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WTF – 6 crazy-shaped pancakes with sweetened cream cheese and seasonal berries, sprinkled with powdered sugar — crazy n’ good

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7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN – 3 slices of Hawaiian French toast topped with Nutella, bananas and strawberries, butter, sprinkled with powdered sugar


Located just south of Downtown Los Angeles, a family owned “breakfast-all-day kinda place” open from 7a-2p weekdays and sleeping in until eight o’clock on busier weekends, Jacks n’ Joe is a perfectly serviceable spot with a unique menu of Pancakes and Egg Specials, though prices seem to trend a few dollars higher than they need to.


Opened in 2009 and continuing to generate good traffic on South Figueroa with high ceilings, big windows and a light Reggae soundtrack playing above seating options including tables and two communal counters, it was with seating offered at a high-top at restaurant center that breakfast was ordered, the Coffee hot but a touch acrid and not refilled with much zeal.


Dining during a downtime, most folks likely still out looking for Black Friday deals, it was after placing an order with a girl sporting several facial piercings that I waited, a mere ten minutes passed before artificial Syrup was used to lightly dress two plates, the option for real stuff at a supplementary cost not seen until much later.

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Featuring a somewhat tropical slant, Pineapple and Coconut featured on several dishes while Hawaiian Sweet Bread is used to make French Toast that would have benefitted from more soaking time, or at least a bit more Nutella to help with a bready center, a slightly better texture was found in the humorously named “WTF,” the makeshift ‘pancakes’ formed by pouring batter with no particular pattern, thus maximizing crispy edges but shortchanging diners on the fluffy Buttermilk center.


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