Pink Box Doughnuts (Centennial,) Las Vegas NV

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Pink Box Doughnuts

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Key Lime

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Banana Cream Pie

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Granny’s Apple Pie

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Pink Velvet

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Having made it a point to sample through a dozen varieties of Pink Box Doughnuts even before relocating to Las Vegas I knew it would only be a matter of time before I made my way up to Centennial Hills to take a look at their gas station based 24-hr satellite, a promise of fresh daily deliveries at 6:00am driving a Sunday visit where nearly two dozen novel selections and a smiley young clerk stood waiting. Without a doubt the most trendy doughnuttery in town it was with some restraint that I opted for a half-dozen +1 and at a $10 tally the majority of selections were saved for NFL game time snacking, the exceptions being a still-warm $2.25 take on Dominique Ansel’s ‘Cronut’ that unfortunately proved oily, flaccid, and uninspired plus the cocoa-laden pink velvet whose hefty chocolate notes found needed levity in rich, though overly sweet, cream cheese. Moving onward to the rest, much like other quirky “Voodoo inspired” shops across the country standards like the blueberry cake and buttermilk bar proved above average while novelties stole the spotlight, each filled option featuring natural ingredients and both the banana pudding and key lime gel spot-on representations of the iconic pie fillings inside a fluffy leavened pocket. A mixed experience to be sure and a prime example of why places of its ilk rarely appeal to purists I personally look forward to seeing how the company evolves over time…hopefully a bit less cronut/bacon/cereal ‘me too’ in favor of more ambitious ‘outside the box’ thinking a la the Nutty Pig, Salted Caramel Twist, and Cream pies.

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