La Brea Bakery, Disneyland CA


La Brea Bakery

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Bread Pudding with Whipped Cream and Berries

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Raspberry Thumbprint

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Carrot Muffin

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Sticky Bun

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Chocolate Chip Cookie, Snickerdoodle

Shut out for more than one Disneyland dinner, seating bluntly refused at casual Café Orleans despite arriving seven minutes before the restaurant’s hours officially end, it was with a glimmer of hope that I turned to Los Angeles’ landmark La Brea Bakery in Downtown Disney, an evening visit most certainly something I would not recommend.

Located just past the Theme Park security check-point, a grab n’ go area aligned next to the more proper sit-down restaurant with a pizza counter and kitchen connecting the two, it was just past 8:30pm that we stood perusing a case of pastries with Pizza and Sandwiches listed overhead, a seasonal Bread Pudding the only really compelling hot item with five pastries also selected.

Boxing and bagging everything, the outdoor seating with heating posts pleasant and uncrowded at this time of night, it was with ice water in hand that we delved into the steamy block of Bread Pudding buried beneath a mound of Whipped Cream and seasonal Berries, the plating nothing to write home about though both the flavors and textures were great.

Unfortunately doing the exact opposite of “saving the best for last,” and as a matter of fact further messing up by enjoying the high-walled Raspberry Jam Shortbread next, it was a downward spiral of staleness that followed in each sequential item, both cookies hard from rim to center while the Carrot Cake ate more like a Bran Muffin, a Sticky Bun the biggest offender as it had clearly been baked at least a day earlier with all but the areas directly in contact with the Caramel completely dried out.


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