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Orsa & Winston, Los Angeles CA

Orsa & Winston Herb Panna Cotta – black olive, nasturtium, grape Kanpachi – pomegranate, hijiki seaweed, green peanuts, yuzu shiro House-cured ham & cannellini beans – charred scallion, brown butter, pea tendrils, radish Tahitian & Delicata squash soup – crème … Continue reading

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The Pie Hole, Los Angeles CA

The Pie Hole “Dark Arts” Iced Americano Bourbon Pecan Earl Grey Maple Custard With artisan pie clearly having ‘a moment’ in trendy neighborhoods of San Francisco, Chicago, Brooklyn, Austin, and more it should come as no surprise that The City … Continue reading

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Lazy Ox Canteen, Los Angeles CA

Lazy Ox Canteen Polenta – roasted mushrooms, creamed greens, yellow curry oil Pig Ear Chiccharones – pickles, tomatillo salsa, harissa Croque Madame – ham, gruyere cheese, fried egg Rice Pudding – cinnamon, caramel, crumble Butterscotch Budino – salted caramel, whipped … Continue reading

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California Donuts, Los Angeles CA

California Donuts Blueberry Cinnamon Toast Crunch Matcha Green Tea Croissant Donut Oreo Panda The Snickers Bar Apple Fritter Buttermilk Bar Located on 3rd, and open 24/7 with a steady trickle of traffic throughout the day for freshly fried treats, California … Continue reading

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Alcove Cafe & Bakery, Los Angeles CA

Alcove Cafe & Bakery Almond Croissant Polenta Raspberry Scone Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding Brioche French Toast – Vanilla, Rum, Crème Fraiche, Berry Reduction, Vermont Maple Syrup Almond Pear Tart Red Velvet Cupcake Carrot Cake Cupcake Located in Los Feliz and … Continue reading

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Huntridge Pharmacy and Soda Fountain, Las Vegas NV

Huntridge Pharmacy and Soda Fountain The Elvis – Peanut Butter and Bananas, Grilled, with Onion Rings Bye Bye Love Bananas Foster Pancakes – Sauteed Bananas, Walnuts, Caramel, Whipped Cream, Thrifty Vanilla Ice Cream Closed on Saturdays in observation of Shabbat, … Continue reading

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Sweets Raku [3,] Las Vegas NV

Sweets Raku Ume Breeze – Plum Sake with Champagne White Sturgeon Caviar – Traditional Condiments, Choux Foie Gras – Croissant Batons, Honeycomb, Fruit Puree, Caramelized Nuts, Balsamic Lobster Tomato Soup Potato Salad with rice wine vinaigrette Iberico bacon and Potato Croissant … Continue reading

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Le Cirque [2,] Las Vegas NV

Le Cirque Le Framboise – Raspberry Puree, Grand Cuvee Champagne Golden Osetra Caviar – Salmon Rillette, Vodka Crème Fraiche, Chives Fall Salad – Artichoke, Avocado, Jamon Iberco, White Truffle, Foie Gras Snow Bacon Cheddar, Rosemary, Sourdough, Pretzel, White Chocolate Walnut, … Continue reading

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Eis Cream, Las Vegas NV

Eis Cream Samples – ube, macapuno, peach cobbler, burgundy cherry, pralines and caramel, coffee and toffee Warm Double Chocolate Brownie Ube on Chocolate Chip and Macadamia Nut Sandwich Owned and operated by Alexis Gonzaga, a charming young lady who was … Continue reading

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Rincon de Buenos Aires, Las Vegas NV

Rincon de Buenos Aires Toasted Bread with Chimichurri Ham and Cheese Empanada, Corn Empanada, Chicken Empanada Provoletta – Grilled Imported Provolone, Oregano, Olive Oil, Chili Oil Parrillada Argentina – Short Ribs, Skirt Steak, Sweetbreads, Sausage, Blood Sausage Flan Con Dulce … Continue reading

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Sweet Addiction, Cookies & Ice Cream, Las Vegas NV

Sweet Addiction, Cookies & Ice Cream Samples = Chocolate Malted Crunch, Mocha Almond Fudge, Medieval Madness, Birthday Cake, Circus Animal Cracker, Pumpkin, Butter Pecan, Pecan Praline   Snickerdoodle – Circus Animal Cracker – Oatmeal Butterscotch Chocolate Chip – Pecan Praline … Continue reading

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Hakkasan, Las Vegas NV

Hakkasan Crab meat and sweet corn supreme soup Peking duck with Tsar Nicoulai reserve caviar, hoisin Dim sum platter – har gau, scallop shumai, perch dumpling, black pepper and pumpkin duck dumpling Braised whole seabass and egg tofu in claypot … Continue reading

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Lola’s: A Louisiana Kitchen Summerlin, Las Vegas NV

Lola’s: A Louisiana Kitchen Summerlin Beignets Cinnamon Roll Baked French Toast with Norris Cane Syrup Andouille Sausage Leidenheimer Grilled Garlic Bread Fried Chicken and Fresh Baked Waffle with Roasted Pecan, Fig, Strawberry Butter Bronzed Catfish over Gouda Grits with Andouille … Continue reading

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Beau Monde Bakery, Las Vegas NV

Beau Monde Bakery Banana Bread Pumpkin Cake with White Chocolate Icing Callebaut Chocolate Brownie Pecan Pie Brought to my attention by a truly inspirational young woman entrusted to my care for two autoimmune endorinopathies in addition to biopsy proven Celiac … Continue reading

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Ku Noodle, Las Vegas NV

Ku Noodle Thai Iced Tea Snow Pea Leaf Salad – Orange, Lily Bulb Petals, Mint, Walnut Lucky 12 – Shrimp & Pork Siu Mai with Jicama, Mushroom, Peanut / Pork & Scallop Siu Mai with Bamboo, Shiitake Mushroom, Sesame / … Continue reading

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Palio, Las Vegas NV

Palio Almond Croissant Dulce De Leche Croissant Vanilla Glazed Cake Donut with Lime Zest Nutella Pocket Cinnamon Roll Chocolate Chip Cookie Oatmeal Cookie Bearclaw Triply benefitted by the new autumn display in the Conservatory, free passes to the Painting Women … Continue reading

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Cleo, Las Vegas NV

Cleo Babaganoush Lebaneh with Feta Laffa Bread Kibbeh Spanakopita Falafel – Tahini, Tabouleh Mushrooms – Dates, Hazelnuts, Puffed Rice Lamb Tagine – Apricots, Silan, Couscous, Sesame Seeds Moussakah – Layered Eggplant, Bolognese, Bechamel Kale Flatbread – Crème Fraiche, Parmesan, Garlic … Continue reading

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JinJu Chocolates, Las Vegas NV

JinJu Chocolates Fig-Red Wine Honey, Matcha, Cappuccino, PB&J, Fleur de Sel Caramel, Hazelnut Praline, Espresso Crunch, Tahitian Cream, Vanilla Dream, Espresso Caramel Gluten Free Brownie Chocolate Covered Pretzels Milk Chocolate Lollipops Pecan Caramel Turtle White Chocolate Raspberry Rocher Berry Mascarpone, … Continue reading

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Nosh & Swig, Las Vegas NV

Nosh & Swig Nosh Crack Corn Peas & Carrots – Sweet Carrot Rangoon, English Pea Puree   Beeten Apple – Warm Goat Cheese, Grilled Honey Toast, Micro Greens, Beet & Apple Sauce Monte Cristo – Black Forest Ham, Gruyere Cheese, … Continue reading

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KD Donuts & Kolaches, Henderson NV

KD Donuts and Kolaches Blueberry Cake Donut Cinnamon Sour Cream Old Fashioned Apple Fritter Considering myself a bit of a donut connoisseur I found it somewhat surprising that I’d not heard of KD’s Donuts and Kolaches when browsing local eateries … Continue reading

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