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Toast, New Orleans LA

Toast Cinnamon Roll – Raisins, Pecans, Cream Cheese Frosting Caramel Apple Muffin King Cake Crepe – Sweet Cream and Praline Syrup Monte Cristo Sandwich –Battered and Fried French Toast with Ham, Swiss, Raspberry Puree Aebleskivers with Nutella and Lemon Curd … Continue reading

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Banana Bean Cafe, Columbus OH

Weekend rounds on a Saturday with my family coming into town and my first day off in 21 days scheduled for Sunday…yeah, I was excited – I hadn’t seen my sister since New Years and hadn’t seen my mother or … Continue reading

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Little Next Door, Los Angeles CA

I love the idea of French bistro fare…alas we lack any such thing in most parts of the Midwest and specifically in Columbus – you’d be lucky to find a viable quiche let alone a crouque, terrine, or éclair. When … Continue reading

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Toast, Los Angeles California

Where the Griddle Cafe was all about enormous portions and good prices, Toast was all about image and quality. 100% natural ingredients and 100% delicious, breakfast consisted of omelets, bread, and fruit. My meal included chicken, onions, spinach, and portabellas … Continue reading

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