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Lark, Seattle WA

With the focus of the evening aural rather than oral delights I still had no intention of dining poorly before seeing Soundgarden and as such my decision to visit Lark was predicated by its early opening hour, relative proximity to … Continue reading

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Paseo, Seattle WA

Another spot closed during my first visit to Seattle was Paseo; their legendary sandwiches attracting such large crowds that the team constructed a second location which, according to the man behind me in a line of five that had already … Continue reading

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Canlis, Seattle WA

…considered by many to be the finest restaurant in the Pacific Northwest I’d originally planned to dine at Canlis with my family on 12/27/2011, a plan derailed (and detailed by the worst flight experience of my life and leaving … Continue reading

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Delancey, Seattle WA

With Brandon Pettit’s highly touted pizzeria closed during my first visit to Seattle I’d made it a point to visit during this trip and with limited time in the Emerald City I eventually opted to shoehorn it in as a … Continue reading

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Three Days of Sweets, Seattle WA

Clearly unable to experience as much of Seattle as I wanted with three square meals a day another dozen or so stops consisting of both sweets and savories would round out the schedule along with the Soundgarden Concert, Art Museum, … Continue reading

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Sitka & Spruce, Seattle WA

Sitka and Spruce – House Sourdough Our Yogurt, Honeycrisp Apple, Roasted Seeds, Rosemary Honey Peregion Beans, Hedgehogs, Spinach on Toast with Fried Egg Gateau Basque with poached figs and toasted almonds Buckwheat Canele with lemon curd Salted Caramel If … Continue reading

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Spur Gastropub, Seattle WA

In a trip that began with a fortuitous encounter with The Coterie Room it only seemed appropriate to finish with Spur Gastropub, the Belltown flagship of Brian McCracken and Dana Tough. Praised by many and panned by few for their … Continue reading

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The Willow’s Inn, Bellingham WA

Despite being named “one of ten restaurants worth a plane ride” by the New York Times we took a boat – a $35 round-trip-take-your-car-with-you-ferry to be precise – to visit Willow’s Inn on Lummi Island. Known to many locals and … Continue reading

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The Herbfarm, Woodinville WA

As our trip to the Pacific Northwest was a celebration of many things including my sister’s upcoming completion of her Masters of Fine Arts I wanted to do something special to celebrate – a situation perfect for a “destination meal” … Continue reading

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Revel, Seattle WA

With plans to visit Vancouver and Richmond in the following days and a notable agenda focusing on their oft celebrated dim sum, izakaya, and noodles scene I knew that the less adventurous half of my family would need some acclimation … Continue reading

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Cascina Spinasse, Seattle WA

Leaving our pre-dinner pizza at Bar Del Corso on our second night in Seattle my dining companions, without a doubt the people who know be the best on this whole planet, questioned whether I really wanted to go for a … Continue reading

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Toulouse Petit, Seattle WA

“Toulouse Petit sounds like a French Restaurant – like something out of Louisiana” said my mother. “Yeah, I think it sort of is” said I. “Why are we going to a Creole place when we’re about as far away from … Continue reading

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The Coterie Room, Seattle WA

I can’t deal with flying if I don’t go to the gym beforehand – it is just the way I am, I simply function better after lifting or running whether it be at home or on the road. With that … Continue reading

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Savories, Interludes, and Snacks, Seattle WA

Having visited the market and done a fair bit of exploration of the chocolates, cupcakes, donuts, and coffee in Seattle there is clearly more to life than just sugar and although there were a number of really great full-fledged meals … Continue reading

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Sweets Snacks and Coffee, Seattle WA

Like most of my trips the concept of three meals a day is simply too limiting, especially when traveling with a group who is willing to share and thereby allow multiple samples at multiple locations; as such the most recent … Continue reading

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Pike Place Market, Seattle WA

When my sister nominated Seattle for our (now annual) family holiday trip the first thing to pop into my mind was the Pike Place Market – as a matter of fact, save for the Space Needle, the EMP, and the … Continue reading

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