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Salon by Sucré


Cold Brew

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Hot Chocolate PB&J – Chocolate Cake, Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Hot Chocolate

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Affogato – Bread Pudding, Gelato, Espresso, Streusel

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Pretzel Donuts & Coffee – Vanilla Pastry Cream, Vietnamese Coffee Pot de Crème

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Rice Pudding – Brûlée, Citrus, Yoghurt Mousse, Pine Nuts, Honey

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Growing up since a 2010 visit to 3025 Magazine Street, the Sucré concept now expanded to Rue Conti in The French Quarter with a full-service restaurant upstairs, one could not help but wonder just what the team would concoct to thrill diners in one of America’s most decadent cities, a tasting of four desserts giving notice of a space defying convention with ideas that stray far outside New Orleans’ traditional Bread Pudding, Pralines and Beignets “box.”

Differentiating the Salon from Sucré by way of a staircase that leads to more refined environs decorated in dark woods, Wine bottles, mirrors and subtle lights, guests at Salon by Sucré are encouraged to make reservations for prime-time hours, the dining space more than 3/4 full at 7:15 in the evening, though the group was still able to secure a four-top despite arriving over an hour earlier than expected.

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Eschewing savories for this visit, though some items did sound intriguing, it was after a brief discussion of portions that variety was chosen in place of volume, the Soufflé for two looking better suited for four at the table beside ours as “Cold Brew” that turned out to be concentrate from a Toddy used for Cocktails provided assurance of a wakeful and vigilant drive back to the hotel.

Waiting nearly thirty minutes past the time of ordering, none really bothered by this as K-Paul’s had already provided a fair bit of sustenance earlier on, it was just as the clock struck eight o’clock that four plates arrived with lengthy descriptions from two servers, the affogato immediately delved into as it was most temperature sensitive, the concoction eating something like a chunky Chocolate Mousse that admittedly tasted great despite a complete lack of visual appeal.

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Trending prettier with a tableside topped Hot Chocolate PB&J, the microwave-style Chocolate Cake light and wispy around Peanut Butter Gelato with a smear of Strawberry Preserves and Hot Chocolate Sauce, salty Pretzel bites piped with Vanilla Custard beneath Cinnamon Sugar offered another impressive taste whether eaten solo or dipped in a shallow Pot de Crème, the crystallized Sugar-topped tangy Rice still standing head and shoulders above the rest with Pine Nuts, Honey and light Saffron notes adding a distinct yet pleasant Mediterranean flavor.

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