Biaggi’s, Toledo Ohio

Yes, it is a chain, but no it isn’t generic.

While I did find the overly elaborate nature of ‘describing’ the combination of olive oil, cheese, and pepper at the table as an accompaniment to bread to be hilarious and obsurd I also realize this is Toledo and the concept of something aside from a butter packet may be foreign.

Despite the fact that much of the menu was rather generic, some unique items certainly shined through in the Batalli-esque Bruschetta Trio and the well designed and delicious Butternut Squash Ravioli. Both items were fresh, affordable, and well made with a great contrast of textures.

Less pleasing were the Capellini di Mare which, although well priced and loaded with seafood, tasted like Barilla in Prego and the Fettucini with Lobster that suffered from far too heavy a sauce and far too limp a pasta.

Desserts were spot on with an incredibly decadent Chocolate chip banana cake served with vanilla ice cream and milk chocolate sauce and Warm Apple Crostata that each rivaled desserts at far fancier restaurants in bigger cities.

Coffee was mellow yet full bodied and refilled adequately.
Certainly not “the best” Italian meal money can buy, but certainly better than Olive Garden, Carabba’s, or other Italian chains.
Go for the Ravioli, Bruscetta, and Dessert and consider it $25 well spent.
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