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Bonjour Bakery

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Brioche French Toast with fresh whipped cream, ice cream, raspberry sauce

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Almond Croissant

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Chocolate Brioche

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Baba au Rhum

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Pear Star

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Consistently on a mission to find quality French pastry regardless of locale I was admittedly a bit surprised I’d not heard of Bonjour Bakery until just last week, the small strip-mall shop located just off Rainbow Boulevard suggested by a former Las Vegan during a conversation about things he missed most about Sin City. Easily overlooked by those not looking but featuring friendly service and a consistent stream of locals throughout my hour long visit a trip to Bonjour begins with the nose as the fragrance of butter beckons at fifty feet and with a small kitchen menu plus two long cases filled with viennoiserie and entrements plus a wall full of bread difficult decisions abound, my eventual order entailing four pastries and a plate for less than the cost of five Sprinkles cupcakes or an equal number of croissants at Bouchon. Beginning first with pastry as the kitchen went to work it was with regard to the warm almond croissant that I first exclaimed ‘wow’ as a sugar sweetened shell shattered to tooth giving way to subtle nuttiness and a wispy interior awash with butter, all of it Parisian standard without a hint of sticky frangipane. Moving next to a plump baba that could have used just a touch more booze and then to a fruited pastry harkening a kouign amann in its laminated edges but more a galette at its custard core the second ‘wow’ of the morning arrived in the form of swirled brioche – a warm coil of eggy batter with great stretch wrapped around dark chocolate that had me lusting for the cinnamon raisin version just as the ‘piece de resistance’ arrived featuring that same brioche starter sliced and soaked in custard with a caramelized surface topped with berries, cream, and a dollop of slowly melting vanilla bean ice cream – the whole of it and of the restaurant both unexpected and ‘incroyable.’

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