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Buca, Toronto ON

The Gist: With reviews from chefs, ‘foodies,’ and the media all largely positive despite a website that leaves the menu shrouded in secrecy and a location that is not exactly easy to find Rob Gentile’s Buca Enoteca has quickly ascended … Continue reading

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Pizzeria Libretto, Toronto ON

The Gist:  As many have noticed, Neapolitan style pizza is ubiquitous from east to west and north to south in the United States while Canada is no exception, particularly in Toronto, where opinions vary from palate to palate as to … Continue reading

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Yang’s, Richmond Hill ON

The Gist: In a city with one of the most diverse ethnic populations in North American (and therefore the world,) Toronto plays host to more Dim Sum restaurants on single streets than the entirety of Columbus (and maybe all of … Continue reading

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Splendido, Toronto ON

The Gist: Perhaps Toronto’s finest ‘fine dining’ restaurant, Splendido had always fancied itself as a contemporary restaurant strongly focused on locally sourced seasonal produce but with the departure of patriarch David Lee to focus on Nota Bene and subsequent sale … Continue reading

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The Black Hoof, Toronto ON

The Gist: Perhaps Toronto’s most talked about restaurant over the last five years, the offal-centric The Black Hoof on Dundas is the brain child of Grant van Gameren and Jen Agg. Celebrated for a daring collection of small plates featuring … Continue reading

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Coffee and Sweets, Toronto ON

Certainly not willing to suffice for a meager three (or four) meals per day on our trek to Canada a handful of additional stops for sweets and caffeine were made in each city; four in Toronto including Boreal Gelato, Bobbette … Continue reading

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Grand Chinese Cuisine, Toronto ON

The Gist: Located in the Doubletree by Hilton and close to the airport this would seem a strange choice to most, but as the first stop on an eight day trek taking us from Toledo to Montreal and back by … Continue reading

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Canoe, Toronto ON Canada

Read a list of the restaurant “who’s who” in Toronto and you’re certain to find at least one reference to the Oliver & Bonacini family of restaurants – and if that list is one of fine dining you’re likely to … Continue reading

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School Bakery and Cafe, Toronto ON Canada

Monday breakfast in Toronto is a bit tricky – much like dinner on a Sunday it seems that most places are closed. Having already tried Aunties and Uncles as well as Bonjour Brioche a quick browse of the Toronto e-magazines … Continue reading

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Colborne Lane, Toronto ON Canada

All in all I’m of mixed feelings about “molecular gastronomy.” While the best meal of my entire life was at Alinea and many consider El Buli to be the best restaurant in the world I have to say that I … Continue reading

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Conviction, Toronto ON Canada

Present in many incarnations since debuting in 2005 as a Bakery and Bistro, Marc Thuet really doesn’t need much of an introduction in Toronto’s dining scene. Classically trained, uniquely creative, and often cited as a master of complex flavors, Thuet’s … Continue reading

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Bonjour Brioche, Toronto ON Canada

Let me be the first to admit that I am a big fan of French bistro-style breakfasts – I rank Keller’s Bouchon and Francois Payard’s options as well as Butler and the Chef amongst my favorite breakfast/brunch spots of all … Continue reading

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Bymark, Toronto ON Canada

When planning my visit to Toronto I knew I’d have time for three breakfasts, three lunches, and two dinners – a fan of unique experiences and avant-garde cuisine I knew Colborne Lane would be one of my dinners and the … Continue reading

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Lai Wah Heen, Toronto ON Canada

After a great visit to the AGO with an old friend it was time for lunch. Originally trying to decide between Moroco’s Brunch and Lai Wah Heen’s Dim Sum Lunch we decided on Dim Sum as I’d already had plenty … Continue reading

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Nadege Patisserie and Aunties and Uncles, Toronto ON Canada

Making my first trip to Toronto in over two years for the Hall of Fame Game and Hockey Hall of Fame Induction gala I was excited to make my first visit as an epicure who actually has the money to … Continue reading

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