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Clever Crow, Harvest, Fabian’s, Bono, Cowtown, Figlio, Columbus OH

There are some things I’m good at and from what I’ve been told organizing eating agendas, making reservations, and choosing great restaurants are a few of them. Having completed a five stop tour of some of Brooklyn’s best Pizzerias during … Continue reading

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Dragonfly Neo-V [2], Columbus OH

The first time I remember eating at Dragonfly Neo V was May 4th, 2008 – though in reality it turns out I’d been there once before, back during undergrad and before I had any concept of “fine dining.” Thinking back … Continue reading

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Kihachi [2], Columbus OH

When I last visited Kihachi – almost 2 years ago despite it being less than a mile from my door – I stated “from the moment you enter the door to the moment you leave the experience is challenging yet … Continue reading

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The Refectory [2], Columbus Ohio

With the closing of Handke’s and Rosendales it is in my (not so humble) opinion that there remains only one option for a truly great/opulent meal in Columbus, Ohio – The Refectory. Sure M and Alana’s are nice, but their … Continue reading

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Alana’s and Pattycake Vegan, Columbus OH

As my list of “Must Visit” restaurants in Columbus has dwindled through the past few years one name stood at the top of the list for some time – a glaring omission in the places I’d visited already – that … Continue reading

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Luce Enoteca, Columbus OH

After dining all about High Street and catching a mid-day showing of Public Enemies back in Dublin, my family and I decided to make our way North for dinner – to visit a place I’d never been but had some … Continue reading

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Piece of Cake and Denise’s Ice Cream, Columbus OH

As Barrio opts not to have dessert options at lunch, my family and I set off to find something sweet – my sister wanted ice cream, my aunt wanted cake, mom didn’t care, and I wanted both. Making our way … Continue reading

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Barrio Tapas, Columbus OH

Finished with breakfast and my friends returning home to lay their little one down for a nap I next decided to browse the shops of High Street and check out the pre-gallery hop settings at the galleries. Full but not … Continue reading

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Pattycake Vegan Bakery, Taste of Belgium, Jeni’s Ice Cream, Columbus OH

After a long month in the ICU and 7.5lbs of dropped weight secondary to q4day overnight call my first weekend off was 4th of July weekend – with the annual Red White and Boom downtown plus a gallery hop in … Continue reading

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L’antibes, Columbus OH

While Columbus is indeed a great city, there are things it lacks…for instance, when it comes to Fine French dining the options are relatively limited – Handke’s, The Refectory, and L’Antibes. Having already been to the former two, when asked … Continue reading

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Bakery Gingham, Columbus OH

I’ve been around and had a cupcake or two….or twenty. As much as I wanted to love Bakery Gingham in order to find a delectable choice locally (as opposed to LA, LV, or NYC) I just can’t love it. Good? … Continue reading

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Banana Bean Cafe, Columbus OH

Weekend rounds on a Saturday with my family coming into town and my first day off in 21 days scheduled for Sunday…yeah, I was excited – I hadn’t seen my sister since New Years and hadn’t seen my mother or … Continue reading

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The Refectory, Columbus Ohio

I’ve been to Lola with Symon’s “Iron Chef” ideals, Handke’s with his Bocuse d’or credentials, and Rosendales with his Culinary Olympic feats…none of them can even hold a candle to the tastes and textures produced by Richard Blondin at the … Continue reading

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Handke’s Cuisine, Columbus Ohio

Perhaps I’ve been eating out too often and perhaps my standards have become too lofty…but dining out in Columbus has been relatively unimpressive recently aside from Kihachi. Don’t get me wrong, I love our local dining scene as a whole, … Continue reading

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Kihachi, Columbus Ohio

In a city typically considered to be lacking in diversity and dominated by chains, one often must go out of their way to look for a great experience and great food….sometimes one even has to look for a strip mall … Continue reading

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La Chatelaine, Worthington Ohio

Desiring a quick breakfast on a Saturday morning in Columbus is always a hit-or-miss affair. Sure there is the wonderful ZenCha, overrated yet good Northstar, obnoxiously crowded and scenester dominated Banana Bean, or downright awful Tee-Jays, First Watch, or Bob … Continue reading

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Z Cucina di Spirito, Columbus Ohio

Quite frankly, the raw number of 5/5 reviews of this place speaks to two facts: #1) Too many people think of Olive Garden and Buca as ‘good Italian’ and simply haven’t been to enough quality Italian restaurants and #2) the … Continue reading

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Rigsby’s, Columbus Ohio

Having completed a hectic month on the hospital wards, my intern, medical students, and myself decided a celebration was in order. Hailing from different states, countries, and cultures (two of them arriving in the states only months ago) with the … Continue reading

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Deepwood, Columbus Ohio

Good is good and great is great. What Deepwood restaurant is right now is good with flecks of great. What Deepwood could become is great. Clearly there is talent in the kitchen and the staff, but that talent has yet … Continue reading

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Lindey’s, Columbus Ohio

In the heart of the German Village lies a gem; a gem that has withstood the test of time and a gem that continues to shine with the changing times. While opinions of Lindey’s may vary from experience to experience, … Continue reading

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