Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant, Nashville TN

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Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant

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Sausage Biscuit, Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit, Chicken Biscuit

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The “King’s” French Toast – Egg Dipped and Pan Fried Brioche, Bananas, and Peanut Butter topped with Powdered Sugar and Served with Syrup and Fruit

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Southern Stack – Slow-smoked pulled pork over sweet potato pancakes and fried apples, topped with a fried egg, and served with a side of our home fries

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Maple Pecan Pie

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Deep Fried Brownie Sundae – Brownie batter mixed with triple treat cookie dough, battered and fired, topped with vanilla bean ice cream and candied bacon

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Andy’s Triple Treat Cookie – chocolate, peanut butter, & butterscotch chips mixed with pecans and topped with Vanilla Ice Cream

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With the conference set to begin at 8am it was an early alarm followed by a long run, shower, and quick drive that saw us arrive at Puckett’s mere moments after doors were unlocked, and opting for excessively priced parking next door as a matter of convenience it was almost immediately on entering that we were seated – the service given every chance in the world to be timely given the absolute lack of patrons but excessively delayed as our waitress stood sipping her Starbucks and kibitzing with the kitchen.

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Eventually acknowledged, and placing an order in an expedited manner after being informed that desserts are not offered until 11:00, it was perhaps twenty minutes of waiting that followed before plates were delivered and with the space approximately 1/4 full by that time the noise level remained relatively tame, a later return around noon showing the scene to be entirely different as a 1-hour wait for a two-top was quoted over sounds that likely challenged a rock concert in decibels.

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Soon receiving our plates, though water refills were decidedly hard to come by, it should seem obvious that Puckett’s targets the tourist population, but at the same time doing things right with regard to sourcing and preparing most items in house the cuisine itself was actually quite competent – the French Toast presenting a lone disappointment as it was still somewhat doughy in the center with too little topping while the biscuits fluffy and golden surrounding quality proteins, the sweet potato pancake beneath a pile of pulled pork and a fried egg undoubtedly the most interesting of the options with great flavor to the smoked shoulder that makes me wonder if other meats fare as well.

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Having previously mentioned the lack of sweets available at breakfast, it was only later that I returned solo to sample a few of Puckett’s signature skillets, and bellying up to a bar during lunch to find service surprisingly even less attentive than what was offered earlier it was with good fortune that the both the award winning deep fried brownie and Triple Treat cookie were every bit worth the annoyance and accolades, the former a chewy bit of decadence wrapped in crunchy cookie dough beneath ice cream and candied bacon while the later arrived just browned at the edges with a soft set center chockablock full of melting morsels equally crowned with ice cream and caramel, the piece of Maple Pecan Pie taken to go also quite pleasant but certainly not reaching the high standard set by other versions in the city, let alone the items served just short of molten noted above.

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