Ramekin, Los Angeles CA



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Pink Lady Kouign Amann

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Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Bread Pudding with Vanilla Gelato


Having foolishly assumed Mother Dough to lack a proper dessert menu I’d admittedly researched “made-from-scratch” dessert shop Ramekin weeks prior to my departure for Los Angeles but with a long day of eating behind me I nearly scrapped the idea of a late night visit entirely until my server at the aforementioned pizzeria suggested I “really should go – the bread pudding is amazing” as we chatted following my meal; those last four words the sort that could drive me onto the I-405 at rush hour let alone see me walk a few measly blocks. Lodged amongst bars streaming guitars and drums into the street but demarcated by large signage and bright whites it was to a small crowd that I arrived and with some folks enjoying board games while others surfed the free WiFi or chatted with friends I spent a few moments perusing the menu before placing my order – a trio of choices I was told would take approximately fifteen minutes but one that would instead take nearly forty when a swell of three new parties arrived filling the interior space plus patio to capacity as the small staff of four struggled to keep pace. Utilizing a limited kitchen and thus batching items to order it was actually in two rounds that my selections arrived and beginning first with a twist on the Breton butter pastry I have to say I was underwhelmed, the stewed apples rendering the classic crunch flaccid and leaving me to wonder why not make both a good tarte tatin and a top quality Kouign Amann – a question all the more relevant when the second course presented two rustic standbys the likes of which would make many Americans question whether grandma’s version really was “best,” the cookie golden at the edges and gooey within while the bread pudding featured innumerable brioche croutons tossed with dark chocolate and imbued with cream, a ball of velvety vanilla ice cream slowly dissolving to meld crunchy top and molten core…”amazing” indeed.



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