Clear Flour Bread, Brookline MA


Clear Flour Bread

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Cherry Gateau Basque

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Soft Molasses Spice Cookie

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Trail Mix Cookie

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Raspberry Financier

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Shortcake Biscuit

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A longstanding community staple in Brookline, the robust Breads and rustic Pastries each widely cited as some of Beantown’s best, Clear Flour Bread had long been omitted from tourism plans largely due to its location, a Friday midday snack showing that I’d been missing out.


In reality not nearly as remote as it may seem on a map, the upscale surrounding neighborhood nice for a stroll or drive, Clear Flour Bread features a tiny storefront without any seating and although the retail space itself may seem tiny at first, the bakery behind it is still apt to turn out a selection that is quite daunting.


A touch pricy compared to local competition, the use of high end ingredients including many organics respectable and put to good use, choices for indulgence at Clear Flour Bread encompass several bakers racks covering the better part of two walls, the eventual selection of five showing everything to fare quite well.


Taking the taped box elsewhere, coffee or a tall glass of milk requisite for such a tasting, opening bites were invested in the “shortcake biscuit” that tasted something like a Scone mixed with a Liege Waffle due to sugar pockets juxtaposing buttery notes, the fruit Financier fashioned from Almond Flour a smooth yet toothsome nugget with the fresh Raspberries bursting with flavor.

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Making people smile with nostalgic cookies like Chocolate Chip being easy, this bakery not seeming too keen on taking shortcuts, Clear Flour Bread instead features flavors including Soft Molasses Spice and Trail mix amidst their baked rounds, the former particularly memorable in part due to its hefty use of Ginger and Cloves in addition to its texture, the Clafoutis an even more memorable option as the rich custard gently cradled Cherries atop an all-butter crust.

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