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Aburiya Raku [2,] Las Vegas NV

Raku Red Sea Breem (Renko Dai) – Sashimi with pickled chrysanthemum, glass noodles, crispy skin Juicy Deep Fried Asajimie Chicken with Spinach and Yuzu Crispy Pig’s Ear Kurobuta Pork Belly in Broth with Braised Greens 1/2 Agadashi Tofu with Ikura, … Continue reading

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Sweets Raku, Las Vegas NV

Sweets Raku Sakurambo – Black Tea with Japanese Cherries Edible Menu with Raspberry Sauce Strawberry Sorbet with Mint Gelatin Foie Gras Pate with Croissant Sticks, candied nuts, honey comb, 15 year balsamic, goat cheese mousse, raspberry, mango Ringo – Apple … Continue reading

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Aburiya Raku and Payard Patisserie, Las Vegas NV

In my (maybe not so) humble opinion, the best thing about Las Vegas is the vast number of great restaurants on a single street – really, outside of Washington Street in Yountville where can you find so many Michelin Stars … Continue reading

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