Iggy’s Bread of the World, Cambridge MA


Iggy’s Bread of The World

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Mini Almond Croissant


Mini Chocolate Croissant


Mini Morning Bun

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Blueberry Bread Pudding

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Pecan Crescent

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Apricot Glazed Sugar Brioche with Chocolate Chips and Dried Cherries


Still something of a secret in Boston, the makers of Mike & Patty’s Sandwich Breads retail space located across from a gypsum reclaiming facility on Fawcett Street in Cambridge, Iggy’s Bread of The World features a wide variety of options sold at prices comparable to other local artisans with a whole lot of variety from which to choose.


Truly an artisan bakeshop, oldworld technique meeting all-natural ingredients in the skilled hands of a team led by Igor Ivanovic, Iggy’s originally opened in 1994 before moving to its current location in the old King Arthur Flour warehouse in 1999 and despite having now established a substantial wholesale business the storefront still maintains a mom n’ pop likeness thanks to a smiling staff that appears exceptionally well trained.

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Now holding accounts with several hotels, stores and restaurants throughout Massachusetts, but still turning out fresh breads, bagels and pastries for fans willing to stop in, a brief look at the racks and cases provides an almost overwhelming amount of temptation and whether one selects a “mini” or full-sized version of viennoiserie the results are better than most produced at such volume, the Pain au Chocolate piped with a good core within rounds of lamination while the Almond version only fault is that the shell is too soft.


Doing an admirable job with the morning bun, though the larger one would have likely fared better in letting the curl become crisp without drying the center out, both the Bread Pudding and Apricot Brioche were delicious in part due to the fruit but also as a result of the eggy base from which they came from, the Pecan Crescent a “best of the best” bite that reminded me of the Hungarian Nut Horns made by my Grandmother at Christmas, but substituting in even more flavor by way of ground Pecan Flour instead of placing the filling inside of rolled dough.



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