KJ Dim Sum & Seafood, Las Vegas NV

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KJ Dim Sum & Seafood


Green Tea, Ice Water


Egg Custard




Crispy Shrimp

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Coconut Puffs


Shrimp Balls with Mayo Sauce

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Baked Salty Egg Yolk Cream Bun

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Taro Puffs

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Century Egg and Seaweed Congee

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BBQ Pork Buns

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Steamed Egg Yolk Buns

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Most certainly not a connoisseur of dim sum but having now visited a handful of the reported ‘best’ in North America from Toronto to Vancouver/Richmond and down to the San Gabriel Valley it was with high hopes that I entered KJ Dim Sum at The Rio alongside a friend and with the restaurant packed to overflowing with Asians both local and visiting the carts and service that awaited rendered an admirable effort the sorts of which many would have you believe cannot be found in Las Vegas. Admittedly a ‘standardized’ menu featuring solid renditions of the classics but little innovation it would be easy for me to dock points for issues such as tepid duck or small, slightly overcooked shrimp but taking into account the nature of cart service compared to the menu style common to the elite of the SGV or BC nearly every dish we selected was nicely prepared and ample in portion, the total bill for 11 selections ringing in at $45 before tax and tip. Speaking to specific must orders, particular favorites particularly well done would include both the baked salty egg yolk buns and the even more impressive steamed version of the same, but most of all the golf-ball sized crispy shrimp balls served along semi-sweet Chinese mayo sauce – the rich, supple interior so good a second order for ‘dessert’ proved mandatory.



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