Sugar Factory at Town Square, Las Vegas NV


Sugar Factory at Town Square

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Cherry Tootsie Pop – Chocolate and Cherry Vodka, Godiva Milk Chocolate Liqueur, Cherry Puree

DSC05378 DSC05379

Cotton Candy Cosmo – Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka, Poprock’s Rim

DSC05385 DSC05387

Carrot Cake – Toasted Coconut Cream Cheese Icing, Candied Walnuts, Drizzled with Pineapple Sauce

DSC05390 DSC05395

Red Velvet Sundae – Vanilla Ice Cream, Red Velvet Cake Chunks, Fresh Raspberry, Vanilla Ice Cream, Warm Fudge, Whipped Cream, Sprinkles, Gummy Cherries


Caramel Macchiato Martini Shot


Chocolate Decadence French Toast – Dark Chocolate Stuffed Brioche, Juicy Strawberries, White Chocolate Cream, Maple Syrup

A locally born business having since expanded as far as New York I’d always been intrigued by the celebrity fascination with Sugar Factory but with an obviously overpriced menu and mixed reviews from persons I trust it was not until my visiting family purchased a Groupon that I finally decided to take the plunge, a late afternoon cocktail and dessert visit for three at the newest location in trendy Town Square. Sprawling in size with glitz, glitter, and glamour to spare as $30 lollipops lined the walls it was to the tunes of Britney followed by Daft Punk that we arrived to the semi-shrouded entrance and soon seated it would not be long before the first of several slick-talking servers stopped by, a ‘cool’ vibe clearly part of the training though not particularly well sold as a multitude of check-ins bordered on annoying. Undoubtedly a loud space, both literally and in the visual sense, it was to the tally of three plates plus two drinks that our $70 experience unfolded and with both drinks living up to the soda-sweet branding the desserts would mostly follow suit, the $13 slice of stuffed French Toast served with white chocolate alongside pure maple syrup doughy and underwhelming while a 3-scoop sundae and fruit-tinged carrot cake proved better, the former more than enough to share and the later a well balanced concoction of lightly sweetened frosting juxtaposing densely spiced cake. Certainly not a spot for subtlety and thereby de facto ‘celebrity’ suffice it to say my Sugar Factory curiosity is satisfied but with Serendipity offering up a better experience in a similar vein I can’t say I’ll be rushing back, though I won’t rule out an early morning breakfast at the 24/7 flagship sometime to see how they compare.


TWO STARS: Taken for what it is Sugar Factory lives up to its name but even for someone with a substantial sweet tooth there are simply better options throughout Las Vegas to satisfy a craving, particularly on the strip where the Brasserie at Paris seems consistently full at all hours of the day.


RECOMMENDED: Red Velvet Sundae, Carrot Cake

AVOID: Substantially overpriced French Toast and Sugar-bomb cocktails.


TIP: Generally disdainful of Techno and EDM in all forms suffice it to say a seat on the patio or near the doors is the ‘best’ of a bad lot, the music nearer the bar a headache inducing disaster even with the restaurant 3/4 empty.


WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor

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