Da Vittorio, Brusaporto IT


Da Vittorio

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Grissini, Laminated Breadsticks, Hollow Crackers, Sesame Sticks, Hard Rolls


Oat, Seed and Mais Crackers

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Clams, Celery, Parsley, Mixed Grains and Legumes

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Amaranth Chips, Crème Fraiche, Spheres of Herring Caviar

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Marshmallow of Parmesan, Cream of Pear and Gin

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Foie Gras Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut

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Cloud of Golden Iranian Caviar, Potato and Whey

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John Dory Carpaccio with Wasabi Mayonnaise, Radish, Carrots, Soy and Lime Foam

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Farro Sourdough

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Shrimp from Oneglia with Avola Almond Ice Cream, Toasted Almonds

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Croissant, Corn Roll, Tomato Focaccia, Laminated Brioche, Ciabatta

dsc03963 dsc03965 dsc03962

Shabu-Shabu Scampi with White Peach Cream and Iced Lime

dsc03972 dsc03969 dsc03971

Risotto, Prawn Tartare and Mandarin Sauce with Spring Onion and Prawn Head Foam

dsc03976 dsc03974 dsc03975

Baby Squid Stuffed with Mozzarella and Anchovies, Green Sauce, Sea Beans and Polenta

dsc03978 dsc03979 dsc03980

Separated Scorpion Fish, Stewed and Raw with Bok Choy, Miso and Lemongrass

dsc03985 dsc03986 dsc03983

Meat Ravioli, Parsnip and Parmesan with Black Truffles

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Ice Cream of Taleggio Cheese, Gingerbread and Orange Marmalade

dsc03994 dsc03991 dsc03993

Duck Breast with Endive, Lavender Honey, Black Pepper Cream and Spices

dsc03999 dsc03997 dsc03998

Fig, Fig Leaf, Fig Ice Cream, Dessert Wine

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Tableside filled Cornetto with Zabaglione and Hazelnuts

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Fior di Latte Semifreddo, Red Fruits

dsc04011 dsc04009

Da Vittorio 50th Anniversary Chocolate Panettone

dsc04012 dsc04015 dsc04014

Mignardises on a Sugar Cloud – Gianduia, Lemon, Pistachio, Mint, Hazelnut, Amaretto, Kumquat, Crispy Chocolate

dsc04025 dsc04017 dsc04019

Candy Jars – Coconut, Malt, Milk Chocolate, Cocoa Truffle, Cinnamon Candy, Candy Coated Licorice


Located about an hour Northeast of Milan in the town of Brusaporto, Da Vittorio represents the “Lombard tradition and Creative Genius” of brother Chefs Roberti and Enrico Cera, their Three-Star Michelin restaurant elegantly overlooking sloping hillsides on the gated, lush Relais & Chateaux Resort’s grounds.

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Originally opened in 1966, the 50th Anniversary proudly celebrated by a monogram and signature plates designated as such on the menu, weather proved absolutely perfect for enjoying dinner on the outdoor terrace during a memorable Thursday visit, the team rolling out over two-dozen items over the four-hour meal’s course.

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Truly a world class Resort, a tour of the Hotel and Kitchen toward the end of the night showing everything from Breads to post-dinner Candies made on site, it was with highly polished service that the meal took place as plates were effortlessly presented in English with comprehensive descriptions of techniques as well as ingredients, opening nibbles presented as a series progressing from Clams to the flavor of Amaranth, aged Cheese and a Cherry fortified by Foie Gras and Dark Chocolate.

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Baking for the ten-rooms of guests plus those only staying for dinner, it should only seem natural that Da Vittorio goes great lengths to offer a variety of flavors built to suit all palates, a hollowed curl of porcelain presenting Grissini, Laminated Breadsticks and other options before a loaf of Farro Sourdough was sliced tableside, five more choices including Croissants, Corn Rolls and Tomato Focaccia offered from a basket throughout the meal.


Starting off the Carte Blanche with a classic, all eleven proper plates quite substantial considering the degustazione’s length and additional gifts on both ends, a “Cloud of Golden Iranian Caviar” upgraded Robuchon-smooth Potatoes with a spoonful of briny bubbles before the froth of Lime accented John Dory Carpaccio with spicy Mayonnaise, the kitchen then launching back-to-back Shrimp dishes, the first raw on a bed of Almond Ice Cream while the later came warm from a bath amidst White Peach Cream and tiny spheres of frozen Citrus.


Not straying far from prior flavors with tender Rice paired to Prawns, Oranges and froth with a bit of brine, a following bowl of Baby Squid stuffed with Mozzarella di Bufala proved exquisite atop Polenta infused with Anchovies, Herbs and Cream, the whole Scorpion Fish divided by four bearing an Eastern influence, the moist towel offered afterward only appropriate as the tiny bones made utensils irrelevant to cleaning the best bits of meat off the fins and head.


Growing richer with later plates, three pockets of Veal and Pork tender amidst the flavors of earth, Taleggio Ice Cream with Gingerbread and Marmalade took everyone at the table by surprise with its complex exploration of texture, flavor and temperature, a strip of Duck Breast paid forward by Honey as a subtle transition to the sweet flavors of Vin Santo and Figs.


Taking a “kid in a Candy store” approach to dessert, a Coronetto piped and dipped tableside by servers no older than twenty, a menu-listed dessert of Semifreddo and Berries was light and refreshing, the 50th Anniversary Panettone served warm and fluffy with melting Chocolate chunks before several Candy Jars and Mignardises floated on a Cotton Candy cloud sent us off into the evening.



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