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Kane’s Donuts


Honey Dip

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Apple Fritter

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Boston Cream Pie

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Ipswich Ale Blueberry Shandy

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A second location of the famous donut shop from nearby Saugus, Kane’s Donuts opened in Boston’s Financial District sometime in late Winter 2015, and although urban-dwellers as well as fans of the original seem to have taken issue with the fact that both the Real Estate and top-quality ingredients cost more money than the average Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ those in the know will quickly realize that these are not just simple fried bits of eggs, milk, sugar and flour.


Founded in 1955 and claiming to have been “Making the World’s Best Donuts” ever since, Kane’s story is like many locals-done-well tales of passion leading to national attention, the shop and it’s recipes still owned by the same family throughout intervening decades though modern techniques and tastes have undoubtedly led to innovation as well as flair.


No doubt more swank and ‘city’ than the original as signage, glass and countertops all look slick and neat, entry to Kane’s Donuts will likely see patrons pass by several men in suits and ties alongside women in black dresses with briefcases, the oversized $3.25 treats joined by Muffins, Cupcakes and Cinnamon Rolls plus coffee roasted by Peet’s.


Friendly in customer service, a constant trickle of traffic always greeted with smiles, Kane’s runs the gamut from traditional Honey Dips to more decadent cake flavors, the Fritter a bit of an anomaly in that it ate more like a glazed roll than something crispy and apple studded while the Cruller is perhaps archetype for the genre with a golden exterior shell overlying open pockets of custard as light as air.


Highly praised for the longstanding classics, an aged starter and significant leavening making the Honey Dip another ‘must order’ taste, Snickers simply built on the same formula with flavors cribbed from America’s favorite Candy Bar, the Oreo a rich chocolate ring beneath white icing while the daily specials of Boston Cream Pie and Ipswich Ale Blueberry Shandy brought the traditional Custard pocket and Blueberry Cake Donut to an unprecedented level.



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