Mixers Ice Cream & Boba, Las Vegas NV

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Mixers Ice Cream & Boba

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Taro, Azuki Bean, Black Sesame with Mochi in a house made Waffle Bowl

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A surprisingly under recognized shop given their nearly 17 years in the local market, Mixers Ice Cream & Boba had been on my ‘to try’ list ever since I heard that each of their thirty-plus ice creams or gelatos were made in house and with an extensive day of eating already behind me plus two slices of cake from Jerry’s serving as ‘dinner’ there seemed no better way to round out the evening than with a sundae – no less one consisting of three traditional Chinese flavors topped with house made mochi in a fresh baked waffle bowl. A small shop cleverly appointed with cutesy décor and a few traditional packaged candies to go along with an extensive list of boba, frozen confections, waffles, ice cream cakes, and even French fries it was to a small line that I arrived and after a short wait what followed can only be described as plethoric tasting session including sweet cream, butter pecan, jackfruit, lychee, cake batter, cheesecake, ginger, Thai tea, and more before settling on a traditional trio of Taro and Azuki Bean Ice Creams plus Black Seasame Gelato, a scoop of mochi and a spritz of whipped cream adding texture and the entirety of the amalgam impressively well flavored without being overly saccharine in the least. Perhaps not as ‘trendy’ as Snowflake – though also serving snow ice – or esoteric as Art of Flavors – though with a much more extensive menu – and featuring lovely service in a pleasant setting there is no doubt in my mind that this will not be my last visit to Mixers; the avocado boba smoothie, red velvet waffle sundae, ice cream cake pops, and churros are all calling.

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