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Banana Blueberry Souffle Pancake – Vanilla Curd, Candied Walnut

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Vanilla Sponge French Toast – Butterscotch Drizzle, Bananas, Strawberries, Blueberries


Featuring a surprisingly similar menu to breakfast on day one and interestingly located cattycorner to the awful Olea where I’d dined the year prior it was early Sunday morning when I entered mymy and seated quickly at the wallside counter a familiar order took shape. Small in size with a semi-open kitchen where a young Asian line cook worked diligently firing plate after plate as the small staff attended to each guest’s needs with a cheerful vibe it was seemingly seconds between dinging bells indicating ‘order up’ and starting with downy-soft pancakes sandwiching rich vanilla curd with decorative berry puree and candied nuts I swooned – a texture even lighter than those from Griddle Fresh with fruit flavors far more poignant enlivening every bite. Moving next to French toast but this time eschewing the boule it was next the “vanilla sponge” that greeted my palate and although slightly more bready than I’d have preferred at its core the caramelized crackle of the golden exterior proved excellent while butterscotch sauce and fresh berries rendered maple syrup irrelevant.

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RECOMMENDED: Much like Griddle Fresh, you’re here for the pancakes.


AVOID: Arriving after 8:30 on weekends – limited seating and those prone to linger had already generated a thirty minute wait list when I exited just prior to 9am.

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TIP: Working in extremely small quarters quirky modifications appear to be declined, my vegan/vegetarian neighbor at the counter opting to walk out when she could not be guaranteed no animal products would come into contact with her plate.


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