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Here’s Looking at You

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Hiramasa – Radish, Wakame, Serrano, Onions, Charcoal

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Soft Shell Prawns – Sauce Diavolo, Avocado, Rau Ram

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Avocado – Valencia Orange, Nori, Hazelnut, Champagne Vinegar, Persimmon

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Foie Gras Terrine – Unagi, Eel Sauce, Green Togarashi, Scallion

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Stracciatella Cheese – Pepita, Yuzu Kosho, Perilla, Charred Bread

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Veal Sweetbreads – Fennel, Mustard Seed, Sesame

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Momotaro Tomato – Bagna Cauda, Lap Xuong, Crème Fraiche, Fines Herbes

DSC09183 DSC09184 DSC09185

Heritage Pork Belly – Key Lime Amba, Pineapple, Palm Sugar, Herbs, Shallots

DSC09186 DSC09187 DSC09189

Hamachi Collar – Nashville Hot Spice, Fuji Apple, Snake Peas

DSC09190 DSC09193 DSC09192

Sturgeon – Aged Rice Porridge, Chicken Skin, Verjus, Buttermilk

DSC09197 DSC09194 DSC09199 DSC09195 DSC09198 DSC09196

Quail x Quail – Beet, Red Wine Vinegar, Black Eyed Peas, Chow Chow

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Rainbow Sherbet – Orange, Lime, Pineapple, Raspberry

DSC09212 DSC09214 DSC09213

Blueberry – Crema, Brown Sugar, Sable, Sorrel

DSC09205 DSC09207 DSC09206

Yuzu Tart – White Chocolate, Burnt Meringue

DSC09211 DSC09208 DSC09210

Milk Chocolate – Sunchoke, Hazelnut, Almond, Squid Ink Meringue


A growing concern in the City of Angels and What’s Trendy *Now,* the globally influenced menu ready to change each day depending on Farmer’s Market availability, it was on the back of favorable reviews from Chefs and those in the industry that reservations were made for six at Here’s Looking at You on Saturday, the small K-Town Hot Spot full with a wait-list even for bar seats, something the area has very rarely seen.


Toqued by Jonathan Whitener, the former Animal Chef bringing a recent history of finding balance in hefty meats to his own style of inspired California-cuisine, it was with much of the same crew that had visited Wolf earlier that the sizable, small plates menu was approached – the server proving more than capable of explaining the Chef’s ideas while also sure-footed at engaging in some witty banter regarding the restaurant’s rigid “Bar Pie” rules.

In some ways a ‘fusion’ restaurant, Los Angeles’ diverse melting pot explored in flavors from Thailand to Japan and Vietnam to Mexico, Here’s Looking At You equally embraces everything from Crudo to roast Meats and wood grilling, the opening round of snappy Amberjack refreshing beneath Radish and Seaweed with a light bit of smokiness while head-on Prawns were ready to be devoured whole in spicy red Sauce.


Taking surcharges to a somewhat ridiculous level with the Duck Liver Terrine and stretchy white Cheese, both plates undeniably delicious but over-served for the provided bread that will cost patrons $3 a slice if more is requested, the dish described as “Avocado” eschews the concept of “Toast” entirely, instead placing soft wedges in the context of sliced Persimmons, cracked Hazelnuts and Orange segments.

Veering French with a seared Sweetbread, the creamy fist-size Thymus with a caramelized exterior presented atop shaved Fennel with light notes of Sesame, an ugly Heirloom Tomato tossed with Bagna Cauda and Chinese Sausage was a tour de force of flavor segueing to thick chunks of Pork, the sticky Palm Sugar, Citrus and Pineapple rousing images of a luau somewhere in Hawaii.


Somewhere between the American South and Tsukiji Fish Market with Hamachi Collar, the flaky fish heated but reined in by sliced Apple, Sturgeon on a bed of fermented Rice with Chicken Skin and Buttermilk also looked to bridge East and West with a lot of success, the “Quail x Quail” continuing the theme as two small birds were served hemisected under a veil of Beets with a meaty Vinaigrette plus a bowl of Black Eyed Peas and Chow Chow in a sidecar.

Eventually tossing in the towel on being the first table to ever score a slice of pie served only to bar patrons, even a valid claim that we were dining with a minor rebuffed, it was with all four menu desserts that the evening came to a closure, the Rainbow Sherbet far better than Childhood memories dictate on a bed of dried fruit while “Blueberry” and “Milk Chocolate” both successfully embraced modern trends including Sorrel Granite in the first and Sunchoke Chips in the latter, the Yuzu Tart a simple stunner with the light amount of Cocoa adding a distinctive smoothness to the tangy yellow Custard.


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