Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream, Cambridge MA


Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream


Samples – Carrot Cake, Adzuki Bean, Khulfi



DSC09960 DSC09959

Burnt Sugar and Butter Almond


Peanut Butter Chocolate

Spending much of the afternoon rounding on Harvard Yard, a visit to the Glass Flowers at The Natural History Museum definitely worth the stop, it was at campus favorite Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream that a stop was made for an afternoon treat, nothing about the setting, service or flavors really all that great.

Located at 1255 Cambridge Street, the store next door apparently related per the signs, Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream has been in the game for over two decades and although competition has grown from the likes of JP Licks, Toscanini’s and others little has changed at the cozy scoop shop with unique flavors plus shakes but a broken coffee machine, the scoop-slinger on this particular Wednesday barely English-fluent, though eventually capable of serving up a few samples before miscalculating the total cost…twice.

Obviously catering to a mixed population, flavors from the East joining those as American as Peanut Butter Chocolate, tastes of Christina’s show a good base with obviously high percentage of Milk-fat, but moving on to the flavors themselves the general skew is one towards unbridled sweetness, even the Red Bean version taking more like a “Boston Baked Bean” candy rather than the traditional Japanese paste.


In the end taking the ideas for what they are worth, forgetting nuance that left carrot cake more like cream cheese frosting than the spices normally entailed, four flavors in three bowls were eventually selected at a total of just under $15, the Butter Almond and Kahlua admittedly spot-on representations of their ingredients while the Burnt Sugar was decent, though failing to live up to the high standard set by their Cambridge competitor.

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