Bae & Co., Los Angeles CA

Bae & Co.

Ube, Vegan Charcoal Pineapple

Vanilla, Vegan Charcoal Pineapple, Strawberry Pocky, Sesame Cone / Cocoa Puffs, Earl Grey, Sesame Cone

Opened in late 2017, Bae & Co. in Little Tokyo lives by the motto of putting customers before anything else, and although some may find it difficult to take the Soft Serve shop with a silly name seriously the truth is that both product and branding are equally well thought out.

Born in Los Angeles, and recently opened in Houston, it is steps from the Japanese American National Museum that guests will find the store, a tiny neon sign above 369 East 2nd Street leading to clean lines and monochrome colors plus a sign that reads “with love, from bae.” on the wall.

No doubt embracing the era of #instagram with bold colors and fancy presentations, Activated Charcoal turning Dole Whip-like Pineapple into a study of contrasts when blended with Vanilla to form “Mixed Feelings,” guests are invited to indulge from cup or Cone, the latter available in five varieties differing by color as well as flavor.

One of those “almost too friendly” places in terms of service, a lot of chit-chat plus $5.95 yielding several ounces of Soft Serve in a Cup, fans of Fro-Yo will quickly notice bae’s frozen treat is much thicker, and while Pineapple deserves its accolades it is actually herbaceous Earl Grey and Lakers-purple Ube with subtle sweetness that threaten to wrestle away the spotlight while Vanilla and Cocoa Puffs are merely okay.

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