Union Square Donuts, Somerville MA


Union Square Donuts

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Sea-Salted Bourbon Caramel

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Boston Cream

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Cinnamon Sugar Maine Blueberry

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Brown Butter Hazelnut Crunch

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Another heralded spot in the suburb of Somerville, Union Square Donuts has long been considered the Boston Metro’s preeminent distributor of artisan Donuts and although some may be put off by prices that range $3-4 the fact that the place continues to sell out each and every day should be enough to suggest that the hype is at least part-justifiable


Using buzzwords like “small batch” and recently expanding their reach to Brookline where Harvard students are sure to be a market force, Union Square Donuts on Bow Street is a friendly sort of place where reclaimed woods and light music overlook a thriving market of all ages and with servers far more helpful than most ‘hip’ spots elsewhere the line progresses as an endless trickle, a half-dozen fried treats ringing in at just over $20.


No doubt using good ingredients, the bases a crumbly buttercake or eggy sort of yeast-risen Brioche scratch-mixed and fried on-site with toppings also made in house, first tastes of Union Square’s goods came from a ‘Creamsicle’ that reminisced of Hostess Yellow Cupcake with more dignity and less sweetness while the Strawberry ring topped with reduced-fruit frosting was not quite on-par with Blackbird’s Honey-kissed version, but pretty excellent anyway.


Dressing up the next puffy circle in boozy Caramel that came across almost savory thanks to the Salt, another interesting bite was the Brown Butter Glazed “Premium” selection studded with Hazelnuts while the pocket of Custard beneath Chocolate Ganache and bursting Maine Blueberries inside a Cinnamon Sugar pocket were each well worthy of the four dollar investment.



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