Backyard BBQ Pit, Durham NC


Backyard BBQ Pit

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Half Pork / Half Turkey – Sweet Yams, Mac ‘n Cheese, Hush Puppies


Taking a break from breakfast to tour Cameron Indoor just a day after Duke’s dramatic win over UNC it was onward to the first of two lunches that the dining adventure progressed and arriving just after 1:00pm to a space where the writing is literally ‘on the walls’ it was clear that the folks of Durham had missed their ‘cue during the previous weather related two-day closure, nearly every seat in Backyard BBQ Pit filled with a small line just barely ending inside the doors.


Undoubtedly a place where the food is more motivating that the décor, a discolored ceiling and tube lighting overseeing Formica tables that proved tightly spaced and rickety at best, it was with my mother waiting out a table that she had to clean off herself that I entered the quickly moving queue and soon standing at the counter it was with $13.99 paid that a “2 Meat and 2 Sides” tray was assembled, the pork an obvious choice while the turkey was promoted by the man beyond the counter as ‘out of sight.’


Featuring plating and utensils as upscale as one would expect from the steamy, sharpie-stained space it was no less than a few minutes after settling the tab that first bites were taken and although the pork at first seemed a bit too heavily vinegared subsequent bites revealed themselves as more balanced with even a bit of smoke peaking through at times, though certainly not as much as was the case with the surprisingly moist turkey that easily stole the show as neither sides nor the cornbread nuggets were particularly memorable save for the fact that the yams were essentially inedible amidst all the sweet glaze.

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