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Rose Thorn – Hendrick’s Combier Rose, Lemon, Mint, Pomegranate


King Louie – Vodka, Coconut, Roasted Pineapple, Banana, Nutmeg

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White Lady – Tanqueray 10 Gin, Orange Liqueur, Lemon, Egg White

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Turkish Zucchini & Feta Fritters – Muhammara, Garlicky Walnuts, Date Molasses

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Crispy Tater Cubes – Joppiesaus, Farm House Gouda, Beet Pickled Egg

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Salt Cod Brandada – Piquillo Pepper Relish, Fried Capers, Grilled Bread

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Warm Lobster Toast – Crushed Avocado, Umami Butter, Shitake Chips

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Havana Stone Fired Pita – Roast Pork, New Hampshire Ham, Gruyere Cheese, Pickles, Chipotle Aioli

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Seared King Trumpet Mushrooms – Sumac Yogurt, Crispy Cauliflower, Pickled Turnip

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Angry Carrots – Baby Carrots, Vidalia Onion Puree, Candied Cumin, Puffed Quinoa

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Seared Halloumi Cheese – Charred Eggplant, Orange Blossom Honey, Crispy Chickpeas

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Greek Doughnuts – Honey-Thyme Syrup, Blueberry Baklava, Frozen Yogurt, Walnut Crunch

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Baked Alaska – Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Semifreddo, ‘Candy Bar’ Nougat, Pistachio, Chocolate, Almonds, Salted Caramel, Meringue and Fire

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Described as a “Modern Day Supper Club,” the swank décor and stylish clients more befitting a Las Vegas Resort and Casino rather than a spot tucked away on Winter Place just steps away from Boston Common, Yvonne’s has nonetheless received surprising acclaim ever since opening the doors earlier this year, the service surprisingly well versed in their duties while the cuisine crafted by Juan Pedrosa spins global influences into flavors that are the real deal.


No doubt banking on a theme novel to New England, the feel decidedly upscale-hipster as a hirsuit bartender in his vest shakes and stirs pricy concoctions outside a library with tatted JFK and General Clint Eastwood paintings, entrance to Yvonne’s is through a Speakeasy style doors from a makeshift beauty parlor, a quick trip to the table followed by description of a “small plates” menu plus recommendations that even savvy diners would be foolish to ignore.


Using team-style serving in the library, a larger and brighter room with a second bar ever more rambunctious and seemingly saved for larger parties, it was with several modern-themed ‘categories’ that the menu was presented and enjoying one classic plus two unique cocktails before ordering the eventual tasting would comprise ten plates including one undeniable showstopper at a grand total a shade under $300.


Truly a global menu, not in itself a bad thing but risking trying to please everyone at all costs, opening bites of Zucchini & Feta Fritters alongside Crispy Tater Cubes showed a light hand with the deep-fryer with portions well-portioned for sharing purposes, the Salt-Cod whipped Potatoes a bit undersized and overly briny with the unnecessary addition of capers while the newly launched Lobster Toast weighed in at just about $5 per mouthful, though the creamy Avocado, crisp Mushroom chips and Miso emulsion did make for a very memorable combination of tastes and textures.

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Serving items as they are readied, the Havana Pita arriving hot and bubbly from the stone oven with Roast Pork, Ham and Gruyere standing up to Pickles and smoky Peppers, seared King Trumpet Mushrooms and Baby Carrots with Puffed Quinoa, Sugar and Cumin were equally beautiful vegetarian plates, the Seared Halloumi far less successful as the charred eggplant came across mushy alongside chickpeas that cracked like Corn-nuts over-sweetened with Honey.

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Suggesting that the Baked Alaska was “like a candy bar served for 5-6,” it was largely out of curiosity that the $45 17”x3”x3” log was acquired, and with a tableside pour of flaming liqueur that torched meringue lightly the flavors of Chocolate, Vanilla, Nuts, Caramel and Nougat came together elegantly, only a few bites left at the end of the evening…and only because the Greek Doughnuts soaked in Honey with Blueberries and Walnuts were equally compelling.


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