Ole Time Barbecue, Raleigh NC


Ole Time Barbecue

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Chicken Pastry

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Hush Puppies

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Chopped Pork, Fried Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Coleslaw

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Banana Pudding

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Taking a ‘cue break to visit a few museums and stores in downtown Raleigh it was back to the plan that we leapt, and finally finding Ole Time Barbecue open after several down days due to the weather it was just after 5:15 that we stood outside the window watching the lone chef chop, chop, and chop some more pork before heading inside where an overhead stereo played an eclectic blend of classic rock and expected country while service offered Southern-charm at its best.

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Every bit as rustic as the exterior would have one guess, yet at the same time virtually spotless without a speck of dirt to be seen amidst the various knick-knacks dotting the décor, it was mere moments after taking a seat that the restaurant’s lone waitress dropped off menus and with water glasses soon filled it was before an order was even placed that a big basket of golden hushpuppies arrived, each oblong nugget pillowy soft and delicious on its own, but even better with some fiery Ole Time Hot Sauce.

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At this point having already dined on chopped swine alongside fried chicken twice that day, and still with one more meal to go, it was a foregone conclusion that a shared combination plate would constitute the bulk of our order and offered the option of eating ‘right away’ or waiting for the next batch to be fresh chopped the answer was obvious, a bowl of dumplings in rich gravy entitled ‘chicken pasty’ enjoyed as we waited, along with the rest of the fried dough.

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At this point enjoying the interplay between waitress and no less than a dozen regulars who stopped in to procure ‘cue to-go on their way home it was perhaps twenty minutes before our entrée arrived and with the pork absolutely steaming with light notes of acidity juxtaposing briny bits of skin it can only be said the chicken was even better, a robust crunch overlying each juicy bite while sides of macaroni and sweet slaw were no less impressive, the former particularly impressive with al dente noodles far more impressive than those at competing houses of Carolina-style ‘cue.

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Unquestionably impressed by savories it was to a limited selection of sweets that the meal would conclude, and told that the Banana Pudding was “nothing fancy, just real good’ a small Styrofoam bowl was delivered straight from refrigerator mere minutes later; the composition of homemade pudding, overripe bananas, and soggy ‘Nilla wafers without any unnecessary whipped cream instantly proving our server’s words to be true.



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