Biscuit Bender, San Francisco CA

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Biscuit Bender

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Cinnamon Bun, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Peach Cobbler

007 - Biscuit Bender (3)

Let’s face it, if you’re at all interested in food and visiting The Bay Area you’re probably going to visit the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market at least once and while there are plenty of vendors of all styles it isn’t every day that you find someplace selling artisan biscuits and jams; especially biscuits this good. Handmade, cut, and sold by Van Dao, a pleasant young man happy to chat while procuring your order, each of the three biscuits I selected proved impressive with great buttermilk notes in a warm, flaky biscuit and while both the cinnamon and cocoa notes of the Hot Chocolate and the rich icing on the Cinnamon Bun were good I would strongly advise visiting on the weekend when the self-contained cobbler is available, a soft and supple biscuit wrapped around a dense pocket of warm stewed fruit harkening a fritter, hand pie, or a danish but so much better.

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