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Jean-Georges Steakhouse


Iced Tea

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Spicy Cheese Lavash, Pretzel, Walnut Cherry, Baguette and Butter

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Crispy Sushi Sampler – Salmon, Tuna, Hamachi, Crispy Rice and Chipotle Mayonnaise

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Wagyu Carpaccio – Black Truffle Fritters and Lime Salt

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Marinated Hamachi – Daikon Radish, Nuts and Microgreens

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Iceberg Wedge – Blue Cheese and Crispy Bacon

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Baby Beets and Pear – Gorgonzola, Walnuts and Herbs

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Crab Cake – Shaved Apples, Celeriac Remoulade, Flowers and Herbs

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Tomato Salad – Hearts of Palm and Coconut

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Grilled USDA Prime Filet, 100% Grass Fed New Zealand Angus Filet, Rangers Valley Australia Bone-In Dry Aged NY with Jean-Georges Sauce Collection (Chimichurri, Housemade Hot Sauce, Soy Miso Butter, Béarnaise and JG Steak Sauce)

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1/2 lb. King Crab Legs – Butter and Lemon

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Crunchy Organic Chicken – Spinach and Butter Hot Sauce

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Duck Breast – Jordan Almonds, crispy Kale, Mushrooms and Foie Gras

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Bone Marrow – Toasted Bread and Lemon Gremolata

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Creamed Spinach

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Mashed Potatoes – Crunchy Potatoes and White Truffles

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Bread Pudding – Brioche, Fontina Cheese, Hedgehog Mushrooms, Black Trumpet Mushrooms and Black Truffles

Double Espresso on Ice (not pictured)

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Market Apple Pie – Maple Pecan Ice Cream

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Honey Panna Cotta – Fig Jam, Macerated Figs, Petit Beurre, Lemon Gelee and Port-Fig Sorbet

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Salted Caramel Sundae – Fudge, Candied Peanuts and Caramel Popcorn

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Jean Georges Chocolate Cake – Vanilla Ice Cream


Having dined at Jean-Georges Steakhouse as recently as October, a plan to end 2016 by revisiting some of the year’s most memorable meals bringing a party of three back sooner than usual, dinner on the Wednesday after Christmas saw Chef Sean Griffin go off-menu during a relatively slow dinner service, the four-course feast comprised of both new ideas and classics cementing Aria’s elder-statesman of the second floor as the one of, if not the best, Steakhouses in Las Vegas.


Recently undergoing a changeup in management and the pastry department, service a little disheveled at first and at times prone to seeming a bit ‘forced,’ it was after greetings from Sean and one of the Assistant General Managers that the evening got started, menus removed in lieu of Carte Blanche with the housemade Bread Basket soon arriving full of warm temptation.


Beginning the menu with a course of light Seafood, a good choice as later rounds grew in plates and portion, Jean-Georges Crispy Sushi Sampler continues to impress by way of its atypical temperature and complex texture, the thinly sliced Beef over Truffle Fritters an aromatic explosion of flavor while Marinated Hamachi presented the Fish fresh and snappy amidst shaved Daikon, crumbled Nuts and Microgreens with just a splash of Citrus.


A strong proponent of organic produce from the Farmer’s Market, Intuitive Forager Kerry Clasby supplying most of Chef Griffin’s Beets and Tomatoes, course two saw Salads from the past alongside classic Wedge with Bacon and Blue Cheese plus a substantial Crabcake beneath a “flurry” of sliced Apple, the pureed Celeriac adding a light, earthy element.


Going all-out on entrees, a trio of Steaks cooked medium-rare showing the diversity of Jean-Georges program with each distinct in taste as well as texture, Chef Griffin additionally offered 1/2 lb. King Crab legs to the excitement of the Lady at the table while the city’s crunchiest fried Chicken found itself challenged by another Bird, the Holiday-only Duck Breast rosy and rich with seared Foie Gras and a crust of crumbled Jordan Almonds.


Excelling again with sides, the humongous Bone Marrow presentation again drawing looks from across the room, traditional creamed Spinach found itself joined by two new dishes, the mixture of mashed and crispy Spuds topped in White Truffles pure and elegant while the Brioche Bread Pudding immediately found itself amongst the year’s best dishes with melted Cheese and fibrous Fungi beneath a veil of Tuber melanosporum.


No longer featuring the talents of Darcee Lynn on Pastry, the menu thus unchanged since last visit, old classics still managed to justify their gastrointestinal real estate, Chef Vongerichten’s Molten Chocolate Cake again cited as sparking the phenomenon while Honey Panna Cotta and the sweet-n-salty Sundae were tasty, but no comparison to the skillet Apple Pie that remains unparalleled in the Las Vegas market.


FIVE STARS: A rare meal in which no plate was less than reference standard, the combination of top-tier ingredients and a skilled kitchen even more prone to please than usual during a slow night, Jean Georges Steakhouse remains an under-discussed gem in a city brimming with options, a return visit for the Spring menu already anticipated, and not coming soon enough.

RECOMMENDED: Wagyu Carpaccio, Baby Beets and Pear, Tomato Salad, Rangers Valley Australia Bone-In Dry Aged NY, Crunchy Organic Chicken, Bone Marrow, Market Apple Pie (Duck and Bread Pudding, if Available)


TIP: Rumors of a minor renovation continue to circle, though dates remain unannounced.

WHAT THE STARS MEAN: 5 World Class, 4 Excellent, 3 Good, 2 Fair, 1 Poor.

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