Go Get Em Tiger (Hollywood,) Los Angeles CA


Go Get Em Tiger Hollywood


Heart Roasters Cold Brew

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Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll

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Blueberry Jam Muffin

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Brown Butter Blondie with Chocolate Chunks and Berries

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Warm Biscuit with Cultured Butter and Strawberry Preserves

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LA Baby – Baked Pancake with Crème Fraiche and Strawberry Preserves


Growing from its Coffee-hipster roots on Larchmont to a rapidly gentrifying stretch of Hollywood Boulevard it was on the word of a friend that a stop was made at Go Get Em Tiger in Los Feliz on Saturday, the elegant wooden space still well-stocked with pastries at two o’clock in the afternoon as patrons sat inside waiting for uncharacteristically rainy weather to pass by.


Owned by the brains behind G&B Coffee, with offerings from artisan roasters like Heart and Verve complimented by cuisine from long-time Sqirl Chef Ria Wilson, GGeT2 expands on ideas of the first by adding several all-day breakfast and lunch options to a billboard posted behind Baristas, several of them only requiring a few minutes to prepare and thus a great benefit to other local businesses.


Some parts sweet while the majority veers savory, the pastries innovative but still rooted in classic French technique, those entering Go Get ‘Em Tiger would be wise to peruse all choices carefully before approaching the counter, the menu stressing all items equally and thus potentially leading to great stuff being passed over.


Opting for an Iced Cold Brew from Heart, the medium roast slow-filtered to remove any hint of acidity, the mid-day snack began with a small-ish Brioche coil packed with Cinnamon and Pumpkin Jam, the Blueberry Muffin chock-full of bursting Fruit pockets that unfortunately had sunk downward while the Brown Butter Blondie was smooth and rich with semi-sweet Chocolate Chunks and an almost nutty base naturally sweetened by mixed Berries.


Happy to see the drop-style Biscuits served warm, the less-flaky style eating almost like a Muffin or Quick Bread, it should seem obvious to those in-the-know that someone with Sqirl-ties would serve top-tier Jam, the Strawberry Preserves tinged in a floral note that was good on tangy Buttermilk but even better mixed into the pudding-soft Soufflé style Pancake arriving hot with Crème Fraiche in a cast iron skillet.


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