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Ball Square Café



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Blueberry Scone

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Griddled Corn Muffin

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Whoopie Pie Pancakes

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Jelly Donut French Toast

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Coconut Macaroon French Toast


Located along the main drag in Somerville, as ‘locals only’ a spot as one is likely to find in a metropolitan area the size of Boston, Ball Square Café was *the* surprise of a trip that saw forty-four stops throughout New England over the course of eight days, both as a result of the food and the service.


Quite literally a place where “everybody knows your name,” a Friday at 8:15 finding the spot slammed with locals and soon to generate a short queue, Ball Square Café has gained acclaim over recent years for offering a menu of signatures as well as specials that far outperform the typical café or diner while the serve yourself Coffee features no less than five flavors to go along with at least twice as many types of tea.


Easily spotted as out of towners, the lack of a New England accent probably enough in this sort of place, it was with the assistance of a young man who grew up locally that decisions were made from a menu that offers no lack of variety, cooks in the semi-open kitchen no doubt underpaid given the tight quarters in which they operate with both skill and speed.


Told that housemade Scones are “the best” by an elderly man near the door, a Blueberry version joined by a griddled Corn Muffin showing no sign that the fellow was false as both outperformed anything similar tasted in downtown Boston or Cambridge, those fancying flavored coffee are encouraged to explore French Vanilla or Hazelnut that are each well flavored without being overwhelming, the standard brew a good medium roast of which free refills are sure to leave patrons buzzing.


Going all sweet on the menu, a small plate of late arriving bacon requested almost as a necessity to clear the palate, those interested in a true “signature” are encouraged to enjoy the Coconut Macaroon French Toast that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Italian Meringue Cookie, the Sugar Tossed Brioche lightly fried with Raspberry filling and Whipped Cream an equally diligent reminder of a classic Jelly Donut while the Dark Chocolate Pancakes are a truly over-the-top indulgence.


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