Master Donuts, Las Vegas NV

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Master Donuts

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Sour Cream

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Sprinkled Cake

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Maple Bacon Triangle

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Apple Fritter

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A small Asian-owned “classic” doughnut shop I’d walked or driven past no less than thirty times since arriving in Sin City I knew Master Donuts would eventually find its way into my weekend eating plans; that day finally coinciding with the winter solstice and a colleague’s suggestion the prior day that he enjoyed them more than Al’s (also in close proximity to the office.) Decidedly ‘hole-in-the-wall” with spotty floors and shaky tables yet a nearly full dining area during my 10am visit the collection set out before me consisted of mostly the standards and going the “standard” route with two of my favorites I deferred another pair to the young lady at the counter before paying the $4 cash tab and settling into a two-top. Informed that nothing was technically “hot” as the days baking is mostly concluded at the 3:30am opening results were largely expected; the cake doughnuts outshining those raised while the fritter proved far superior to Ronald’s or Al’s with glazed crunch overlying a fluffy, oilless interior rife with cinnamon and pockets of what appeared to be skin-on chopped apples.

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