at Aureole and then in the final days of Daniel Boulud’s latest Las Vegas failure elevating the Vietnamese recipes learned from her mother to a level that makes them both elegant and accessible, it was largely from Chef Tran’s hand that the part self-selected and part-suggested menu was served, a plate of puffed Beef Tendons with Togarashi crave-worthy and nicely spiced despite getting a little soggy beneath the Chili Lime Sauce while the housemade Bao and Pork Sausage ‘Sliders’ reinvent a stale idea by way of an umami-fest featuring Crispy Shallots, a sunny-side Quail Egg and Jalapeno Aioli.

Playing a great soundtrack throughout the meal, everything from the xx and Vampire Weekend intermixed with Led Zeppelin and The Doors amidst a sleek interior featuring organic flourishes and a wide panorama of a field filled with Sheep, plates three and four were suggested by Chef Tran as two of her favorites, the Vietnamese Imperial Rolls improving on traditional Spring Rolls by way of locally sourced Vegetables pickled in House and a crispy skin that plays well off the slightly funky center while her Ahi Tuna Tartare takes no shortcuts with snappy pieces of Flesh lightly kissed by housemade Citrus-Chile Oil on Rice Crisps.


Separating appetizers from entrees with a Salad, the ‘grilled’ Peaches unfortunately still a bit too firm and not at all smoky while the Prickly Pear Dressing overwhelmed the rest, those who don’t fear a bit of fat are strongly encourage to order Jamie’s Braised Pork Belly that deconstructs the idea of Porchetta by presenting the skin as a detached Chicharone atop Forbidden Rice, tender Mushrooms and Mustard Greens as good as anything you’ll find down South.


Consistently playing with textures throughout the meal, no two bites ever the same, it was on Andrew’s advice that savories concluded with The Black Sheep’s Short Rib that puts fork-tender Beef at the center of garden fresh Ratatouille with Yucca Dumplings and Crispy Roots on top, the restaurant’s lone dessert taking a similar approach with Dark Chocolate Sponge Cake thoroughly soaked in White Chocolate Milk beneath Fresh Mint and a Chocolate Candy Nest.


FOUR STARS: Setting aside the hype, both on-strip and off, and focusing solely on what educated diners have been saying all along about Las Vegas’ improving culinary scene The Black Sheep is not only a local gem, but the first restaurant since Other Mama to try something really different in an area previously sort of boring. Pleasantly decorated and as good for a solo bite at the Bar as it is for a meal with friends Chef Tran’s time at DB and Aureole has clearly given her the confidence and dedication to pull off complex plates fusing Vietnamese Roots to French Technique and aside from a few small issues the plates are bold yet nuanced at a great price for what is provided.

RECOMMENDED: Vietnamese Imperial Rolls, Bao Sliders, Braised Duroc Pork Belly, Chocolate Tres Leches.

AVOID: The Beef Crisps would be better off with the sauce on the side or with an emulsification or foam to prevent them from getting soggy while the Peach Salad needs less dressing and more smoke. Also, only one dessert at 3 months in is sort of weak.

TIP: Open Daily 5pm to 11pm. @blacksheepvegas on Social Media.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Le Cirque [13,] Las Vegas NV


Le Cirque


Veuve Framboise – Veuve Cliquot Champagne, Raspberry Puree, Liqueur de Framboise


Curious George – Casamigos Tequila, Monin Ginger Liqueur, Liquor 43, Fresh Lime and Sour, Jalapeno Salt Rim


Roland Garros – Ciroc Vodka, Chambord, Pineapple Juice, Louis De Sacy Rose Champagne

DSC04127 DSC04142 DSC04164

Brioche, Rosemary Roll, White Chocolate Coffee, Pretzel, Wheat Baton, Salted and Unsalted Butter

DSC04128 DSC04129 DSC04130

L’œuf – Caviar, Carrot Puree, Chamomile, Cucumber, Cilantro, Bread Crumbs

DSC04132 DSC04133 DSC04134

Salade de Homard – Melon Granite, Almond Milk, Raw Almonds, Lobster Tartare

DSC04135 DSC04137 DSC04140

Le Jardin de Printemps – English Peas, Tendrils, Garbanzo Beans, Socca, Blossoms, Wild Strawberry Mist

DSC04145 DSC04143 DSC04144

Pâtes de Foie Gras – Foie Gras Ravioli, Corn, Basil, Pine Nuts

DSC04147 DSC04150 DSC04149

Le Foie Gras Flambe aux Sureaux – St. Germain Flambeed Foie Gras, Sesame, Tapioca, Elderflower Gastrique

DSC04154 DSC04156 DSC04153

Loup de mer – Sea Bass, Squid Ink, Brandade, Garden Herbs

DSC04159 DSC04162 DSC04163

Le Joue de Veau – Braised Veal Cheek, Kohlrabi, Porcini, Chive Blossoms

DSC04169 DSC04170

Le Pre-Dessert Pineapple and Laveder “Explosion”, Cacao Butter

DSC04172 DSC04171 DSC04173

Glace au Chocolat Blanc – Lemon Curd, Crumble


Double Espresso – Ice

DSC04174 DSC04176 DSC04175

Soufflé au Chocolat – Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

DSC04179 DSC04180 DSC04181

Les Mignardises – Chocolate Macaron, Raspberry Macaron, Lemon Macaron, Caramel Macaron, Raspberry Pate de Fruit, Strawberry Marshmallow


Take Home Chocolates


With under two-dozen tables and a guest list that remains constantly full Le Cirque at Bellagio has always been one of the city’s most exclusive dining experiences, but having truly come into its own since Wilfried Bergerhausen took the helm in late 2014 the restaurant now meets all the requirements of a ‘destination,’ the cuisine distinct and expressive while service, setting and value remain unsurpassed.

Rapidly approaching nineteen years old and managed almost every day since opening by Ivo Angelov, his charming manner and uncanny knack for recalling guests in a city of constant change often seeing travelers book their next visit even before the current meal is over, it was on Saturday night that two diners once again took seats at the semi-circular bar located in the foyer, a perfect place to see all the night’s comings and goings while also meeting with guests from near and far.


Planning this visit sort of last minute, recent travel for both the Chef and GM seeing minds refreshed and preparing for a busy Las Vegas Autumn, it was once again with Carte Blanche to the kitchen that the evening ensued, two new Cocktails enjoyed along with the classic Framboise each proving quite memorable, the Roland Garros juicy but spirit forward while Curious George comes across a bit heated thanks to the rim but smooth and citrusy on the finish.

Using napkins as place settings at the bar, the circus theme still present by way of the big top and Bread plates soon to be filled with five great choices including buttery Brioche and warm White Chocolate Coffee Bread that remains one of the city’s best complimentary Carbohydrates, it was from a laser-cut Egg that guests were invited to fish the flavors of Caviar, Cucumber and Chamomile, the natural sweetness of Carrot Custard creating an elegant layering effect much as the icy Melon Granite did in an off-menu concept riffing on Sirio Maccioni’s classic Lobster Salad.


Continuing to excel in terms of subtle flavors and hidden textures, the plating of newer dishes as elegant as anything one might see in Copenhagen or Southern France, Chef Bergerhausen’s “Secret Garden” sees a Tahini base built upon with freshly shucked Peas and crispy Bread in a tangle of Vines and Flowers, each bite a little different than the last and building from beginning to end as a pleasant lead-in to another concept dish of tiny handmade Ravioli filled with Duck Liver in a pool of steeped Corn and Pine Nuts with Basil Oil.

Happy to see the previous menu’s Foie Gras dish has not changed, “Le Foie Gras Flambe aux Sureaux” presenting a meaty Steak cooked tender in Elderflower Liquor and topped in crispy grains, course six was described by Wilfried as ‘inspired by the plate,’ and although the Salt Cod sidecar originally captured attention thanks to its brine balanced by fresh Herbs the Seabass painted black with Squid Ink was no less impressive, bites flaking off effortlessly with plenty of moisture and as perfect a piece of Fish as one will find today in Sin City.


Understandably seeing the previous jewel-box Veal temporarily retired, the comparatively low quality of Truffles at this time of year making a seasonal update appropriate, Le Cirque’s current Veal Cheek is served beneath shaved Kohlrabi with Porcini Mushrooms in a rich Demi, the sauce every bit as good as in the past with Chive Blossoms adding a subtle aromatic component that was quickly washed away by the one-bite Pineapple Pre-Dessert.

Still lacking a proper pastry Chef, an issue entirely related to kitchen space that has seen the same classics offered in one form or another for nearly two years, Chef Bergerhausen graciously opted to go off-menu once more with White Chocolate Ice Cream served atop Lemon Curd and buttery Streusel before ending the night in Mignardises and Le Cirque’s peerless Chocolate Soufflé, the Red Leather box joining a growing collection after its Dark Chocolate contents were devoured during a trip to the Bellagio Conservatory Garden.

DSC04165 DSC04166 DSC04168

FIVE STARS: A truly singular experience in a city of same-same Le Cirque continues to improve with each visit, the service team as familiar as ever and all the better for it while Chef Bergerhausen, at the ripe old age of thirty, continues to innovate and refine his skills as the longest tenured toque at any of the city’s top-tier French Restaurants.

RECOMMENDED: Roland Garros, Le Jardin de Printemps, Loup de mer, Le Joue de Veau, Soufflé au Chocolat.



TIP: Dark on Monday, Reservations strongly encouraged 5p-10p otherwise. Truffle Season coming soon.


WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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Sinful Subs by Vic Vegas, Las Vegas NV


Sinful Subs by Vic Vegas

DSC04099 DSC04104 DSC04105

Jive Turkey – Oven Roasted Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Corn on the Cob, Cranberry Sauce, Gravy

DSC04106 DSC04107 DSC04111

Italian Chick-en Vegas – Hand Breaded Chicken Cutlet, Housemade Marinara, Melted Mozzarella

DSC04089 DSC04095 DSC04097

Walk o’ Shame – Triple Decker Cinnamon French Toast, Fried Eggs, Sausage Patties, Bacon, Grilled Ham, American Cheese, Cream Cheese, Hash Browns, Powdered Sugar, Syrup and a Fruit Cocktail

DSC04112 DSC04114 DSC04115

Black Chip Cannoli – Chocolate Dipped with Mascarpone and Dark Chocolate Chips


Originally titled Seven Sinful Subs, but since expanding that idea to a few more sandwiches and dropping the number, Vic Vegas’ Sinful Subs on Maryland Parkway originally opened its doors just under one year ago and although a bit tucked away in one of the shopping centers near UNLV a late lunch on Saturday showed the product to be far better than one might guess from the outside signage or website.


Officially located at 4632 South Maryland Parkway, nearby businesses including the expected head shops, a US Post Office and other grab n’ go dining ideas, it was just past 2:00pm that online ordering was accessed by way of the website and perusing the choices with a coupon in hand the decision was made to order three Sandwiches plus one Dessert, the quoted preparation time of forty-five minutes a little hard to believe and a quick call to the restaurant suggesting this was automated, a ten minute drive finding 2/3 of the items already hot, ready and waiting.


Now open for Breakfast six-days a week, the upcoming semester not yet in session and things still fairly quiet, it was with Mötley Crüe’s Kickstart My Heart playing overhead that the store was entered, a lengthy space decorated in flames and pictures of menu choices traversed en route to a counter set next to the kitchen, a trio of servers all pleasant and hard at work slicing Deli-meat, frying Chicken and assembling what would turn out to be several to-go orders plus some food for another duo of dine-in patrons.


Certainly not an upscale spot, the soundtrack next transitioning to Metallica’s Seek and Destroy before some KISS, it was with one Sandwich plated while the rest was boxed to go that a seat along one wall was taken, the “Nosebleed Seats” as good a place as any to tuck into a dastardly combination entitled “Walk o’ Shame” that sees three thick slices of Cinnamon and Custard seared French Toast wrapped around two Eggs, crispy Bacon, Ham, Fennel Sausage, two types of Cheese and Hashbrowns, all of it exactly as ridiculous as it sounds and best eaten disassembled as the whole is really no better or worse than the sum of its parts.


Chuckling at the Fruit Cocktail served alongside the Sandwich, a variety of Chips or upgraded sides such as Macaroni and Cheese offered alongside other Sandwiches, it was with Hot Cheetos packed up for the lady that both the Jive Turkey and Italian Chick-en Vegas were next given a taste while still warm, the former clearly a riff on Capriotti’s famous “The Bobbie” but bettered by way of a toasty Roll, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy plus Cranberry Sauce on the side while the Parm was on par with many local sit-down restaurants thanks to a hand-breaded and fried-to-order Cutlet topped in housemade Marinara and melted Mozzarella.


Admittedly intrigued by The Baller and its housemade Meatballs as well as the bargain New York Breakfast Sandwich on a Kaiser Roll with Coffee and Hashbrowns for just $6 it was instead with Dessert that the meal came to a conclusion, Vic’s family recipe Cannoli a bit disappointing in that it had clearly been pre-filled with some notable sog, though the Chocolate dip and Chips did help a little bit with both flavor and consistency.


THREE AND A HALF STARS: Sort of an overwrought concept, though executed far better than it need be given the location, Sinful Subs offers several unique and hearty Sandwiches as a price that is a bit higher than the Chains but justified by good customer service and far better ingredients, plus the obvious support of a local business.

RECOMMENED: Jive Turkey, Italian Chick-en Vegas.

AVOID: Better Cannoli’s can be found elsewhere, including nearby Cugino’s.


TIP: Currently offering $15 off a $30 purchase coupons on and online ordering available, though those in a hurry may wish to call instead.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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Mothership Coffee Roasters [6,] Henderson NV


Mothership Coffee Roasters

DSC04065 DSC04066

Banger Brewing and Mothership Roasters Single Origin Peru Penachi Cold Brew


Latte with Housemade Vanilla Syrup

DSC04073 DSC04074

Nitro Coffee

DSC04058 DSC04057 DSC04063

Vegan Pocket with “Italian Sausage,” “Egg,” “Mozzarella” and Vegetables

DSC04056 DSC04055 DSC04067

Ham, Jalapeno and Mozzarella Croissant

DSC04052 DSC04053

Crustless Quiche with Spinach, Broccoli and Cheddar

DSC04062 DSC04061 DSC04068

Peachy Keen Peach Pie

DSC04042 DSC04040 DSC04070

Gluten Free Vegan Matcha Orange Blossom Twinkie with Chocolate Drizzle

DSC04037 DSC04038 DSC04039

Vegan Strawberry Tart

DSC04046 DSC04048 DSC04071

Blueberry Lemon Cruffin

DSC04031 DSC04032 DSC04033

Key Lime, White Chocolate and Raspberry Scone

DSC04034 DSC04035 DSC04036

Concord Grape and Lavender Galette

DSC04043 DSC04044 DSC04045

Milk Chocolate, Butterscotch, Pecan Rye Cookie

DSC04080 DSC04077 DSC04083



Now in the business for over two years, Chef Beth Ryan-Small having recently taken over the Gluten-free and Vegan baking responsibilities in addition to her ever-inventive prior role, July 2017 saw Juanny Romero and Joshua Walter’s Mothership Coffee Roasters embrace a new challenge, a collaboration with Banger Brewing yielding the 702’s first ready-to-sell Cold Brew.


At this point nothing short of a community staple, the crowd usually thick a half-hour after opening and all the best Pastries sold out long before closing each day, it was on Saturday morning that two diners made the twenty-five minute drive from central Vegas down to 2708 North Green Valley Parkway in Henderson, both Josh and Chef Beth present and happy to talk about new products including the black cans of Coffee and some of the most delicious Baked Goods offered yet.


In all ways a world-class operation despite its small size, the single origin Beans roasted on-site and served as everything from Espresso Shots and Pour-Overs to Lattes with housemade Vanilla Syrup or “Hopped-up” Nitro Cold Brew, it was with palpable passion that Josh talked about the new cans featuring nothing more than Coffee and Water, the decision to light-roast and not carbonate making the product extremely palate friendly without a lot of acid that should see them well received whether as a morning jump-start, mid-day pick-me-up or even straight from an ice chest with food in the same way one might enjoy Beer during a cookout.

At this point turning attention to Pastries, just a little over five months between visits seeing nearly the entire case swapped out for new choices with one returning favorite joining the mix by way of an exceptional Concord Grape and Lavender Galette, it was while chatting with Beth that two restriction-free diners were more than a little surprised by a Vegan Pocket with “Italian Sausage, Egg, and Mozzarella,” the sweating of two types of Peppers preventing them from overwhelming Fennel and Sundried Tomatoes while the recently redone Twinkie replaced a previously chunky filling with something smooth and rich with the Cake itself lightly sweet, moist and fragrant.


Next challenging anyone to tell the difference between Vegan and not with a Strawberry Tart, the hand-formed crust welled up and crisp around nothing more than fresh Berries from California reduced with a bit of Sugar, those looking for something a bit more substantial would be well advised to invest $4 in a “Peachy Keen” Pie that is large enough to be shared, the insides strewn in thin slices of White Peach without any sticky glaze and the texture of both the Fruit and Shell all the better for it.


Moving savory to sweet and back, the Croissant a little less proofed than would be ideal but still appetizing with melted Mozzarella playing well off salty Ham and Jalapenos, Egg enthusiasts will likely enjoy a crustless Quiche currently featuring Spinach and Broccoli while fans of Chef Ryan-Small’s Scones will be happy to see the Chili, Cheese and Onion version has not gone anywhere, though it has been joined by a sweet counterpart decorated in Key Lime, melted White Chocolate and housemade Raspberry Jam.


Intentionally saving Chocolate for last, the Rye Cookie now incorporating Butterscotch into the mix with great results, those looking for something truly decadent would be well served to visit around 10:30am when Brownies are set but still warm, the top layer crisp and crackling atop thick Ganache and a soft Cake base…though visiting so late may see Mothership already sold out of their recently launched Blueberry and Lemon Curd Cruffin that leaves Mr. Holmes original in the dust.


FIVE STARS: While denizens of DTLV would like the city to believe jam Vesta or Makers and Finders have somehow made Las Vegas a Coffee City the fact remains that Juanny and Josh have been setting the standard for years, Mothership’s Roasts only continuing to get better over time and the Pastry program from Chef Ryan-small on a whole different level from any American bakery in town.

RECOMMENDED: Vegan Pocket, Peachy Keen Peach Pie, Blueberry Lemon Cruffin, Concord Grape and Lavender Galette, Brownie, Cold Brew Cans or Nitro Cold Brew.

AVOID: Without the room for a sheet-laminator or storage space to proof the Ham and Cheese Croissant comes up a little flat.

TIP: Store hours are currently 7a-6p daily and Cold Brew Cans should soon be found in most places where other Banger Brewing products are available.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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Gelatology [8,] Las Vegas NV




Samples: Apple Fritter, Ube Oreo, Strawberry n’ Cream, Lemon Pound Cake, Green Tea Yuzu, S’mores with Pecans, Amoretti Cookie, Guava Cheesecake, Mango

DSC04011 DSC04008

Green Tea Yuzu Single


Apple Fritter and S’mores with Pecans Single

DSC04017 DSC04019 DSC04018

Banana Bread

DSC04013 DSC04015 DSC04016

Oatmeal Raisin Cranberry Cookie


With whispers now becoming confirmed that Desyree Alberganti will soon be taking her talents to South…Bend where she will rejoin family after a job change it seems as though time is limited to sample some of the best Gelato served in the United States, though an unknown ‘last day of service’ and promises from the Chef that she will be training new owners prior to her departure gives one reason to hope, even though her smile and charming manner will certainly be missed.

Quickly approaching the second anniversary of a spot that made it cool to open on South Rainbow below the 215, though Desyree’s time at Art of Flavors cannot be forgotten as subsequent ownership fell flat within a year, it was Friday night after dinner that a visit was paid to the tiny shop pitching unique flavors every single day of the week, the beloved owner offering taste after tastes to guests both new and old just as she has from the very beginning.


Amongst the most enticing Instagram accounts in Las Vegas, her videos of each day’s flavors set to a catchy beat always offering at least three reasons why it would be good to stop by, those visiting on Friday were invited to experience flavors including brilliant purple Ube Oreo and favorites like Mango Sorbet alongside new ideas like ‘My S’mores’ with housemade Marshmallows amidst a smooth Chocolate Base given texture by Graham Crackers and a spot-on rendition of Amoretti Cookie, the Green Tea and Yuzu fragrant and light without tasting ‘grassy’ while the Apple Fritter picked up on both the Fruit and Yeast notes of the real thing without the oiliness that deters many.

Still offering a limited number of baked goods on-site, the folks at Sambalatte apparently soon to be in the market for someone new to stock their shelves, those who used to be sad about cookies only offered in three-packs will be happy to know that both the Chocolate Chip with Toffee and soft Oatmeal Raisin Cranberry Cookies are now available single, the latter perfect with a crisp rim and soft center while the Banana Bread stored beneath glass is rich and moist both at the point of purchase and still the morning after.


FIVE STARS: Although one does wonder how the store will fare after Las Vegas’ brightest off-Strip stars departs the fact of the matter is that Gelatology remains one of the best Gelato Shops in America today, the creative juices still flowing and flavors as well as textures good enough to warrant a car rental or Uber from the Strip for visitors with a culinary interest.

RECOMMENDED: Apple Fritter, S’mores with Pecans, Ube Oreo, Guava Cheesecake, Banana Bread, Oatmeal Raisin Cranberry Cookie.



TIP: Gelatology’s 2-year Anniversary is on Sunday 8/13/17 and will feature all sorts of fun including a selection of all-time favorites as voted by fans. @gelatologylv for more.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Meraki Greek Grill, Las Vegas NV


Meraki Greek Grill


Hummus – Garbanzo Beans, Tahini and Lemon


Melizanosalata – Roasted Eggplant, Fresh Herbs and Olive Oil

DSC03983 DSC03988 DSC03990

Falafel Side x2

DSC03984 DSC03987 DSC03991

Saganaki – Lightly Fried Imported Kefalograviera Cheese


Pita Bread

DSC03996 DSC03993 DSC03994

Gyro and Chicken Kalamaki Plate with French Fries, Greek Salad, Pita and Tzatziki

DSC03998 DSC03999 DSC04000

Baklava – Layered Phyllo, Walnuts and Honey Syrup / Mama’s Rice Pudding – Cinnamon and Vanilla / Ravani – Sweet Semolina Cake

DSC04001 DSC04002

Baklava Ice Cream – Vanilla Ice Cream with Baklava

DSC03981 DSC03982

Poised to celebrate their 6 month anniversary on Tuesday Meraki Greek Grill has been nothing less than an Off-Strip sensation since opening its doors, and on Friday evening after a long work week the decision was made to finally check the place out, a bill of just $64 yielding enough high quality fare to have fed at least one more than a party of three and the offerings almost universally on par with anything else of its kind in Sin City.


Owned by Jerry Goumroian of Henderson’s beloved The Great Greek and Nikos Georgousis of Estiatorio Milos fame, the location on South Rainbow in the same plaza that previously housed Elements traditionally considered a tough sell due to its neighborhood, Meraki promises diners a “quality meal with the best service at an affordable price” and from the moment one enters the tile and blue space it is fairly obvious that this isn’t a run-of-the-mill counter order concept, the women running the front of house moving from register to tableside all clearly quite knowledgeable and extremely pleasant.


Defined as “doing something with soul, creativity and love,” the music light and walls decorated in photographs of Greece plus a mural of Zeus, diners at Meraki are invited to peruse both overhead and paper menus before stepping forward to place an order that is paid for up front, the menu ranging from Appetizers and Desserts to Bowls and Sandwiches all made of great ingredients by a kitchen that works quietly, the staff going so far as to course items out so that, even when busy, no table is overwhelmed.


Told that portions were ‘enough but not too big,’ a fair assessment at a pricepoint that sees most Appetizers sold for less than $5 for sharable amounts and no more than $15 for main plates that should sate even the most hearty appetite, it was in Family style on boards that three rounds of Food were served in under sixty minutes, course one comprised of smooth Hummus and a mild Eggplant puree plus fried Kefalograviera Cheese that was both stretchy and elegantly saline, two orders of Falafel delivering eight crisp and oilless nuggets lightly perfumed in Onions, Parsley and Garlic.


Not particularly sold on the Pita, a ‘good enough’ but unremarkable Loaf that is served quartered and warm but not nearly on par with the fluffy housemade pockets at Amena Bakery & Deli, round two saw Nikos and team send out a platter of tender Lamb and Beef served over Fries along with a Lemon-spritzed skewer of Chicken alongside Greek Salad and Tzatziki, the cooling Yogurt not only excellent for creating a makeshift Gyro but also as a dip for Fries, though those looking for something a bit more traditional/healthy may wish to opt for Rice instead.


Offering Iced Tea and Coke products from a Remix Machine, kids meals also making Juice Boxes or Milk available at an extra charge, dinner concluded by way of 4/5 of Meraki’s Dessert selections, the celebrated Baklava Ice Cream a clever way to serve the classic Honey and Walnut Pastry as a mix-in with scoops of Vanilla though purists may prefer the housemade flaky layers served ‘au natural’ in two sizable triangles, the Rice Pudding easily one of the best in Las Vegas for staying simple and being served at room temperature while the $3.79 Semolina Cake is nicely soaked at the bottom but still with some tooth at the top and restrained in its sweetness by light notes of Citrus.


FOUR STARS: Budget friendly, fresh, healthy and well-crafted with a staff that excels in making guests of all ages and backgrounds feel welcome Meraki is yet another example of a talented Casino Chef bringing his skills to the neighborhood, a growing trend that is slowly gaining traction and worth supporting as the Las Vegas dining scene evolves into something more than just a place for Celebrity Chefs and tourists visiting the Strip.

RECOMMENDED: Saganaki, Tzatziki, Gyro, Chicken Kalamaki, Baklava Ice Cream, Rice Pudding, Ravani.

DSC03980 DSC03979

AVOID: Pita is merely average amongst standouts and the Eggplant Puree could have stood to be a bit more deeply smoked to add some complexity past that of the Garlic.

TIP: Open 11-9 Tuesday through Saturday and until 8pm on Sunday. Specials occasionally available so watch Social Media @merakigreeklv

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.


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Bacon Bar, Las Vegas NV


Bacon Bar

DSC03949 DSC03950

Man Candy – Applewood Smoked Bacon cooked in Candy Glaze, Jim Bean Maple Reduction

DSC03945 DSC03947 DSC03946

Roasted Garlic Bacon Buns – Roasted Garlic, Chopped Bacon, Mozzarella, Red Sauce

DSC03955 DSC03956 DSC03958

Porky Pile – Pulled Pork, Bacon, Roasted Pork Loin, Alabama White Sauce, Tangy Coleslaw, Cheddar, Brioche Bun served with Seasoned Fries

DSC03951 DSC03952 DSC03953

The B&B Pie – White Garlic Sauce, Three Different Bacons, Lemon Dressed Arugula, Roma Tomato

DSC03965 DSC03967 DSC03966

Bacon Beignets – New Orleans Style with Crispy Bacon, Powdered Sugar, Bacon Maple Dipping Sauce

DSC03963 DSC03961 DSC03964

Apple Crunch – Creamy Cheesecake, Sweet Stewed Apples, Crispy Bacon Crumb Cake, Whipped Cream, Ice Cream, Caramel


Previously titled Kerry’s Sports Pub but re-christened “Bacon Bar” after a visit from the television program Bar Rescue in 2013 it was always as sort of a novelty that many locals looked at the 24/7 spot at 3520 North Rancho Drive, former Yardbird Chef Melvin Johnson having recently departed for New York after a remarkably short stay and the Restaurant still, apparently, struggling to make ends meet when an odd twist of fate saw them connected with Christopher Palmeri of Naked City Pizza fame.


Self-applying the term ‘Gastropub,’ though by most standards a Sports Bar not unlike many others in town, the forty-four Beers on tap and 90+ Bottles definitely a focus in addition to the gaming area, televisions and porky décor, it was just past 6:00pm on a Thursday that two friends with no interest in drinking entered the space to a warm welcome from one of two bartenders, the 21+ signage universally predicting a scent of cigarettes that was thankfully short lived thanks to the smoke-free dining area in back.


No doubt a unique situation, the ultra-competitive Las Vegas marketplace quick to claim the dreams of many would-be restaurateurs regardless of skill and the recent shutter of Naked City Tavern due to investor issues a particularly painful loss given its aspirations, it was with Chef Palmeri quickly identified as he was training kitchen staff that pleasantries were exchanged, the ever busy man explaining his consulting role and goals to improve everything by way of simplifying the menu in a “less is more, but better” way.


Less than 1/8 full on a Saturday during a slow part of the sports calendar, national exposure and a theme built on one of America’s favorite indulgences still not enough to hold attention in ever-changing Sin City when the menu is a slipshod arrangement of four different types of bagged Fries, store-bought Pizza Dough and omnipresent Bar Snacks, it was at Palmeri’s discretion that the party of two allowed him to chart the night’s course, a Bacon Bar standby of “Man Candy” placing Applewood Bacon inside a sugary Crust alongside Maple-Whisky Sauce with a little spice, Naked City’s Dough offered next in a puffy spiral surrounding more crisp Pig with a liberal bit of roasted Garlic, Mozzarella and a sidecar of Marinara making for some very good Garlic Knots.


Having always shown a good hand with Sandwiches, the South Buffalo Breakfast and Hot Mama offered as brunch Specials at Naked City Pizza on Paradise without doubt two of the best reasons for tourists to venture off-Strip early on a weekend, Bacon Bar sees Palmeri going Hog wild with the “Porky Pile,” a fork-and-knife event comprised of Pulled Pork, Bacon, and roasted Loin with zippy Sauce and Slaw beneath Cheddar, juices pouring forth with each bite onto hand-cut fries while three types of Pork also find their way onto one of Naked City’s Square Pies with a familiar pillowy Crust plus Garlic, sliced Tomatoes and Arugula tossed in Citrus.


Not yet laying hands on the Dessert Menu, Chef Palmeri at this point taking his leave en route for Paradise and reminding anyone who ever considered such a thing of the rigors of being a Chef with more than one location, it was with the listed Bread Pudding unavailable that the decision was instead made to invest in an oversized “Apple Crunch” and unfortunately overcooked Beignets topped in crumbled Bacon and Powdered Sugar, the former just $7.95 for the sort of decadence best shared by more than two people as Bacon-laced Streusel is baked atop a creamy Cheesecake with stewed Apples, Whipped Cream, slowly-melting Ice Cream and Caramel.


THREE AND A HALF STARS: Allowing Chef Palmeri to take the reins of a floundering concept may just be the smartest move Bacon Bar has made since it switched over from Kerry’s Sports Pub, the menu still a work in progress but already selling items like the Bacon Candle and those listed above plus several Naked City Favorites such as the Guinea Pie and Suicide Fries.


RECOMMENDED: Roasted Garlic Bacon Buns, The B&B Pie, Apple Crunch.

AVOID: Whether a matter of over-working or over-frying the Dough our Bacon Beignets were too heavy and crisp to warrant comparison to those in New Orleans.


TIP: Amongst further menu additions Chris Palmeri has also teamed with food delivery services like UberEats to help bring Naked City Pizza to yet another neighborhood, something folks up North should definitely be happy about both now and come football season.


WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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Carson Kitchen [9,] Las Vegas NV


Carson Kitchen

DSC03883 DSC03884

Girl From Ipanema – avuá prata cachaça, watermelon, fresh lime, basil, balsamic vinegar

DSC03887 DSC03885 DSC03886

Watermelon & Feta – tajin, fresh lemon, cucumber

DSC03889 DSC03888 DSC03890

Grilled Artichoke – chipotle aioli, banyuls vinegar

DSC03896 DSC03897 DSC03898

Gyro Tacos – lamb, tzatziki, feta, tomato

DSC03894 DSC03895

Get Shorty! – el jimador tequila, grapefruit, fresh lime, cayenne simple syrup

DSC03891 DSC03892 DSC03893

Crispy Chicken Skins – smoked honey

DSC03900 DSC03901

Pig & Fig – pork belly, pickled figs, goat cheese

DSC03905 DSC03906 DSC03907

Filet-Ohhh-Fish – green goddess cole slaw, spicy tots

DSC03908 DSC03909

Pretty Rye for a Chi Guy – george dickel rye, orgeat syrup, velvet falernum, fresh lime, mint

DSC03912 DSC03910 DSC03911

Pork Chop – jalapeño pesto


German Potato Salad – whole grain mustard, chives


Vinho Verde, Gazela Portugal

DSC03915 DSC03917 DSC03916

Shrimp & Antebellum Grits – andouille gravy

DSC03918 DSC03919 DSC03920

Rainbow Cauliflower – garlic, lemon juice


Sea Bass – charred lemon, herbed greens


Purple Haze (Reprise) – nevada h&c sliver dollar vodka, st. elder liqueur, fresh lemon, mint, crème de cassis, blueberry preserve

DSC03927 DSC03929 DSC03934

Berry Hand Pies – blueberry, ginger, gin

DSC03932 DSC03933

Towns End – slow & low whiskey, fernet vittone, amaro del sole, regan’s bitters #6, angostura bitter

DSC03924 DSC03926 DSC03925

Banoffee Pie – irish cream, whipped cream, chocolate biscotti


Now sailing high amongst an ever challenging DTLV dining scene for longer than many Celebrity Chef Restaurants manage to last on-Strip it should go without saying that Carson Kitchen is a quintessential Las Vegas dining experience for locals and visitors alike, Chefs Cory Harwell and John Courtney continuing to reinvent the menu each season with new ideas and fresh products on top of an ever-growing collection of classics.


Soon poised for expansion, the Tattoo Studio next door recently relocated and renovation planning to add more seating plus a proper bar while still maintaining the intimate feel of a space that makes good of low ceilings and a tight kitchen, it was with plans falling through for a four that two diners sat down to taste the new Summer menu at its one-month mark, John fresh off a trip to Europe and filled with ideas while Matthew Harwell continues to oversea a bar program that excels in terms of matching the Chefs in terms of both the innovation and ingredients.


Requesting the Chefs to serve at will, something of a tradition at this point and one that likely won’t change anytime soon as hits outnumber misses at about a 20:1 ratio, it was from seats at the pass that nearly two and a half hours were spent enjoying five rounds of food plus an equal number of cocktails, the opening volley of Girl From Ipanema with mild Brazilian Cachaça and Watermelon a logical pairing to Carson Kitchen’s reinterpreted Watermelon & Feta Salad that this year features Tajin and Raw Onion, a trio of Gyro Tacos with bright Tzatziki every bit as good as memory served while the $12 Grilled Artichoke is a veritable steal considering the fact that all the hard work of cleaning it had already been done by the kitchen.


Next sending out Get Shorty! from the bar, a man from Italy stopping Matthew in his tracks with an identical shirt only moments before three guys in matching Hawaiian button-downs walked through the front door, suffice it to say that the blend of Tequila, Citrus and Spice with a salty Rim went over very well with the lady of the two-top, as too did Cory’s signature Chicken Skins with an all new spice mix that she only reluctantly shared upon realizing that eating too many would prevent an adequate tasting of the crispy new Pig & Fig Flatbread with Arugula and just a touch of Goat Cheese, not to mention the “Filet-Ohhh-Fish” that takes McDonald’s famous square up several notches by adding Shrimp plus Fish Sauce to the Patty before topping it off with herbaceous Cole Slaw.


Scaling back course three as a true pairing, the “Pretty Rye for a Chi Guy” replacing Gin in Al Capone’s favorite Cocktail with George Dickel Rye but bringing back some of the freshness by way of Lime and Mint, those who enjoy a simple piece of grilled Meat will be happy to see Carson Kitchen once again serving top quality Pork at a great price, the bone-in Chop atop ‘jalapesto’ simple yet succulent while a personal distaste for Mustard made the German Potato Salad largely irrelevant.

Opting to show off a newly offered wine called Vinho Verde with the meal’s final savory course, a light body and tiny bubbles amidst mild sweetness expectedly pairing well to fish, those who enjoyed last year’s grilled Sea Bass with Herb Salad will be happy to know it is back and as beautiful as ever, the Rainbow Cauliflower an equally great dish despite its simplicity while the Shrimp & Antebellum Grits sees Chef Courtney and team frying the Bob’s Red Mill special order into soft Polenta-style cubes before adding a handful of tailless Crustaceans and housemade Andouille Sausage to the mix.


Continuing to offer the ever-enjoyable Brownie and Bread Pudding while updating Dessert by way of a seasonal Handpie baked up light around Gin-soaked Blueberries and Ginger it was while sipping the Purple Haze (Reprise) that a surprise was presented, Harwell & Co’s Banoffee Pie Jar announcing its return this fall and still one of Sin City’s best Desserts, whether alongside the bitter yet slowly building smoothness of a Town’s End or Coffee as usual.

FIVE STARS: Nothing has changed except the menu, and if anything it is better than ever, so why would the rating change?

RECOMMENDED: All the Classics plus Pretty Rye for a Chi Guy, Shrimp & Antebellum Grits, Pork Chop and Grilled Artichoke.

AVOID: Those who don’t like Mustard may want to avoid the German Potato Salad…though I guess the same could be said for those who don’t like Feta avoiding the Gyro Tacos…honestly, there are no duds on the current menu.

TIP: Setting aside Standard & Pour, the people of Henderson simply not ready for cuisine of that caliber, Cory and John seem to have a full plate on their hands with the Carson Kitchen expansion and Ally Cat…plus, y’know, the upcoming Fall Menu (aka Banoffee Season) and Life Is Beautiful traffic.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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Lucky Penny, Las Vegas NV


Lucky Penny

DSC03787 DSC03788

NITRO “BLACK DRAGON” DRAFT COFFEE – nitrogen infused cold brew made in-house


PENNY BENNIES – poached eggs, ham, garlic toast, hollandaise

DSC03792 DSC03793 DSC03798

CHAI LATTE FRENCH TOAST – chai spiced caramel syrup, whipped cream

DSC03794 DSC03796 DSC03799

CINNAMON SWIRL PANCAKES – buttermilk pancakes, brown sugar cinnamon swirl, cream cheese icing

DSC03804 DSC03805 DSC03806

BUFFALO WINGS “ELOTE” – crisp fried chicken wings, bleu cheese sauce and crumbles, shaved celery and carrots

DSC03807 DSC03809 DSC03808

PANUCHO – black bean stuffed corn tortilla, pulled chicken, cabbage, avocado crema, cotija

DSC03810 DSC03812 DSC03817

GYOZA – pork, shrimp, green onion, chinkiang dipping sauce

DSC03813 DSC03814

OLD FASHION CHERRY BOMBE – cherry ice cream, maraschino cherry, chocolate ganache swirl, chocolate shavings, cordial cherry

DSC03815 DSC03816

FAT ELVI – peanut butter, banana, chocolate, vanilla, whipping cream, chocolate dipped bacon

DSC03821 DSC03819 DSC03820

ALMOST BONELESS FRIED CHICKEN – honey kissed chicken, waffle-pressed biscuits, orange marmalade syrup

DSC03826 DSC03823 DSC03824

WALNUT SHRIMP – batter-fried shrimp, sweet and tangy sauce, candied walnuts, rice

DSC03829 DSC03827 DSC03828

KUNG PAO SPAGHETTI – chicken, hoisin, peanuts, chiles

DSC03838 DSC03839 DSC03840

CHOPPED KALE & APPLE SALAD – belgian endive, grapes, candied walnuts, miso-lime vinaigrette

DSC03830 DSC03832 DSC03831

WAFFLE-GRILLED CHEESE – cheddar, swiss, parmesan, monterey jack, tomato soup

DSC03834 DSC03835 DSC03837

MARGHERITA PIZZA – san marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil

DSC03841 DSC03842 DSC03843

STEAK FRITES – bistro steak, garlic herb fries, tarragon aioli, pickled onions

DSC03844 DSC03845 DSC03846

RED VELVET LAVA BROWNIE – red velvet chocolate cookie, double chocolate brownie, molten chocolate ganache, vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream

DSC03848 DSC03853

INVERTED KEY LIME PIE – fresh key lime custard, graham cracker crust, meringue, lychee chocolate truffle

DSC03850 DSC03851 DSC03849

CHOCOLATE PENNY CAKE – chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, hazelnut puff cookie, chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings, chocolate bubble garnish, whipped cream

DSC03860 DSC03862 DSC03863


DSC03857 DSC03859 DSC03864


DSC03865 DSC03866 DSC03867


DSC03869 DSC03870 DSC03871


DSC03875 DSC03876 DSC03877


DSC03872 DSC03873 DSC03874



When it was made known in mid-2016 that Station Casinos planned to purchase The Palms it was with a watchful eye that changes were gauged at a distance, suggestions that Alize would not be affected thus far holding true aside from Chris Bulen stepping down as Chef and rumors that the Buffet would be closed largely irrelevant, the biggest news since the takeover coming when newly promoted Corporate Executive Chef Joseph Kudrak announced that Lucky Penny had been born from the previous 24 Seven Café Space.


Breaking with tradition for Station Casinos nomenclature, each of their prior properties including Red Rock labeling the all-day and all-night dining option as simply “Grand Café” with the majority of these locations executing better than necessary, Lucky Penny shows a lot of forward thinking in terms of both branding and décor, the formerly dark space now open widely to the gaming floor with plenty of televisions, gold chandeliers and marble plus several unique touches including neon affirmations and cute creatures made of discarded household items.


Not hiding its ‘everything to everyone’ aspirations, a necessity for any Restaurant intending to keep up with the likes of HeXx, Grand Lux or Mr. Lucky’s, it was just past 6:00pm on a Friday that five diners sat down at a large table toward the back of the space where Chef Kudrak was currently helping cooks dial in a menu featuring no less than fifty items, everything from Pancakes to a Lobster Roll and Mongolian Beef offered alongside specialty Cocktails and Shakes, the meal divided into four courses and starting out with Breakfast that featured lemony Eggs Benedict served with crispy Potato squares plus Custard-soaked Chai Latte French Toast flanked in Whipped Cream and a big stack of fluffy Cinnaroll Pancakes dripping with Cream Cheese Frosting.


Part self-selecting the menu and part allowing the kitchen to fill in with some of their favorites it was after some debate as to just how much of the triple-stack to enjoy that servers reset the table for a round of appetizers, two big Shakes with a creamy base and carefully crafted balance soon joining soft-drinks and an unfortunately flat Nitro Coffee as the group received Mexican, Chinese and American favorites; the Pot stickers fairly dull in terms of their filling while both the Tortilla topped in spicy Chicken and the skewered Buffalo Wings fared far better, the former particularly noteworthy as it eats lighter than one would guess with the stuffed Tortilla fried up crisp yet virtually oilless.


Serving Entrees and Sides as a slow roll-out over the course of thirty minutes it was here that Las Vegas gained yet another entry in the race for best Chicken and Waffles, the “Almost Boneless” Breasts pounded out and perfectly tender in golden Batter atop Drop Biscuits taken to the Waffle iron while the Walnut Shrimp and Kung Pao Spaghetti were both on par with any similar plate on Spring Mountain Road, though the later would potentially benefit from a thinner style of Noodle.


Lightening things up a bit with some Greens, the chopped Kale and Apples tossed with Endive, Grapes and Walnuts taken up a notch by bright Vinaigrette, those thinking that Lucky Penny would go ‘boring’ in its American offerings will be surprised to realize that both the dunkable ‘Waffle’ Grilled Cheese and Steak Frites with Paprika Fries and herbal Aioli are the sort of thing one might see on the lunch menu at Delmonico, the Margherita Pizza bubbling up with a good blister and leopard spotted underside topped in hand-crushed Tomatoes and imported Buffalo Mozzarella.


At this point well sated with several unfinished plates boxed as leftovers Chef Kudrak once again stopped by to explain how he did not want Lucky Penny’s Desserts to be ‘generic,’ the decision to instead bring on a full-time Pastry Chef paying immediate dividends not only in terms of the to-go case up front but the menu’s opening lineup of Triple Chocolate Cake served with a spiral of Mousse, a piping-hot Chocolate Brownie served with Vanilla Ice Cream and Red Velvet Cookie spokes and the “Inverted Key Lime Pie” that would not look out of place on the menu at Yardbird, CUT or even perhaps L’Atelier.

DSC03781 DSC03782 DSC03783

FOUR STARS: Fulfilling a promise to update The Palms to modern times, and taking a chance in breaking tradition with an entirely new 24/7 concept despite the obvious success of Grand Café across several venues, Station Casinos appears to have a winner on its hands with Lucky Penny, the ‘necessary’ Hotel dining option doing more than just satisfying its role and actually presenting several dishes on par with restaurants nearly twice its pricepoint in an environment that is both casual and inviting.


RECOMMENDED: Cinnaroll Pancakes, Panucho, Old Fashion Cherry Bombe, Almost Boneless Fried Chicken, Steak Frites, Inverted Key Lime Pie, Chocolate Twist.


AVOID: Nitro Coffee lacked any head or bubbles, Gyoza filling needs a lot of work and the Mixed Berry Danish needs more filling.

TIP: Menu photos attached as it is not currently listed online, all options available 24/7/365.


WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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Vespertine, Los Angeles CA




Americano Bianco, Passion Flower


Ice Plant, Lime


Kelp, Yuzu, Wild Fennel


Burnt Onion, Wild Currant Cookie

Mango, Sunflower, Spruce (Not Photographed)


Smoked Hazelnut, Prune Leather, Anise Hyssop


Hirame, Salted Plum, Smoked Onion, Squid Ink, Yogurt, Teff, Chervil


White Asparagus, Onion, Buttermilk, Squid, Oats, Macadamia Nut, Macadamia Milk


Lovage, Sunchoke, Radish, Egg Yolk, Onion


Trout Roe, Cream Cheese, Endive, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Geranium Ice


Red Spinach, Onion, Tapioca, Quince, Lobster, Beet, Brioche, Sorghum


Turkey, Amaranth, Rhubarb, Currant, Yarrow


Blackberry, Mulberry


Green Pea, Kiwi, Sunflower, Spruce Tips


Dungeness Crab, Sweet Clover, White Mushroom, Beer, Honey


Fennel Fronds, Avocado, Chicken Mousse, Confit Apples, Mochi Rice

Sea Urchin, Preserved Black Walnut, Dates, Lemongrass, Pedro Ximenez (Not Photographed)


Short Rib, Plantain, Black Garlic, Leaves


Lamb Heart, Malt, Rice, Mulberry, Sheep’s Cheese


Mulberry, Vinegar


Clove, Santa Rosa Plum, Butterfly Pea Berry Meringue, Mozzarella Milk


Rambutan, Celtuce, Cucumber, White Chocolate


Digestifs – Strawberry, Plum, Herb

Imagine a restaurant that operates largely without the purpose of making money, the funding for both location and talent supplied by a source to which such things are far less relevant than creating an experience…a “reverie designed as an ephemeral art installation, based on meditation and portrayed through the act of eating.” Sound a bit self-indulgent? A bit heavy? Still interested? If so, then please sit down to five hours at Vespertine.

Opened in early-July 2017, the reason behind Jordan Kahn’s choice to locate Destroyer in a soulless section of Culver City suddenly making much more sense when it was announced that the Eric Owen Moss designed building across the street would play host to the Chef’s 20+ course tasting menu, it was with four friends divided across two tables that ~$350.00 per person was paid up-front by Tock for a 9pm reservation during week three of service, the car’s arrival greeted by a cloaked man coaxing it forward with one hand and doors opening to the drone of a soundtrack with no discernible beginning or ending.

Described as a “place of shadows and whispers” and “a spirit between two worlds” in marketing materials, or as “Intentionally joyless” in a controversial review by The Hollywood Reporter, diners visiting Vespertine are quickly cognizant of the fact that this is not a typical meal from the moment they set foot on ground and through a system of short, forced phrases each guest is instructed to ascend an elevator to floor two where Chef Kahn offers a brief greeting and ‘rules’ undisclosed in the terms of sale, one of these a suggestion that photography is discouraged.


Ever the artist, an e-mail after the experience claiming the photo policy exists because “it is critical that each future guest who comes in has the same opportunity that you and your guests had, and to expose them to parts of the experience in advance would be unfair,” but quickly debunking such claims by releasing several photos to Eater Los Angeles just days later, it is after the welcome that guests again ascend two stories to an open foyer looking out on city lights and a suspended Cactus Garden where courses one through six are served, vessels from ceramicist Ryota Aoki presenting everything from an alcoholic beverage built around a blooming Flower to a sizable Cookie of Burnt Onion and Wild Currants and a spearhead served with no explanation that tastes mostly like soot and Licorice.

About one hour in at this point, the beanbag chairs and lighted pegs of the lounge soon giving way to sliding acrylic tables arranged in an awkward manner with all guests looking inward save for a those seated centrally and closest to the window, it was as the doom and gloom soundtrack continued to play that larger plates began with a dish that at first appeared to be nothing but ash before revealing itself as thin slices of ‘Bastard Flounder’ alongside salted Plum with a Yogurt base and more smoked Onion, the flavors pleasant and balanced like that of the Cookie but far too large in portion and followed by an awkward white vessel filled with White Asparagus, Buttermilk and Oats plus…Onion.

Claiming later that “each night we have been open, we have seen guests become emotional during their meal, as the experience amplifies the energy and feeling a guest carries with them” it was here at course nine that the first true ‘emotion’ was shared by all at the table, a nearly-impossible to navigate slotted sphere universally painful thanks to the bitter blend of Radishes, Sunchokes and even more Onion slicked by Egg Yolk while the follow-up of Fish Eggs and Cream Cheese stuck to a mossy mortar offered another overly-large portion with a flavor something like Lox on an Everything Bagel.

Frequently showing his roots in Pastry by using manipulated ingredients and concealed textures, the ‘Red Spinach’ dish one of the night’s best with folds of fuchsia hiding a Sorghum sweetened Pudding of Tapioca, Lobster and Beets with an astringent finish, it was as hour three approached that the first ‘formed’ protein of the meal arrived, a rare appearance for Turkey in fine dining finding the Bird juicy and moist amidst Ancient Grains, acid and a hint of Tarragon.

Expecting the meal to have neared its finish with the Poutry, a black tin-foil package of Berries arriving as if to cleanse the palate, Jordan instead followed with an inverted frozen-Pea diamond filled with Kiwi, Sunflower and Spruce, the ‘show’ clearly getting in the way of the game as the experience was akin to eating a vegetal Fla-Vor-Ice, though the back-to-back duo of Dungeness Crab beneath White Mushrooms and Chicken Mousse amidst confit Apples and Mochi showed a lot of promise with appropriate portions and sweet positioned next to savory in careful balance.

Having already seen the table to the right finish, though a duo to the left and two friends both threw in the towel early thanks to liberal pours, too much food and the time now well-past midnight, it was with three remaining that Uni was offered along with Black Walnuts and Dates soaked in P.X. followed by braised Short Ribs atop an overripe Plantain, the use of Black Garlic as a Beef-substitute for Vegetarians an odd choice before the night’s “Cheese Course” placed Ewe’s Milk beneath Rice Crackers, Mulberry and a Tartare of Lamb’s Heart.

At this point barely awake, the day having begun nearly 23-hours prior with a drive from Las Vegas, Dessert entailed three courses including sheets of Mulberry atop unnamed acidic ingredients followed by a brilliant amethyst display of Santa Rosa Plums and Pea Berry embedded in sticky Meringue, the Alien looking donut arriving just prior to 2:00am wrapping things up with a dehydrated ribbon of Celtuce Stem that started fruity before dissipating with refreshing hint of Cucumber and smooth White Chocolate.

Offered ‘gifts’ before departing, a vial of grassy Cologne (or is it a spritzer of seasoning?) left on the ground floor, it was largely due to pre-paying $30 that the quintet decided to gather in the garden for approximately ten minutes, a few housemade digestifs far too potent to be enjoyed by most offered in unlimited portions along with Coffee or Tea while one is encouraged to prolong “an energy exchange and flow in and out of [their] consciousness.”

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Pizzana, Los Angeles CA



DSC03757 DSC03758 IMG_20170722_165518

Pignatiello – Neapolitan Sunday Gravy, Braised Short Rib, Fior di Latte, Parmigiano Crema, Basil

DSC03759 DSC03760 DSC03762

Neo Margherita – San Marzano DOP “Polpa,” Fior di Latte, Basil Crumb, Parmigiano, Basil

DSC03770 DSC03771 DSC03772

Lastra di Napoletana – Vanilla, Strawberry, Triple Chocolate Ice Cream, Fudge, Chocolate Cookie Cumb

DSC03767 DSC03768 DSC03769

Torta Al Cioccolato – Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cake, Vanilla Ice Cream


When respected LA Times reviewer Jonathan Gold lost his mind over Brentwood’s Pizzana one could not help but take notice, the comparisons to Franco Pepe leaving some well-traveled gourmands who’ve been to both in stitches but enough to justify a reservation to see if Chef Daniele Uditi has really brought a world-class Pizzeria to The City of Angels.

Located on San Vicente Boulvard in one of the few parts of Los Angeles still lacking a restaurant worth traversing the city for, particularly with hotspots in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills on either side, Pizzana opened in April as a partnership between the team behind Sprinkles Cupcakes and George Clooney’s Robin, Chris O’Donnell, the space sleek and lengthy with high ceilings and the focal point an imported Wood-burning oven at the center of a marble and tile kitchen.


Dining as a duo after a four-stop morning with 9:00pm reservations at Vespertine, an aggressive eating agenda by any standard, it was just past four o’clock that the space was found largely empty and securing a meter down the way before walking in a choice of seats was offered, indoors proving to be best as several loud business-y sorts were gathered on the patio sipping Wine alongside Salads.


A stereotypical Los Angeles restaurant in terms of service, good looking waitresses and male models reciting recommendations like they are reading a script but unable to answer simple questions about “Sunday Gravy” that the young woman described as a ‘white sauce,’ it was with shoulders shrugged and intuition followed that the “signature” Neo Margherita and Pignatiello were ordered, a fifteen minute wait soon seeing two rounds of 48-hour fermented Dough delivered with steam still rising from the Crust and Cheese bubbling.