Twist by Pierre Gagnaire [3,] Las Vegas NV


Twist by Pierre Gagnaire


Ginger Sable with almonds and sea salt, Lavosh Bread with Tuna foam with Bonito Flakes, Tartlette of Goat Cheese with Cherry Meringue, Guinness Gelee


Metamorphosis – Aromatized Gin, Honey Syrup, Lemon Juice

IMG_20131228_184911_537 IMG_20131228_190923_869

Salted and Unsalted Isigny Butter / Cheddar Bacon, Cherry Walnut, French Baguette, Fennel and Herb


Rolly Gassman Pinot Gris

IMG_20131228_190312_123 IMG_20131228_190429_058

Ravioli of Foie Gras, Seared Langoustine with Dried Orange Zezette Bouillon and Paris Mushroom Salad


Kallstadtler Annsberg Spatlese 2008 Chardonnay

IMG_20131228_192429_731 IMG_20131228_192454_924 IMG_20131228_192348_234 IMG_20131228_192503_495

Hudson Valley Foie Gras – Seared Duck Foie Gras, Red Cabbage Reduction, Red Beet Wedges / Duck Foie Gras Terrine with Marbled Dried Fig, Date Paste, Carrot Fondant, Pimento Puree / Shaved fresh Foie Gras, Tandori Apple Syrup, Spinach, Green Apple Salad


Marotti Campi Orgiolo Lacrima di Morro d’Alba Superiore 2010

IMG_20131228_195355_918 IMG_20131228_195114_598

Muscovy Duck Aiguillettes with Green Pepper, Casis Bigarade Sauce, Braised Daikon Turnips, Marguerite Potato, Huckleberries


Creamy Morels

IMG_20131228_201742_967 IMG_20131228_201904_256

10 year Stilton Cheddar, Brillat Savarin, Humboldt Fog, Fourme d’Ambert, Triple Cream Goat, Milk Gelee, Julien Vegetables, Toast, Winter Fruit Marmalade, Port Fig Chutney


Samos Nectar Vintage 2002


Beet Raspberry Macaron / Pineapple Saffron Meringue / Choco Taco with Sesame, Green Tea, Chocolate Pearls

IMG_20131228_210154_364 photo5 photo6 IMG_20131228_210253_893

White Truffle Souffle – Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Caramelzed Pears, White Truffle Simple Syrup

IMG_20131228_212209_140 IMG_20131228_212336_178

Grand Dessert Pierre Gagnaire – Arugula Financier with White Truffle, Pistachio Chantilly, Green Apple Tuile, Sorbet / Crumbly Shortbread, Black Currant Syrup, Caramelized Pear and Passion Fruit Marmalade with Honey / Multicolored Meringue, Golden Raisin, Polignac Almond, Ganache with Old Rum / Lemon Jelly with Limoncello, Chocolate Ice Cream, Mango Veloute and Wedges, Raspberry Sorbet and Coconut Milk with Lime


Having long held Pierre Gagnaire as my favorite chef I’d be lying if I did not admit that the existence of Twist at The Mandarin Oriental played some small part in my Vegas relocation decision and knowing that M. Gagnaire frequents each of his properties it was only a matter of time before I returned; the resulting four and a half hours amongst my ten best meals of 2013 and capped off by two dishes that warrant ‘all time’ best consideration. Joined by friends somewhat outside my typical ‘dining circle’ for a truly memorable experience it was with great poise and frequent smiles that the professional staff worked and with expectedly flawless service the food and wine that followed simply ‘fit’ the room, the mood, and even the conversation – sometimes serious, often whimsical, at times challenging, but always excellent. Steeped in the stream of consciousness characteristic to Gagnaire but reigned in and refined to razor sharp precision under the eye of Ryuki Kawasaki it was with expected flare that each course was delivered as a collection of plates and with bold, familiar flavors frequently reinvented by subtle nuance the meal unfolded as a slow moving dialogue without the traditional light-to-heavy structure, instead designing each plate as a segue both forward and back with growing complexity defining progress to the final savory before finally breaking pace for a special request I’ll likely never forget – a tall, proud soufflé for the ages first imbued and then crowned with the last of the season’s white truffles.

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