Original Breakfast House, Phoenix AZ


Original Breakfast House

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Lemon Cream Scone

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Morning Glory Muffin

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Brioche Cinnamon Roll

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Strawberry Pop-Tart

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Chicken-fried Chicken, Country Gravy, Fried French Toast, Scrambled Eggs

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Triple Berry Pancakes


Making way to Phoenix for a second consecutive Buckeyes’ Fiesta Bowl, this time with two others to share in the fun, Breakfast on Friday was finally enjoyed at Original Breakfast House, the North-Central eatery somehow missed during nearly 18 months of living in the Valley of the Sun.


No doubt growing up a lot in intervening three years, a handful of Artisan Bakeries and Hip Brunch joints cropping up throughout the Metropolitan area, Original Breakfast House is located on N. 32nd Street and, although only born in 2011, the feel is much older – a Californian transplant achieving his goals in ownership by drawing a diverse crowd interested in the restaurant’s comfort food classics.


Built on the ideals of good ingredients, smiling service and a 70’s roadside décor, it was just past eight in the morning that a party of three was seated at a comfy booth near the entry point, more than half the tables already full with everything from elderly men to school-age children, the Bakery case and a Specials board each within eyeshot and offering no shortage of temptation.


Opting to dine in two-rounds, a total of four baked goods and two plates from the kitchen decided to be more desirable than the rest, items from the counter were presented re-warmed and partially melting, the Brioche Cinnamon Roll not as springy as some and more like Cinnabon while the Morning Glory Muffin was moist, dense and pleasant with a whole lot of Carrots and natural sweetness in the base.


Pleased by the creamy Lemon Scone, though less-so by a Poptart whose shell was unfortunately thicker and even more mealy than the Kellogg original, a stack of Triple Berry Pancakes with $1-supplement Pure Maple Syrup was par for the course with bursting berries both inside and on top of them while the Chicken-fried Chicken with Country Gravy and a slice of fried French Toast was worthy of highlighted-status as the Bird was crisp and juicy while the Bread was golden on the outside with its center Custard-soft.



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