Terrace Point Cafe and Drugstore Cafe, Las Vegas NV


Drugstore Café and Terrace Point Café

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Magic Cookie Bar – Coconut, Caramel, Shortbread, Chocolate, Pretzels

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Almond Croissant

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Frosted Cinnamon Roll

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Maine Lobster Benedict – Poached Eggs, Lobster, Roasted Corn, Asparagus, Bacon Waffles, Béarnaise, Skillet Red Potatoes

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Chicken and Waffles – two fried chicken breasts, poached egg, bacon-scallion waffle, spiced maple syrup

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Red Velvet Pancakes – White Chocolate Shavings, Chocolate Chip Nibs, Vanilla Cream Glaze

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Captain Crunch Coated Brioche French Toast – Salted Buttered Pecans, Caramelized Banana, Toffee, Maple Syrup


Located in The Wynn overlooking the resort’s lush gardens and pools Terrace Point Café had long been on my breakfast ‘to-do’ list and with a Saturday morning meeting behind me our 9:00am arrival found myself and a friend squarely in the middle of the restaurant’s morning bustle, a friendly but overburdened server named Hector providing service for the subsequent two hours. Open for breakfast and lunch featuring a well culled ‘all-day’ menu of novel takes on staples from each it was with minimal delay that options were perused and opting for one course savory and a second sweet it would not be long before plates arrived, each surprisingly well portioned and pristinely prepared to justify an admittedly high tariff. Beginning with butter-poached lobster atop savory waffles and a bed of fresh vegetables liberally topped with creamy béarnaise alongside two crispy fried chicken breasts stacked amidst supple waffles crowned with an egg and Crystal infused maple syrup suffice it to say that both ingredient sourcing and preparation technique proved every bit worthy of Steve Wynn’s reputation and yet as good as these were the sweets that followed were even better, the crunch-yields-custard French Toast among the nation’s best even before adding pure maple syrup while the mountain of fluffy pancakes sandwiching layers of vanilla tinged cream cheese resembled a true Red Velvet cake big enough to share…amongst four. Truly an enjoyable morning bathed in the warm sunshine of immense windows and high ceilings it was admittedly with some regret that we neglected to taste any of Terrace Point’s pastries but returning later that day after a bit of Fashion Show shopping I opted to make amends at grab-and-go sister, Drugstore Café – a trio of three items proving equally competent to that served in the dining room with both a decadent brioche cinnamon roll and rich “magic” cookie bar proving delicious and slightly superior to the twice-baked almond croissant; a shattering shell and great texture marred by just a bit too much sweet frangipane; a good choice for the strip but a far cry from Bonjour or Sugar Bee’s for city’s best.



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