Mother Dough, Los Angeles CA


Mother Dough

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Margherita, Half Prosciutto

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Oven Roasted Pear, Frangelico, Mascarpone, Shaved Chocolate

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Located on Hollywood Blvd in Los Feliz and open until 11pm it was to highly regarded pizzeria Mother Dough that I pointed my GPS as I sought solace from another Kings defeat and with good fortune and light traffic the four mile drive passed quickly, a seat directly next to the pizza counter and enormous wood burning oven mine for the taking just fifteen minutes later. Claimed by some to be the best Neapolitan pizza in Los Angeles it was admittedly with a bit of surprise that I found the long and narrow space empty save for one couple at the time of my 10:15pm arrival but with a quiet atmosphere and superlative service perhaps it was a blessing in disguise as I was able to chat with the staff while watching every second of my order’s careful creation from hand stretching of the box-leavened dough to a final drizzle of olive oil atop drapes of buttery prosciutto applied at my request to just one half. Truly a dazzling pie with light tang and great chew beneath subtle char it should go without saying that the ‘dough’ is firmly thrust in the spotlight, as it should be with any pizza, but with a sauce flavored only of pure tomato and light basil plus lightly briny cheese one would be hard pressed to call any aspect of the pie less than perfect, the $17 masterpiece consumed in short order and followed by an equally simple and thoroughly delightful dessert of pears flamed in a cast iron skillet close to the wood; the smoke and char proving an admirable foil to the boozy Nutella-esque tones of Frangelico, mascarpone, and dark cocoa – an $8 tab worth every penny and excellent consolation for the disaster at Dodger Stadium just hours before.


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