Mercato Centrale, Rome IT

Mercato Centrale Roma

Beppe Giovale – Soppressata, 6 Year Parmigiano Reggiano

Il Trapizzino – Trapizzino con Pollo alla Cacciatora / Il Trapizzino – Trapizzino con Parmigiana di Melanzane

La Pizza Pier Daniele Seu – Amatriciana Pizza w/ San Marzano Tomato Sauce, Guanciale, Pecorino Cheese, Black Pepper

Martino Bellincampi – Cacio e Pepe Suppli / Martino Bellincampi – Pasta Fritta Amatriciana

Housing some of Rome’s biggest names in Food, and only a half-hour from FCO by train, it is merely 60-minutes after landing that guests visiting The Eternal City can be eating Charcuterie, Cheese, Pizza and Pastries at Mercato Centrale Roma.

Building on the success of a similar project in Florence, Mercato Centrale opened in October 2016, and occupying a former afterhours meeting place for railway workers the two-storied section of Stazione Termini Roma is nothing short of a dining destination from 08h00 until 23h59 daily.

Found at via Giolitti 36, and easily accessible from any part of town by way of Metro or bus, it is immediately upon entry that Mercato Centrale’s quality becomes evident, balls of fresh Mozzarella visible on one side while Baked Goods from Bonchi occupy the left.

Crowded but spacious, a variety of seating options ranging from counters to tables found adjacent various booths, guests in need of a drink merely need flag down a waitress, everything from Cocktails to DOP Wine available to compliment dishes ranging from Beppe Giovale’s well-sourced Charcuterie to Ramen by Akira Yoshida.

A source of fresh Produce to locals, but equally home to a Restaurant from Oliver Glowig, it is strongly recommended that first-timers take at least one lap before making decisions, though those looking to save time should consider starting out at “La Pizza” by Pier Daniele Seu as lines grow long for made-to-order Pies during peak times.

With a Pizza from the man behind Seu Pizza Illuminati waiting to be stretched and fired, a walk across the dining area to Il Trapizzino should be the next step for many, the invention of Stefano Callegari essentially a hemisected slice of Focaccia stuffed till overflowing with classic Roman recipes such as tender Chicken Cacciatore or breaded Eggplant Parm.

Returning to La Pizza after ten minutes, a pair of wood-fired ovens and staff of five working non-stop, suffice it to say that Seu’s Amatriciana is nothing short of a steal at €10, the fluffy cornicione evidence of lengthy fermentation with good blistering while toppings of San Marzano Tomatoes, Black Pepper and Pork Cheek nicely replicate one of Rome’s most well-known Pastas.

Left to decide between sweet and savory to finish, and eventually deciding on the latter based on this day’s agenda, fans of fried Food should not overlook Martino Bellincampi, the “explorer” of this ancient and universal cooking style using Peanut Oil to produce everything from Fish and Chips to creamy Cacio e Pepe Suppli and surprisingly elegant Pasta Fritta Amatriciana.

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