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Coco Donuts (South Rainbow,) Las Vegas NV

Coco Donuts South Rainbow Apple Fritter Blueberry Yeasted Strawberry dipped Cake Red Velvet Cake Chocolate dipped Chocolate Cake Chocolate dipped Cruller Maple dipped Old Fashioned Chocolate dipped Buttermilk Bar Taking a cue from Pink Box and Donut Mania, continued popularity … Continue reading

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Pink Box / Press / America / Coco, Las Vegas NV

Croissant/Donut Showdown America Coco Pink Box Press   Having tasted croissant/doughnut hybrids from coast to coast, including Ansel’s original and the majority in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, I visited the 2nd Vegas “Donut Crawl” mostly for the people, a … Continue reading

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Coco Donuts, Las Vegas NV

Coco Donuts Strawberry Old Fashioned Buttermilk Bar Glazed, Cinnamon Sugar, Powdered Sugar Hole Apple Fritter Raised with Sprinkles Glazed Cronut Maple Glazed Cronut Blueberry Cake A new spot in the bourgeoning Las Vegas doughnut scene I originally took notice of … Continue reading

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Seven Days of Pastries, Cookies, Donuts, Pie and Coffee, Portland OR

Until my sister suggested Seattle as a family vacation for late 2011 I hadn’t really given much thought to the Pacific Northwest as a destination and having checked off myriad great meals during that trip, as well as a visit … Continue reading

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