[lost meals] Vetri [2], Philadelphia PA

The lost meals entries consist of meals that occurred at various times throughout 2012 which, for any number of reasons, escaped my documentation – some due to a cross country move and a new job, some due to the Los Angeles Kings run to the Stanley Cup, and some simply as a result of too much travel. Having enjoyed many of these meals with friends or family and with some of them amongst the year’s very best the reality is that with time my memory has deteriorated and as life moves forward I’ve realized there is little hope to ever “catch up” or document these experiences as well as I’d hope, yet in order to preserve them I present these pictures, notes, and thoughts on the experience.



Canapes – Balsamic Soaked apples, Herbed vegetable torte, House made chorizo, Black pepper salumi, Foie gras pastrami with coriander and black pepper fennel moustarda over brioche

Crudites – Fennel, Zucchini, Carrot, Radish, Balsamic Crema

House Bread – Focaccia and Filone Italian yeast bread with Gaeta Olives and Butter

Monkfish in Carpione – Dredged in rice flour, Fried in olive oil, served with pickled carrots, fennel, celery

Lamb Chorizo with Favas and Mint, chili oil

Bandera Quail with Rosemary Potatoes and Grapes under a Sauce of cognac, cipollini onions, chicken liver, sage, and cream

Sweet Onion Crepe with Truffle Fondue

Almond Tortellini with Truffle Sauce, Toasted Almond, Parmesan

Sweet Pea Agnolotti with Prosciutto, Robiola Cheese, Ricotta Salata

Spinach Gnocchi with Brown Butter

Fettucine with Morels and Parmesan

Duck Confit Ravioli with Pinot Noir, Thyme, and Currants

Rabbit Papardelle with Cacio Al Tartufo, Carrots, Pecorino, and Black Truffle

Roasted Capretto with Stone Milled Polenta

Line Caught Alaskan King Salmon with Strawberries and Asparagus

Maialino with Fiddlehead Ferns and Mostarda, crispy skin, sage, pancetta, and Vidalia onions

Cheese Board – Honey from Abruzzese, Red Wine Applesauce, Toasted Milk Bread, Bagoss, Verde Capra, Testun al Barolo, Casatica, Pecorino Foglie di Noce

Coconut Sorbet with Chocolate and Almonds

Pistachio Flan with White Chocolate Gelato

Chocolate Polenta Soufflé

Oatmeal and Blueberry Trifle – Served in a Mouth-Blown Kosta Boda Glass

Petit Fours – Chocolate Apricot Macarons, Strawberry Gelee, Cocoa Fudge

Brulee Marshmallow Meringue

…I’d been to Vetri before as a solo (http://endoedibles.com/?p=265,) and this time I went back with friends who’d been as well (http://ulteriorepicure.com/2008/08/31/review-plates-of-perfect-pasta/) and having e-mailed the restaurant to inquire about an extended tasting what we received was more-or-less every single dish on the Vetri menu that evening, each diner receiving a different dish for each course and each dish exquisitely prepared and presented – some identical to our prior visits and some entirely new.

Simply stated, when I walked into Vetri on 5/26/12 it was my second visit – the other visit, nearly 21 months prior, my favorite Italian meal of all time by a small margin. When I walked out of Vetri on 5/26/12 the prior meal was my second favorite Italian meal of all time – the Maialino, Monk Fish, and Sweet Pea Agnolotti all amongst the best new dishes I ate during my trip through DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia in May of 2012…and that isn’t even mentioning the repeat dishes such as the gnocchi which rank amongst the best ever.

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