Winslow’s Table, University City MO

Winslow’s Table

Kaldi’s Coffee Cold Brew

Winslow Bar

Winslow’s Pancakes, Preserved Blueberries, Maple Syrup, Whipped Butter

A longtime favorite of students, faculty and families visiting Washington University, late-2019 saw Michael and Tara Gallina of Vicia take over Winslow’s Home, and renaming it Winslow’s Table the kitchen now takes a more farm-fresh approach while maintaining a few of Winslow’s classics.

Largely unaltered at 7213 Delmar Boulevard, even exterior signage and Google Maps yet to reflect a change in title, it was minutes past 8:30am that the mostly wood Restaurant was found quiet, though within forty-five minutes approximately 2/3 of seating was full with additional patrons coming and going with Baked Goods or Coffee from the counter.

Only re-opened on November 14th, a few well-healed returning guests overheard lamenting the absence of prior favorites, it was after brief perusal of housemade Pastries and a menu that ranges from Tacos to Shakshuka that decisions were made, Cold-Brew from Kaldi bold but pricey at $4 a can while the “Winslow Bar” spins the classic no-bake even more decadent with Pecan Crust and Chocolate Ganache sandwiching a Gooey Butter center.

Told of St. Louis “best” Pancakes by both a trusted friend and the elderly server, it was while slowly enjoying the Pastry that a stack of three arrived, the pleasant aroma of Yeast immediately greeting nostrils before fluffy bites of Flour, Eggs and Buttermilk found an amicable partner in Blueberry Compote plus Pure Maple Syrup.

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