Duck Donuts, Williamsburg VA


Duck Donuts Williamsburg

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Vanilla with Sprinkles


Strawberry Glaze

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Lemon Glaze

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Maple Peanut

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Apparently part of a growing franchise with several locations located in Virginia and North Carolina, Duck Donuts was the first food-centric stop on arrival to Williamburg and with the donut machine cranking out piping hot pastries to the smiles of several families one only wonders why such places are not far more common given the current trend in artisan doughnutteries popping up across the United States.


Small in size and streamlined in format, the basic premise featuring a single wheat and corn flour base fried in soybean oil with several frostings and topping added to suit each customer’s taste, Duck Donuts lives by the promise of the “freshest donut anywhere,” and true to their word it was only after I placed a four part order that each ring marched down the conveyor-belt, flipped onto the drying rack, and received a quick pat before being dipped, topped, boxed, and placed into my hands – the whole process a mere three minutes from payment to first bite.


Obviously piping hot, something others should bear in mind when considering the three minute comment above as that first bite resulted in one of those ‘oh damn, chewing with mouth open to let it cool off’ moments, it was in four different varieties of toppings that our tasting progressed and although each base was expectedly consistent and downright delicious the frostings were unfortunately a bit one-note, the ‘vanilla’ unfortunately just the flavor of sugar with strawberry mostly the same while the lemon was slightly sour and the maple featured light syrup notes beneath the salted nuts.


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