Big B’s Texas BBQ 2 [2,] Las Vegas NV

Big B’s Texas BBQ 2

Hand Cut French Fries, Cream Corn, Pickles, Onions, Jalapenos

Lean Brisket, Fatty Brisket, Beef Hot Links, Baby Back Ribs, Mac & Cheese

Cornbread, Butter

Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, Handel’s Ice Cream

A reinvention of the former DW Bistro and Andres’, Big B’s Texas BBQ opened its second location just prior to Halloween, and on the Saturday before Christmas the Restaurant at 6115 South Fort Apache Road again showed why any discussion of local smoked Meat has began and ended with Brian and Natalia’s place since 2016.

Named after its Pit Master, and changing the long-held belief that Las Vegas is not a Barbeque town ever since the original opened in Henderson, Big B’s Texas BBQ features the work of Brian Buechner and Natalia Badzjo, the husband and wife team taking a hands-on approach to every aspect of the operation from build-out to driving in fresh piles of wood as needed from the Lone Star State.

Joined by former Marché Bacchus Chef Amanda Hamilton at location #2, the opportunity to bring Sin City’s best smoked Meat across town not left to chance by a team who has always adhered to high standards, guests entering location number two will immediately notice Brian’s handy work in wood tables and chairs flanking a full bar, the relic of Andres’ benefitted by a liquor license in addition to Beer, Soft Drinks and freshly brewed Tea.

Texas through-and-through in terms of décor, the bustling main room offering a full view of the kitchen while Brian and Natalia have opened up the Restaurant’s right half with big screen televisions in each corner, it was in the latter that eight diners were seated, the Niners and Rams on television complete with play-by-play.

Ready to make new fans, and busy compared to other Restaurants on the year’s shortest day, it was on individual trays that Meats, Breads and Sides arrived quickly, the housemade Cornbread particularly soft when warm and delicious whether plain or slathered with Butter.

Evidencing Ms. Badzjo’s work in the hospitality industry with staff that is already cordial and well-trained, both Chef Hamilton and bussers checking in on tables frequently, it was while conversing and cheering that diners continued with hand-cut Fries and Cream Corn, the former arguably Sin City’s best while the latter is unfussy and delicious, just as it should be.

Going light on Sides, but not forgetting Mac & Cheese that continues to impress guests of all ages, it was from here that Meat took center stage, Big B’s Brisket following Texas protocol with little more than smoke and a bit of seasoning while Pork Ribs also went quickly with a slight pull of the teeth easily liberating supple Muscle from Bone.

Happy to see Hot Links on this visit, arguably Big B’s most overlooked item, it was after snapping through several encased bites that Dessert arrived, Chef Hamilton’s Chocolate Cake unfortunately sold out which left plenty of room for Apple, Pumpkin and Pecan Pie plus for scoops of Handel’s Ice Cream.

FIVE STARS: A fan of Big B’s Texas BBQ ever since Brian and Natalia opened the doors in early 2016, it is an absolute thrill to have Las Vegas’ best BBQ merely 10-minutes from home and three miles from the office. Occupying the old DW Bistro and short-lived Andres’ it is no surprise the entirely rethought interior is virtually unrecognizable, while the flavors brought from Texas to Vegas by way of Henderson are everything fans have come to expect and love.

RECOMMENDED: Fatty Brisket, Beef Hot Links, Cream Corn, French Fries, Corn Bread, Pecan Pie, Apple Pie.


TIP: Now open 11:00am to 9:00pm daily at Suite 110 of 6115 South Fort Apache Road, call (702) 844-8206 for take-out and the city’s best dollar-for-dollar catering value.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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