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Restaurant Les Fougeres, Chelsea QC

The Gist: The Food: 1 glass of wine, coffee, two appetizers, three mains, three desserts, complimentary bread service. 3oz Neige Premiere 2008 Cidre de Glace: Whole Wheat Fennel and White with Sea Salt House Butter, Olive Oil, Sea Salt … Continue reading

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Murray Street Kitchen, Ottawa ON

The Gist: The Why: …the comparisons to APdC, the fact that they are open on Sundays when the rest of Ottawa seems to button up, a strong focus on Canadian comfort foods, and an ethos focusing on local produce, … Continue reading

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Mariposa Farm, Plantagenet ON

The Gist: The Why: Located in Plantagenet, Ontario – a small town approximately an hour east of Ottawa (when accounting for single lane roads – some ‘paved’ with only loose gravel) Mariposa Farm likely doesn’t register a blip on … Continue reading

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Breakfast, Pastry, and Gelato, Ottawa ON

While obviously not the dining destination that is Montreal, two and a half days in Ottawa would find my mother, aunt, and I nicely sated by a pair of the capital’s best restaurants as well as some of the finest … Continue reading

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Atelier, Ottawa ON

The Gist: The Why: A trained Sommelier who later transitioned to cooking only to work under the tutelage of Grant Achatz, Marc Lepine’s Atelier was the primary reason for a brief stop in Ottawa en route to Montreal from … Continue reading

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Petit Bill’s Bistro, Ottawa ON

The Gist: The Why: Knowing that I would be dining at Atelier that evening while my mother and aunt got some needed rest I decided to accompany them for their dinner before mine. Having presented them with a number … Continue reading

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