Neal’s Deli, Carrboro NC


Neal’s Deli

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Buttered Biscuit with Jam

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Pimento Cheese and Bacon Biscuit

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Dark Chocolate Walnut Brownie


The third stop on a morning breakfast run that had already seen beguiling biscuits at Sunrise and woeful disappointment at Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe, Neal’s Deli was recommended by a well-traveled gourmand as a ‘can’t miss’ place for upscale deli cuisine and arriving to find every seat filled and a line two-deep surrounding the counter I nearly walked out for simple lack of a place to stand, a man at the window-side bar fortuitously getting up just as I entered graciously offering me the stool on which he’d just sat.


Using my coat to mark my space, and getting in a line of eight that moved surprisingly fast, it was with Take-Out menu in hand that decisions were made and although both soups and pastrami seemed to be selling like hotcakes it was once again in biscuits that I’d invest – the buttermilk batter just entering the oven as I sat down to enjoy a plastic wrapped brownie chewy with dark chocolate and punctuated with slightly bitter nuts.


Slightly prolonged in my wait, but likely to benefit from biscuits served hot and fresh, it was with an elderly local that I struck up some chat and told that I’d made ‘the best choice’ in ordering the pimento cheese and bacon biscuit his words soon rang true moments after the man behind the counter called out my name – the fluffy golden crumb tinged with buttermilk proving quite nice with simple strawberry jam but finding a substantial upgrade when sandwiching spicy cheddar spread and crisp bacon that didn’t seem particularly ‘Jewish Deli,’ but was delicious just the same.

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