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Jack Flaps



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Pecan Pie Flapjacks – Cinnamon Spiced Pecans, Chili Brown Sugar Syrup, Cereal Milk Whipped Cream

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Sweet Punkin French Toast – Eggy Bread with Pumpkin Mousse, Blackberry Syrup, Toasted Pepitas

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Croque Madame – Grilled Bread, Pork Belly Ham, Fontina, Bechamel, Fried Egg

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Shrimp And Grits – Peppers, Onions, Creole Vinaigrette, Bacon Crème Fraiche

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Bruleed Vanilla Bean Rice Pudding – Almond Granola, Berry Compote


Impressed by El Carnicero, in love with Breakfast and unable to make it to Momocho due to their hours it seemed only logical to visit Chef Eric Williams’ kitschy breakfast nook, Jackflaps, on Sunday before heading West to Cedar Point, the experience a bit more hit n’ miss than the prior day’s brunch, though the majority of five plates were still pretty great.


Located on Lorain Avenue and pairing the narrow room to a well-culled menu of innovative fare plus a few monthly specials diners entering Jack Flaps before eight o’clock are likely to find little-to-no wait with the line expanding exponentially as 9:00am approaches, the service a blend of off-the-cuff fun and overall professionalism, a few small questions answered as coffee is filled…and kept full consistently.


Amused by the photographic depictions of Milk in motion and commenting on what a messy photoshoot that must have been it was after perhaps twenty minutes that plates began to arrive en mass from the kitchen, the Shrimp and Grits a competent spin on the Southern Classic with a lot of nuance added by Bacon Crème Fraiche while the otherwise well-made Croque Madame was marred by Bechamel that was slightly over-thickened.


Moving on to two sweet specials and one item whose order was inspired by brunch at El Carnicero, those fancying Pumpkin will be disappointed to know that the “Sweet Punkin” French Toast really tastes nothing like the orange Gourd that it is presumably named, after but instead like aromatic Spices and the included Blackberry Syrup – the “Pecan Pie” Flapjacks doing a far better job of rousing thoughts of its namesake while the torched Rice Pudding may be the best darn version on this side of the Atlantic as shattering sugar gives way to mixed textures of soft grains juxtaposing housemade Granola and fresh Berry Compote.



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