The Square, San Francisco CA


The Square


Verve Coffee

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Parker Roll with Butter

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Crème Fraiche Gougeres with Dill and Chives

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Slow Cooked Pork Belly, Dark Hill Egg, Brussel Sprouts

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Blackberry Tart with Orange Fizz Geranium Ice Cream

image215 image219

Roasted Strawberry Cream Puff

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Aerated Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Pansy Dusted Shortbread

Located on Russian Hill and conceptualized by the team behind Sons & Daughters it was following a long walk after dinner at Quince that I stopped in at The Square and although one particular plate proved amongst the best I experienced during my six days in the city little else about my experience proved memorable save for the amicable service and excessive decibels. Limited in menu with a focus on the bar it was just prior to 9:15 when I entered the renovated wood amidst brick space and finding the restaurant filled to perhaps half capacity beneath the glow of naked bulbs a seat was procured, orders soon to follow with a focus on small bites and desserts. Deferring on cocktails and instead opting for coffee that would prove both luke-warm and acrid it was with a single buttery roll and cultured butter that the evening began and progressing onward to a ‘snack’ and an ‘appetizer’ the gougeres would prove far too sour for my palate while the tender pork belly topped with crisp ears was a perfectly fine savory, though largely forgettable save for peppery bitter notes lent by a fresh radish. Moving onwards to desserts it was for two of the menu’s three selections that I opted and although the well-buttered tart was tilted too far savory in by an aggressively alkaline ice cream the follow-up cream puff was nothing short of dazzling – the choux pastry lightly coated with sugar while ethereal cream played soft balance to Northern California’s always impressive strawberries with a light smokiness tickling the palate in each bite.


RECOMMENDED: Strawberry Cream Puff, Parker Roll

AVOID: Crème Fraiche Gougeres


TIP: Largely due to a combination of stone walls and overhead music it should be noted that even at 50% capacity The Square is a loud restaurant and for those overly sensitive to sound I’d strongly recommend taking business elsewhere – a trip to Son’s & Daughters not only delivering a better experience but also far better food at a price point not substantially more expensive when accounting for the number of courses served.

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