Embers, Las Vegas NV

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Aviation – Gin, Luxardo, Lemon Juice, Crème De Violette


Blackberry Pepino – Tequila, Honey, Jalapenos, Blackberry

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Bacon Wrapped Dates – Toasted Almonds, Blue Cheese, Pomegranate Reduction

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Bacon Carbonara Flatbread – Bacon Alfredo Sauce, Parmesan Cheese, Crispy Bacon

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Tandoori Spiced Chicken Skewers – Grilled Flatbread, Curry Spinach, Fresh Cheese, Sweet Chili

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White Chocolate Cinnamon French Toast – Grand Marnier Berries, Toasted Granola

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Apple Croissant Bread Pudding with Vanilla Gelato

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Generally skewing my dining out towards Saturdays as to allow for a lazy Sunday, the Martin Luther King extended weekend conveniently allowed me to visit a spot just down the street for Sunday brunch with a new friend – the noon start time of the AFC Championship, a 20% off coupon, and wonderful customer service from a reservationist named May further sweetening the deal promised by a creative brunch menu. Billed as an American Grille and located in upscale Boca Park near Sambalatte and Panera it was just before noon when we arrived at Embers and opting for a seat at the bar instead of the small dining room in order to afford full vantage of the dual plasma screens it would not be long before we were greeted by the friendly bartender and with menus presented plus a round of stiff but well-crafted $8 cocktails soon in hand the meal that followed would unfold in three acts, each piping hot and nicely presented at a veritable bargain even before the discount. Opting to pair sweet with savory at each course it was with six dates curled in crispy bacon that found adept balance in funky bleu and light acid that we began and moving on to the smoky yet smooth juxtaposition of bacon and garlic Alfredo atop crisp bread the hits continued to arrive as round two served up at least eight ounces of aromatic, juicy chicken amidst mild curry on one plate and the dish of the afternoon on the other, two slices of custard imbued French Toast with light cocoa notes serving to mellow fresh, boozy fruits as granola added just a touch of sweetness and plenty of crunch. Battling satiety from prior means yet still debating a third proper course as the first half of the game wound to an end, it was with a bit of sadness that we ended up passing on both the pancakes and the fried chicken sliders, but unable to resist dessert it was in the restaurant’s bread pudding that we invested our last bites – the warm buttery croissants layered with fresh apples and soaked through with custard before being crowned with a ball of gelato and finished table side with rich crème anglaise, the send result a slowly melting masterpiece on par with some of the city’s best and plenty of impetus to head back in the future for the chicken, pancakes, and a second round.

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